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Wrong Station
You are currently listening to the Wrong Station. Have a seat, stay a while. There's this story I've been dying to tell you. Maybe you'll find it interesting.
Adam Buxton takes a sideways look at some of our confusing modern ideas.
Sick and Wrong Podcast Offical Site
Based on the files of the lawyers who freed them, Wrongful Conviction features interviews with men and women who have spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit – some of them had even been sentenced to death. These are their stories.
Srsly Wrong
A comedy podcast for people with access to too much information
Wrong Reel
Wrong Reel is a podcast for hardcore cinephiles where we tackle everything from Jean-Luc Godard to Jean-Luc Picard. Hosted by James Hancock and Mikhail Karadimov.
Kate and Laura drink and fight about what is wrong with user experience design.
Kate and Laura drink and fight about what is wrong with user experience design.
The Wrong Bed
Darts finest bi-monthly podcast, interviews with the players, reviews of major tournaments, gossip and a light-hearted look at the wonderful wonderful world of dartistry.
A fun, irreverent, and bipartisan look at Minnesota politics. It features Democratic/Liberal strategists Javier Morillo, Carin Mrotz, Julia Donnelly, Emma Greenman and Republican lobbyists/strategists Brian McDaniel, Mike Franklin, Jeremy Estenson and Amy Koch.
A podcast about all manner of hobby games by Mike Walker and Mark Bigney. Bad games don't go easy on you, so we don't go easy on them. Thorough analysis via reviews, news, and discussion of topics in gaming.
American thoughts about the world's game
A weekly show about philosophy, science and the history of ideas from the Allen Brothers and Mark Sanders (best known to listeners as “America’s Sweetheart”). If you can imagine what would happen if Plato and Carl Sagan were guests on The Daily Show, then you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on here. Each week the trio provides an overview of a philosophical topic, a history of the problem and insights into contemporary thinking. They also take a behind-the-scenes look at the philosop ...
Andrew, Joe, and Eric host a satirical show about all things wrestling. The guys recap Raw and SmackDown, cover breaking news, rumors, play trivia, and answer fan questions. “What’s Wrong With Wrestling?” was also nominated for a Webby Award in 2017 for “Best Recap” in the podcast category. New episodes air every Wednesday morning.
Wrong & Wronger
A brief, comedic weekly debate between James Breakwell and Steve Olivas. Hear their highbrow positions unfold as they argue meaningless topics -- that everyone secretly has a strong opinion about!James can be found on twitter (@XplodingUnicorn) and Facebook (Exploding Unicorn)Steve can be found on twitter (@steveolivas) and on Facebook (Steve Olivas)
THE WORLD’S SOURCE FOR ANTI-SOCIAL COMMENTARYSick and Wrong is your hearing aid into the dark, depraved, and dripping abscess that is contemporary existence. An enchanting mélange of social criticism, pointed observation, and well-deserved derision; Sick and Wrong is the pepto-bismol for society’s indigestion. In their critically acclaimed weekly podcast, award-winning broadcasters Dee Simon and Lance Wackerle discuss the most vile, disquieting, and oddly amusing news items for your listenin ...
Wrong, But Useful
Mathematical headaches? Problem solved!
Join the "Everyone's Wrong" podcast, as host Dave Edwards, Dustin Dark, and Edward Smith leave the comfort of safe spaces and trigger warnings to explore the extremes of political discourse.
Kate and Laura drink and fight about what is wrong with user experience design.
Srsly Wrong
A comedy podcast for people with access to too much information
No Wrong Answers
The battles teachers are fighting in the classroom today could determine what our world looks like in twenty years. This podcast gives those teachers a voice through a weekly conversation about the big issues of the day. Listen and get a teacherly take on the world. Hosted by public radio news anchor Kyle Palmer and a dedicated team of teachers.
Why You're Wrong
Why You're Wrong - A podcast by Tim Wilson and Jesse Dybka that focuses on common beliefs that need a little reason and critical thinking applied
Sean Shapiro and Ryan Satkowiak sit down each week to discuss the Dallas Stars.
Podcast by Probably Wrong
Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936) has been called the “prince of paradox.” Time magazine observed of his writing style: “Whenever possible Chesterton made his points with popular sayings, proverbs, allegories—first carefully turning them inside out.” His prolific and diverse output included journalism, philosophy, poetry, biography, Christian apologetics, fantasy and detective fiction. The title of Chesteron’s 1910 collection of essays was inspired by a title given to him two years earlie ...
