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"For people who smoke pot & love movies!" Join the smoke circle with actor and comedian Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts, Fanboys, Balls of Fury) as he gets high with celebrity guests and discusses the latest films he's seen -- in 4D! *Warning: Hella spoilers!*
a podcast that covers Music side of japan (Jpop/Jrock) and travel in Japan
Devoted to All Things Xbox and PC Gaming.
The Blaise XPerience is a podcast that delves deeper into board games and video games by examining things from the players' point of view. The host (s) will break down strategy and dynamics in games included in the series by diving deeper into all aspects of the games. In addition, The Blaise XPerience seeks to interview top players from each games' community looking at their perspectives on what makes their favorite games tick and how to succeed at them.
A weekly podcast where a bunch of dudes talk about their interactive experiences and their love for videogames.
Xperience podcast
Every weeks, Greg Korra present you one hour of house and tech house music mix. See you soon for the next episode.
XPerience Points
The experience to experience us talking about one of the greatest experiences we can experience (Micro-transactions may apply) VIDEO GAMES. Send us questions or feedback on my twitter @JollyGreenGamer or to our email address
Welcome to Dj D-Tha-Prophet's Trance-Xperience Podcast. Bringing you the best in Trance Music. Here you will find Energetic & Uplifting Mixes compiled and mixed by D-Tha-Prophet, in this mixes I will showcase all styles of trance Music , from Classics, Progressive, Vocal, Uplifting, psy-Trance and hard dance. You guys can subscribe to my Podcast for free through my podcast page or trough ITUNES under Dj D-Tha-Prophet's Trance-Xperience Podcast, Stay tuned for more mixes. As always comments a ...
Trandance - The show of DJ 2-Lee
Detailed analysis of Winnipeg's Canadian Wrestling Elite and Premiere Championship Wrestling weekly TV shows plus your calls on the world of professional wrestling.
Checho Lifestyle
Checho is based on simple concept. The idea is simple and fun to xperience in rural South Africa. Our mixes are recorded live at our shows.
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U S O : ...di fusch nei Mercedes A-Klass parkt haut virun Mëtteg am Automag. D’Présentatioun vun der 4. Generatioun leeft am Moment nach a Kroatien, mee di firescht Woch hat de Christian Schmit schonn Geleeënheet op der internationaler Présentatioun hannert dem Volant ze setzen... T E X T : an dat an zu Trogir un der dalmatinescher Küst. ...…
Welcome to The Blaise XPerience, the podcast where you XPerience a variety of games from every angle.In this episode, Derreck and special guest Monty aka Hanzomain discuss some of the latest news in Sea of Thieves and do a deep dive into how to take down a skeleton fort in the game.The developer update video and the recent patch are both discus ...…
Welcome to The Blaise XPerience, the podcast where you XPerience a variety of games from every angle.In this episode, Derreck and Mr. Newbz are joined by a special guest....SirioNDB-leader of Fortune, one of the founding communities of players within Sea of Thieves.The three of us discuss the developer update and the issues that they are focusi ...…
Ahoy Pirates! I hope everyone is having an awesome time working towards becoming more pirate/legend! Let me know what you think and your feelings. Let’s have a discussion about this game we love! Don’t let game reviews get you down or discourage you from playing this. There have been people saying that the LudoCrypto - ...…
SPECIAL Fantastic Beasts Make up & Hair episode with FAE HAMMOND! We chat about her Amazing Eclectic career! SNATCH! KICK ASS! RUSH! LIFE OF PI! HEATH LEDGER's Hair & MADONNA'S FEET!
