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Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show
The Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show is a collage of audio absurdity created by Chris Wyble (wz3d) & Jeremy Frey (Sputnik J. Frey). Does it make no sense or do you make too much?
Poxyclypse-Labs are movie nerds, first and foremost. Once a week, we gather with friends to view and discuss new and old genre favorites, A) because we'd rather talk about films than most other things and B) in hopes of bringing attention to favorites you may have overlooked.Poxyclypse Movie Night is a weekly book club for movie nerds. People are over- and under-analyzing movies all over the internet. NOT THESE MOVIES.Stick around for a few episodes. I think you'll agree that our perspective ...
Live from WZRD Chicago
Northeastern Illinois University's WZRD Chicago has been broadcasting freeform community radio out of Chicago's north side for 35 years and now their long running weekly live in-studio performance show, Thursday Night Live, is podcasting as Live From WZRD bringing you new local and touring bands every week and occasional special guests and old legendary performances. Get yer fix here whether you're looking for new music, local music, rawwwwwwwnesss, or if you dig that freeform!
High Holidaze
A pretty amateur podcast celebrating weed and the holidays we smoke it on. Hosted by aspiring professionals Susan Cohen & Margaret Allen. email us at holidaze.high@gmail[dot]com#420 #w33d
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Chris, Frey and Hood geek out on Dark Star (1974), the bizarro 2001:A Space Odyssey student film by John Carpenter & Dan O'Bannon. Sorry for the delay in getting this episode posted. Between the 3 of us, we have many elaborate and perfectly legit excuses for taking so long, but who wants to hear about all that? What I CAN say is: this one is wo ...…
Bask in the exhaust fumes of the notorious 1974 bust-'em-up, Stone, starring a whole buncha badass Australian Hell's Angels and some ultra-toughguy actors who would go on to play some of the funnest sickos ever in the bust-'em-up to end all bust-'em-ups, Mad Max! Due to budget limitations, this is the first episode not to feature "that noise". ...…
Poxyclypse Movie Night #2 - We Remember Mad Max, And We Know Who You Are, Bronze! In the second episode, Jeremy, Dave and myself gush our respective fanboy praises on the timeless classic Mad Max trilogy. From personal experiences to discussions of the characters, vehicles and locations to a nerderiffic look ahead at what may lie in store for t ...…
For episode #1, Chris, Jeremy, Dave & Trevor discuss the 2003 Ang Lee film, Hulk. Was it a failed attempt at a big-screen comic book superhero epic by an over-ambitious director working too far out of his element OR a misunderstood, under-rated, one-of-a-kind action/art film that came before its time?You decide!... scratch that...WE decide!Poxy ...…
Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show
The Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show ep.5---Surf Nazis Vs. The Dawn Of The Poxyclypse---*******************************************************cast:Midnight Bloodballz / President Tossinator / Vice-President Bono / Infomercial Guy / Surf Nazi Leader / Henry Winkler : wz3d *****Newz Anchorman / Hillbilly EyeWitness / T.V. Announcer / Kirk Camer ...…
Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show
*This is the awesomest one yet. A bit of a pain-in-the-ass to complete, but we love it and, in the end, that's what makes it worth the bullshit. enjoy.*ThePoxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show ep.4---Dr. KillGlove & The MurderMits Of Hell---************************************************cast:Dr. KillGlove / Capt. Herman "Strawberries" Packarack / ...…
Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show
*here is the playlist info for Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram II, which is located in the player on our profile. the first one was way too long and we were figuring out what we were gonna do. this one smokes fucking ass (in a GOOD way). hit us with some stupid ideas and comments and what-have-you...we attempted to give full credit to all other ar ...…
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