2 dudes talk about the news of the day
A Podcast featuring crime fiction authors in which we discuss the genre in print and film, art, and life.
A podcast journal, questioning the creative life. Questioning the assumptions underlying the life I’ve chosen – the penurious road of the struggling writer. Maybe the open vein is the best to drink from. Take a listen.
Successful people sharing true stories of failure: entrepreneurs, authors, music producers, comedians, advanced wine sommeliers, top YouTube creators, and more.Each episode asks the same series of four questions....1) What's wrong with you? 2) Tell me about a time that you failed? 3) If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself? 4) When does that come up now? When do you think about that moment, or that failure, or that lesson? Hosted by Sarah Klegman.
Keith and Greg ditch structure to talk about whatever interests them while trying to amuse each other and you. Bizarre news, pop culture, flights of fancy -- it's always fun and always entertaining! Every episode is a great time to start listening!
A somewhat tri-weekly podcast based in Portland, OR, talking with people about their cultural obsessions and offering plenty of our own recommendations. We try to offer an increasingly sarcastic leftist take on the dumber aspects of online fan culture.Contact: @givingthemic on Twitter // //
History lectures by Samuel Biagetti. I am a historian (and antique dealer) with a Phd in early American history from Columbia University; my dissertation was on Freemasonry in the 1700s. I have recently taught courses at Columbia and Barnard College and have had articles published in Early American Studies and the Journal of Caribbean History. The world today is nothing more than the product of everything that came before; hence, misunderstanding the past leads us to misjudge the present. I ...
It's OK to UnBelieve. This is for courteous but heated discussions revolving around religion and politics. I am opinionated but willing to change my mind. The goal is for you to Convince me I'm wrong. Topics include but not limited to Atheism, Gay Rights, Racism, Sexism, Guns, War…….
A sexy new podcast giving you the most dramatic scoops and commentary on Bachelor Nation.
What could go wrong? EVERYTHING. Inveterate worriers Jeremiah and Krissy discuss what can — and will — go wrong in a given situation. Moderator Jeff steers the doom bus and keeps the tangents manageable. We update every Monday. There will be a heat-death of the universe, and it will be on a Monday. You will be able to hear us tell you how the ending of all things could go wrong as you sit at your desk, streaming this podcast, pretending to work.If you have pressing matters that require promp ...
What's wrong with us? Podcast hosted by yours truly Bimba and Chente!! We are two really good friends that got a podcast together and we are bringing our sense of humor and personalities into it. Here we will talk about anything and everything from personal experiences to crazy ideas and opinions with no filter. We hope you guys like and enjoy our podcast and don't forget to tell a friend about us!!
Do you ever feel like you're stuck, all alone in your massage room? You're surrounded by piles of laundry and paperwork and you don't get a chance to connect in a meaningful way with other massage professionals because you're far too busy being busy to attend networking events? Do you have burning questions about the daily goings on of your clinic that you just don't know who to ask? Is it normal to have slow days? How do i get clients to Rebook? Is there a LIFE after massage? How do I Thriv ...
Vinny No Filter is the host of What's Wrong With Us Podcast. A weekly podcast about current events, social issues & all the craziness in between. Listen to #WWWUP on Stitcher, itunes or Soundcloud. Enjoy!
A weekly advice podcast from Danny Palmer and Elizabeth Martin. Every Tuesday we choose a few real questions from our listeners, we give them fake names, and we answer their questions as best we can.You can email us your questions at
Each episode, we do two segments, with one of us starting off with a confident but possibly erroneous take on a subject and the challenge to “Tell me why I’m wrong.” Then we switch. We learn, and hopefully you do, too.
Not As Wrong
A podcast where Mike Williams and Nathan Jacobs stumble over the ideas that cause them trouble, challenging wrongness wherever it lives, especially in themselves. Such stumblings include language, theology, economics, and personal relationships.
On every episode, these incredible dunces will pick a piece of culture they don’t know much about, and figure out who’s wrong about it.
But, Am I Wrong?
But, Am I Wrong? is a podcast all about featuring the craziest Relationship Scenarios both Personal and User Submitted. We also curate and review relationship centered entertainment!Share your thoughts on these scenarios and events; tell us what YOU WOULD DO!!!