Chad & I chat "The Commuter," Jay Baruchel loves Chapterhouse Comics. The perils of being a pothead! Bad "Fanboys" Flashbacks! "Almost Famous" facts! Memoirs of a "Million Dollar Baby," "Tropic Thunder" Tales! Multi NOLTE personality disorder! Top "Robocop." Gary Oldman gets "Goon!" "This is the End" my only friend, the end.…
Indy Lopez Presents "Club Beatz" Discover the latest House, Tech-House, Deep-House and enjoy the exclusives BEATZ that Indy's play at the best clubs around the world on this amazing podcast for clubbers and music lovers. Push Play and enjoy Tracklist Chapter 42: 1 Marcimo - Free Your Body (Original Mix) 2 Nuendo - Trela (Original Mix) Klangwerk ...…
his week, we talk about Microsoft's Windows 10 Fall Creation causing various issues with the OS - of which myself and Clinton experienced. Not to mention how we feel about Microsoft sending Xbox One X's out to more influencers than actual gamers.By (Xbox Xperience).
On today's show we talk about loot boxes in gaming, our favorite and worst gaming controllers and if the Xbox One X is aimed at current PC gaming owners.By (Xbox Xperience).
House = My "first true love affair."Can I get a Witness??1. Chevals - See You When I Get My Heart Broken 2. Mayer Hawthorne - Someone Like You - Sylow Rooftop Remix3. Freakman - Twerk - Dave Gerrard Rework4. Grace Jones Pull up to the Bumper Discomofo Rework5. Todd Terry - Sunday Morning - Kenny Dope Mix 6. Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair - ...…
We Follow up With Jeff Garlin eating bolognese at the Chateau Marmont with "Taxi Driver" on mute for inspiration! Talkin' shit about "IT!" Go gaga over "Atomic Blonde," We get "The Big Sick" & diagnose our "Valerian" inter dimension diarrhea!! Kinison vs. Belushi! We do a Gramma's Balls remix! More SPOILERS than a Cadillac!…
In Alejandro's final episode in studio, we cover our two most anticipated X-Men titles: Weapon X and Generation X. Hope you survive the X-perience.
As Vince McMahon once said: It's all about the Money, and Microsoft and Nintendo are sure proving that point in spades. The Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X was in limited supply worldwide, and the SNES Classic Edition sold out within SECONDS!By (Xbox Xperience Podcast).
Welcome back for yet another entertaining and super exciting Xbox and Windows gaming podcast with the Outerhaven crew. On this week's episode, we're talking about the release of Sega's Sonic Mania, the return of the Blue Speedster and even a mini-review.By (Xbox Xperience Podcast).
Welcome to the Xbox Xperience Ep 28. While there isn't a lot of Xbox or PC gaming themed news this week, we figured we take to a round table discussion and take about a major moment on the gaming front. That is, more and more niche games are making theirBy (Xbox Xperience).
This time around we're taking a stab at the whole "Digital vs Physical" when it comes to gaming. With more and more games going the digital route, is it just a matter of time before console gaming mirrors what has happened with PC gaming when it comes toBy (Xbox Xperience).
So, what is there to talk about this week? How's about Logitech acquiring its rival, Astro. Microsoft says good night to Windows Phone 8.1 and we finally got Super Street Fighter IV on the Xbox One. This and much more on this week's episode of the Xbox XpBy (Xbox Xperience).
Indie gaming has gotten a lot more attention on both the PC and Xbox front. But should you care? Should you waste your time or should you actually check out some of these gems? We discuss this and more in this week's episode.By (Xbox Xperience).
It's the summertime and we're back from E3 2017 with a lot of news! From Destiny 2 to Dragonball FighterZ to the Xbox One X, so many excellent things came out of E3!By (Xbox Xperience).
Today we talk about Xbox Game Pass, Destiny 2's PC delay, Beam becoming Mixer and more.By (Xbox Xperience).
Here we go people, the Xbox Xperience podcast episode 22 is here. We're running behind schedule a bit, but we're still 100% committed to doing the video cast as opposed to podcasts.By (Xbox Xperience).
(1) Love and Happiness, Mashti & Jean von Baden (Lifted House) (2) Summer Love, Maximo Gladius (Armoracya) (3) What I Need, Mika Olson, Jermaine Fleur (Deepalma) (4) You See Me, Elektromekanik (NYLO) (5) You Will Know, LTJ Xperience (Irma) (6) Rose, Lionel Indies, (Armoracya) (7) Wadda Day, Toka Project (So Sound Recordings) (8) Disco Ballin, D ...…
The gang sits down with Tracy Callahan from Xperience Real Estate to discuss what it's like being Chris Suarez's expansion team. They discuss leverage and how joining a team is a great way to take your business to the next level.