The Sporkful
We obsess about food to learn more about people. The Sporkful isn't for foodies, it's for eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman of Cooking Channel's You're Eating It Wrong and the book Eat More Better. A Stitcher Production.
You don't know jack. And that's okay. None of us do. We are here to talk to interesting and engaging experts who, over a lifetime of experience and accomplishments, have gained a bit more insight into their fields than the rest of us. Listen in. You might learn something.
A Warhammer 40k podcast based in Southern Ontario.
This is a podcast for Understanding Economics. I, and a guest with a background in economics sift through the issues being discussed and present them as Economists would, without all the hype and hyperbole.
Podcast by What Can Go Wrong Podcast
Talk about the outstanding ladies (mostly) in the world of pro-wrestling.
Elizabeth is a developer, a student, and a mess. Untempered ADD has rendered her basically useless unless she finds something interesting. While well-tempered PTSD has rendered her self-aware. A Utah native, and reliable skeptic, Elizabeth consistently takes the road less traveled -asking an (almost) infinite amount of questions along the way. The search for truth is never over for her. She frequents comedic open mics to monologue about the things she’s learned.
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Foundations of Amateur RadioLast week during F-troop something very interesting happened. If you're not familiar with F-troop, it's a weekly net for new and returning amateurs and every Saturday we welcome callers to the one hour net to discuss anything and everything amateur radio. It's been going for about seven or so years, about as long as ...…
Licence plates in the province are fading and peeling. Find out what's happening and what you can do about it.
Dozens of Commonwealth Heads of Government are meeting in London, in an event chaired by Queen Elizabeth II. It's meant to focus on the future of the Commonwealth, but much discussion this week has been about Britain's imperial past. Should Britain apologize for wrongs committed during the period of its empire? Or, is it time to move forward an ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
E-mail: ; Schedule: M-F, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun, 6-8AM (CST) ****Richard Hardin, POBox 45684, OKC, OK 73145. ****I will give any minister $1000 for his/her ministry that will go through my programs with me and show from the Scriptures that I am wrong about calvinism being a lie of the devil. ****My messages cover many ve ...…
Good morning, RVA! It's 50 °F, and serious wind is in the forecast again. Expect temperatures in the upper 60s to be tempered by Big Time Gusts. Water cooler Yesterday, I was confused by the compromise reached with House of Delegates Republicans to expand Medicaid that would lower subsidies to low-income customers while raising subsidies for mi ...…
One of the long-running questions that men have tried to solve has been why women choose to date and sleep with some men over others — and, more importantly, how we could become those men. This is something that a lot of men get wrong, in no small part because one of the mistakes guys make is that they tend to look in the wrong place. What wome ...…
Miles: Some Rick and Morty superfans are getting the show wrong … Do the show's characters ever learn a lesson? … R&M creator Dan Harmon's strikingly different #MeToo moment … How pop culture is consuming itself through sequels and reboots … With nerd culture gone mainstream, whither the nerd? … The many boyfriends of Elaine Benes ……
our heroes finally take a trip to the Elven city of Lansing, MI in search of an old friend who may be able to help them... poet August Smith returns to reprise his role as the Arby's Oven Mitt... okay this is a really good episode.
Show Highlights Picking a location is stressful and time consuming, but it can still be one of the most fun parts of starting a float center. Graham and Ashkahn examine what to look for in a new center and how to go about the search. Along with all this, they explain some of the nuances you want to discuss with your landlord when drafting your ...…
Guess who's back, bitches!?!?!Yeah, it's Clay...not DJ Shadow or some other epic performer, but he is locked and loaded to spit hot fire on everything current--even if he gets names wrong. Intention is everything. Plus, there's a bit of parenting advice and affirmation at the end. Don't miss the triumphant return of America's most okayest podcast!…
Super excited to share this 100 Episode with you. We have almost 20k downloads so it would be awesome to get there with this podcast so if you have a work colleague or friend that needs to hear this be sure to share it with them. Sharing the Shine as an Educator podcast keeps me > Reflecting > Motivated > Invited thought provoking and heart wre ...…
I was a late adopter waiting until about 2007 before getting onto Facebook. Back in the 2000s I remember my brother calling Facebook a platform for narcissists. Just over 10 years later and 2.3 Billion narcissists later he and I are both active participants. I don’t think he was wrong! To a degree of course. I think Facebook, to take a positive ...…
In the latest episode, we watch Ant-Man, make a lot of bad puns, use the phrase "daddy beef" in context, and sing the wrong theme song.
In this episode, we talk about social media platforms, how they go wrong, and how it can affect a male's mental health.Music: Theme For Rosa, Dawson Central and We Are One by Graham Bole
Episode 7 is random my Husband and i discussed how we celebrated our 11 Year Anniversary. We celebrated in Savannah, Georgia, Beautiful city with great food, awesome nightlife & great views. We visited The Juicy Seafood which i highly recommend very flavorful seafood. We stayed at Andaz Hotel friendly staff, comfortable beds & pilows. We chat a ...…
How about this for a movie idea: a main character has to prevent a new contagious strain of Ebola spreading around the world. She’s the best of the best. So good in fact, that her work on early detection systems contains the strain at its source. Ten minutes into the movie, we see the results of her work – nothing happens. Life goes on as usual ...…
Ah, technology. I love it and I hate it. I'm an advocate for it and yet most of the time I feel absolutely clueless when I'm using it. I've taught myself how to code websites, create a podcast (kinda), use project management software, and use countless other programs. Yet have trouble making phone calls and using Google Maps. Life is weird. In ...…
There is just so much wrong here. Listen as we discuss shame shopping, prunies, and learn if we actually went!
This week we hit a lil bit of everything. We ease in with some sliced ketchup, monkeys snatching babies and how to impress Taylor Swift. Then we dive into a lil "Would you Rather?" where Matt proclaims "I'll do Dad!". Finally we end it off with Travis describing movies poorly and the one who can discern his nonsense the least ends up on the wro ...…
As men who want to continue to grow in our faith and have a stronger relationship with God, it is important for us to spend time in the Bible. The Bible teaches us that “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). Dwayne Cline is the lead pastor ...…
Spin: Don’t Be An Idiot Paul Ryan Quits Tarantula Burger Washington State Manure The Tiger is out Toronto’s Raccoons KUB’s Raccoon Explosion Deep Dive: Revenge Porn WWE Is Getting It Wrong.
Pushing the limit, when winning goes wrong, and changing decisions.GB Rower Jonny Walton, Kickboxer Fraser Weightman and Alan Pearson of SAQ join Mike McCarthy.
Today we’re going to talk about three distance killers off the tee that you may or may not heard of. Two of them are going to be interesting for you for sure because they’re unique and not a lot of people talk about them or understand them. I’m going to talk about how you’re doing things in your golf swing that are going to cost you a ton of di ...…
Exodus 9:13-10:20 13 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Get up early in the morning, confront Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me, 14 or this time I will send the full force of my plagues against you and against your officials and your people, so you may know tha ...…
Summer is coming fast, and as an entrepreneur, if you don't prepare, then you'll just end up working remotely instead of sipping margaritas by the ocean.1) Choose how much to work ahead of time. There's no sense in paying to go on vacation so you can work. So if it helps you to set aside an hour each morning to handle emails and work, then do i ...…
Dressing For Success I’m so excited about today’s episode because, y’all, we are talking about clothes! Okay, I’m not a fashion expert and I’m certainly not a stylist. But I will tell you, I’ve never met a pair of pumps I didn’t like—and I know that the right outfit can instantly change the way I carry myself, how confident I feel, and my overa ...…
We talk raggity dread-wigs, Tobias Whales body and the pronunciation of vaccine (vakˈsēn/ ). P.S. Carol's wrong.
Episode 20 2018/04/14 A brief discussion about a woman on the registry for NOT reporting that her son was having sex, while NOT in her custody??? WTH! There Are Too Many Kids on the Sex Offender Registry Dissenting Against the Supreme Court’s Rightward Shift When Stephen Rein ...…
Santanu and Ariel chat about the social impact and ethical frameworks of martial arts, and social media technology.
This discussions about long distance relationships and were we when wrong
This week from a Galaxy Far Far Away w/ host Jon Justice -ROTJ vs The Last Jedi: If you loved ROTJ and thought TLJ was too silly you're wrong -Watching our favorite characters grow up, in life and on screen -TFA vs TLJ making each one better. Reylo works because The Force Awakens -Solo A Star Wars Story: More footage, toys released -Listener fe ...…
As promised, we return with the follow-up episode of "the best Sammie." In this heart-felt talk with Sam's father, we agree that there really isn't one right way or, in fact, a wrong way to survive the insidious disease of addiction. Listen as Sam's father shares their families journey through their tornado and come out on the other side with a ...…
This is episode 4 of rexreads and talks with friends we discuss Furiously Happy: A funny book about terrible things, mental health, and of course wacky stuff is included Go to a 30 day free trial and 1 FREE audiobook(0:40) Foreigners in Broke Cars (1:30- 20:00) Mental Health Discussion (20:15- 21:03) Fore ...…
In this episode, we talk Jessica's felonious tea, Matt's love of Public Lands, the Facebook hearings, Food Stamp fraud and the rise in south Georgia turkeys.