With the coming prequel recently announced, Christian, Mark, and JM dig deep into the strange and elongated history of the Beyond Good & Evil franchise.
Mark returns from his dentist to talk mobile gaming with Christian and JM. With the success of the Nintendo Switch we now have incredible options for mobile gaming! Vita, Android, iOS, 3DS, and MORE!
IntroductionWelcome to another edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics. I'm your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician who has practiced pediatrics in Charlotte NC for the past 35 years. As I like to say, from the womb to the workplace, if it involves children, we talk about it here. Today, I'm going to tell you about a recent ...…
Canadian Naturopathic Doctor, Laura Belus, is joined by creator of Paleo Warehouse Clan, Jessica Laird, for Episode 226 of “Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson and Kara Halderman” Sit back and relax with all the beverages to this new episode where co-hosts Leah and Kara chat with health and nutrition experts on the latest health headlin ...…
Canadian Naturopathic Doctor, Laura Belus, is joined by creator of Paleo Warehouse Clan, Jessica Laird, for Episode 226 of “Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson and Kara Halderman” Sit back and relax with all the beverages to this new episode where co-hosts Leah and Kara chat with health and nutrition experts on the latest health headlin ...…
Here we go people, the Xbox Xperience podcast episode 21 is here.By (Xbox Xperience).
Welcome back to the Xbox Xperience Podcast. We're fresh from recording episode 20 and one thing is for sure, we're really passionate about the status of Microsoft's 1st and 3rd party gaming offering, Xbox Play Anywhere, Beam as an up and coming streamingBy (Xbox Xperience).
Hot off the official reveal of Microsoft's Project Scorpio, Digital Foundry gave the world a pure and unadulterated look at the 4K beast. And now, while we've stopped(almost) geeking out, we took the time to record this week's Xperience.By (Xbox Xperience).
Mark is away with a dental emergency so JM and Christian review E3 announcements and what truly interests them going forward! Major game releases, big announcements, goofy stage acting!!
Ganga Girl, Mike C, Nick D, & me get greeeeeezy & chat "Wonder Woman" and "The Godfather" at Radio City! We prank the shit out of Mr. POTUS & learn the secret of the ORB! Waiting for Gal Gadot! Brando IS the cat! Thanks for listening guys! Until next season, YEEE-HAHAHAHAAHAH!
With Randy Dando! Nicky D, Kay aka Ganja Girl. We chat about "Priates," and where's yack parrow? More fodder for the Big Head society! Things get weeeird when we beat up "Beauty & the Beast" and praise "Chuck!" GofG2 Blues! We make a pact with "Alien Covenant!"
Christian, Mark, and JM discuss who owns DotA and what does that mean for the deals already made over DotA. What effect will this have for other mod developers?
Entrepreneurs need to try new things. Times change and the expectations from our customers morph over time. Finding ways to remain relevant and to provide unique ways to deliver our products or services are important in a world of change. Thom Singer recently participated as a Table Leader in a special first time conference called XDP. This eve ...…
With Jack Human and Nick D, with Keith Price! We chat "Logan" and the last of the prostitutes who work all night. "Ghosts in the Shell," the indignation. Never deep dive a geisha!!
With Kieth price holding my hand, we talk "Wilson," and "Get Out." We call my pen pal James Zappie and blab about our exploits. Nicky D. and I talk "John Wick," "The Wall," "Skull Island" 4d, and "Power Rangers." Midgets & fidges! And we're pranking POTUS till pigs fly!
From the dawn of our species, every culture has communicated through a spoken language. We do this because in our brains there are specific parts that have evolved which enable us with this capacity. Similarly, From the dawn of our species, every culture has maintained a belief in some form of a spiritual reality. Might this be indicative of th ...…
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