Show 40 RL Grime - I Wanna Know (ft. Daya) Diskord - Enemy Boombox Cartel - Moon Love (ft. Nessly) Trampa - Middle Fingers Slander & Sullivan King - Welcome To The Fire (Smooth Remix) Circuits - Resistor AMC & Turno - Alliance Rickyxsan - This Feeling (ft. Kalibwoy) Eliminate - Walls Hillsdom - Nocturne (ft. Novokane) Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag VI ...…
Message from Pastor Steve Khang. Kingdom authority is hard for us to accept. We don’t like being wrong. We don’t like being told what to do. To accept a higher power is to humbly accept our own limitations of what we can know. This is the key to knowing God.
The Second Word From The Cross - The Word Of Salvation Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43 Mile 2 - IT’S IN THE MIDDLE, Seven Mile Miracle As they approached the village to which they were going, Jesus continued on as if he were going farther. Luke 24:28 After Jesus sat down to eat, he took ...…
Playoff predictions, competitive doom and gloom, and a coach has finally been fired! Even now, some 4-5 days later, it’s obvious just how wrong about everything we were. -Intro: -Outro: -You can contact ...…
They actually made a second episode! This week, Travis and Beej discuss the spine-tingling A Quite Place, the tense, atmospheric The Ritual, and the hilarious Blockers. The guys then discuss their favorite movies that the rest of the world is wrong about. That's right, their five favorite movies that scored under 30% on the Rotten Tomatoes' tom ...…
Criteria for Contentment I believe we all want to improve the quality of life that we have. One thing we can do along the way is to be content. Someone once told me, "It is not what we have, but what we enjoy that makes for a rich life, and the wise person understands that contentment is not having everything you want, but enjoying everything w ...…
First Regular Season Podcast, Cubs and Cards mediocre to start, Harper and Trout are the Greats of our Time, Brawls Abound, and just hitting the top of the standings. P.S. We were wrong about Ohtani.
Angry, disgruntled, troublesome teenagers need more discipline, right? Wrong! Your Simblified hosts find that the culprit is, simbly, lack of sleep. Join Chuck, Naren and Srikeit as they go into the adolescents’ need for extra sleep and how devastating it can be for them if they don’t get their zzzs NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - p ...…
Join in as we talk with Chrystal Jones from The Other Side coaching, where we discuss topics like the Shadow Self; challenging preconceived notions of right and wrong; asking tough questions; accepting all out emotions; living outside the box; and much, much more. We'd love to hear what you thought. Leave a comment or message!…
“Wrong Place, wrong time” from Unorthodox: different practices to reach different people by Rev. Jeb Archey. Released: 2018. Genre: Sermon. Scripture: Luke 4:31-44By admin.
What does it buy us to have the ability to speak our mind without penalty Sooner or later no one will have the right to say anything Somehow I can see that Screw you Youre Wrong Youre doing it the wrong wayCivil Tension Host amp Creator Peter Gault together with CoHosts John Guanci amp Tom Sellars say these things and a whole lot more while tal ...…
On The Same Page is a podcast from the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library to keep you in the loop and on the same page about what’s happening at your library. In this episode we talk about some poetry collections we are reading and hear a recording of a panel from March that took place at Northside Library to discuss leadership and nonviolent c ...…
Rumble strips are in place for one reason - to tell us we're moving in the wrong direction. You can't correct what you don't detect.
Damn son its the week of Shaquille o neal number 32 and man do we have a good episode of nothing but sports this week. so lets get into it with playoffs and draft!*Week Recap: catching up, Facebook in court.*NBA: Play offs, West Brook MVp?-Warriors/Spurs-Trailblazers/Pelicans-Rockets/Twolfs-Thunder/Jazz-Cleveland/Pacers-Raptors/Wizards-76ers/He ...…
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