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Young Americas Foundation (YAF) is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values. As the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement, the Foundation introduces thousands of American youth to these principles. We accomplish our mission by providing essential conferences, seminars, educational materials, internships, and speakers ...
Ya F#cked It
Brian Six & Ryan Shaner should be dead. Download, listen and share these chaotic, reckless and mostly stupid life choices these two have experienced. Let them tell you about their bad choices, so you feel better about yours.
Relevant, biblical teaching for young adults in the Silicon Valley
Improv Yak
Improv Yak is an improv podcast hosted by improv teacher and Los Angeles improviser, Carla Cackowski. Each week Carla interviews an improviser about a specific technique that she admires in their performance and at the end of the show, Carla and guest improvise a scene in which Carla attempts to utilize the technique they discussed. Guests range from seasoned improvisers to first year improv students.
Hosted by Adam Meakins (aka The Sports Physio), Not Another F**king (NAF) Physio Podcast promises to be unlike any other! Talking about things that matter, but don't really matter. It will be amateurish, inconsistent, with poor sound quality and even poorer interviews… Be prepared for critical critique, dubious debate, quirky questions and lots of bad language!
The Tao of Self Confidence is a podcast created for you, the woman who is on her inner journey to self confidence no matter what stage you are at. If you are looking for inspirational stories and advice during your daily commute, workout or just "me" time, Sheena Yap Chan delivers 5 days a week. Each episode brings you an amazing woman who shares her journey: her life before the discovery, the "AHA" moment, life after her discovery and the advice she give to the listener that she can apply i ...
One Daf of Gamara a Day, with Rabbi Rosner
One Daf of Gemara a Day, with Rabbi Elefant
Daily Daf from Daf Hachaim
One Daf of Gemara a Day, with Rabbi Elefant
Real Clear Daf
Clear, quick, high-level audio Daf Yomi
One Daf of Gamara a Day, with Rabbi Rosner
An in-depth explanation of the daf yami, combining both a simple understanding with a more advanced analysis, given by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz.
Weird AF News
Comedian Jonesy covers off-beat news, strange history, the paranormal, and weird, humorous stories.
Rav Etshalom's Daf Yomi Podcast of Daily Gemorah Shiurim
YUTORAH: Daf Yomi feed by Rosner, R' Shalom
Alex Lasarev is on the spiritual path - andinterviews guests on their journey to self-realization. Getting Into our hearts, escaping the matrix, and discovering the bliss that awaits us in the recognition that we are all one, will be the core themes. Nothing is off limits.... except refusing to learn to love ;) Are You Ready To Get Woke? If so, this is the podcast for you....
Die DaF-Show
The DaF-Show is the Online-Show in german to study and improve your german! Learn about pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. You can even improve your conversation skills in short dialogues. Let's go!
Daf Yomi: Online
technology meets tradition
YAP - Yet Another Podcast is a Video Game podcast hosted by GHAMVs (Antonio) and Panda Reviews (Andy) where we talk anything video games along with maybe Pro Wrestling.... maybe anime... who knows?
One Daf of Gemara a Day, with Rabbi Elefant
This is not your typical “boring” Spiritual show! Yes, we talk about all things spiritual BUT in a fun and casual way. We discuss things like: The Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Meditation, Relationships and How to Turbo Charge your life so you can live the life of your dreams. We’re here to challenge your thinking and ponder life’s deepest questions so we can all hopefully awaken sooner and have fun supporting each other along the way. Oh and we just might also have some wine while we’re ...
I decided to start this new mix series and "Podcast". I am getting sick of never uploading new mixes for you ear holes! My main focus here is not to create full length prepared sets. I'm really looking to play a lot of stuff that might not see the light of day at a gig... Stuff that may or may not be what I want this YAK project to reflect. Here we shall mainly focus on as many releases as possible, polished or rusted, short or long, of ANY genre. That being said..... YAK are pretty big in T ...
Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!
Yan Garen
deep house nu disco tech house
DAF Radio
An unofficial fan run podcast about Disney animated TV shows from the The Disney Afternoon Era of the 1980’s to the early to mid 1990’s. Featuring news, interviews and fan interactions.
Podcast by acuthberto
Podcast by YAN
Yemi Afolabi Podcast, black expat comic living in Sweden. Y.A.P. deals about living as a expat, Swedish culture and everything in-between, alongside candid conversations with top international comics Join Yemi on his quest to comedyness!
Yaglı Gevrek
yaglı gevrek tadında sohbet.
Join Yasmin every week as she chats with female techies about their career, the challenges of the industry, tech news and more. Her guests range from young engineers to top execs; working at the largest tech goliaths to the smallest start ups; hailing from North America to Asia. Contact: Artwork Credit: Danielle Grinberg Heads of Outreach: Synclair Gonzales, Jenna Robinson
Each week, Jay, Nicky, and Matt discuss the most polarizing topics the NBA has to offer and spend far too much time on non-NBA nonsense.
OAF Discussions
Podcast where we discuss weekly news, outrage culture, and pop culture Only As a Fan. Won't you partake?
Join Mike, Sarah and Detroit Keith as they spend each episode meandering through the world of pop culture, offering their unique (and often misguided) opinions and jokes. They don’t rely on special guests to zest up the proceedings (unless you count their terrible celebrity impersonations). Rather, they get by on the sheer force of their personalities and their dynamite chemistry.
Interviews with funny and fearless women of colour on the comedy scene in Toronto and beyond.
Cada dia durant aquest estiu, a les nou del vespre, Joan Barril es disposa a parlar amb una dona diferent
Join us each week as we analyze a section of the weekly parshah. From a careful study of the text and the guidance of the Midrash and classic commentaries, we find that the parshah has a great deal to teach us about modern life. This class, which is given each week to the women of Yad Binyamin, Israel, takes a decidedly Zionist perspective to the parshah as well.
YUTORAH: Daf Yomi -- Recent Shiurim
Film Yak
Film Yak is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth movie discussions. Listen in each week as Jonathan, Jon, and Kevin dive deep into a different film of their choice. Get movie news, hear trivia battles, and discover movie recommendations. Listen in for a good dose of humor and friendly banter as the hosts debate and defend their favorite films.
Yan Naing Win
The Redeemed Christian Church of God - Myanmar
Podcast by Technology Access Foundation
Tafseer-Surah-Qaf-50 By Taimiyyah Zubair
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In this episode, Ryan and Erin play Taylor Swift Song or Romantic Comedy With Low IMDB User Rating, and Is This A Real Crypto-Currency. They also bring in Reba for some ridiculous questions, talk about mystery blood, cheesecake, Ms Universe, and other things.By (Ryan Conner).
In this episode, Ryan and Erin talk how Erin hasn't changed since she was 12, and she comes right out of the gate with the insults. Ryan is forced to hula-hoop, and he's running a weird elaborate lie with Whole Foods. Also on the agenda: Erin doing karaoke, Brian McKnight, Truck-on-Truck, Space News, Shark News, and What's a Science?…
About the Lecture: Rarely in history has a political movement and its leaders promised more and produced less than Communism and its dictators from Lenin, Stalin and Mao to Castro, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Un. As chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Dr. Lee Edwards has long studied communism and is considered one of the nation’ ...…
In this episode, Erin goes knives out after birds, The Godfather, and Apocalypse Now, like a goddamn asshole. Ryan and talks about Oatly, jury duty, and an awkward interaction with a person who's anti- Black Lives Matter. Lord of the Rings and Name of the Wind A skydive instructor fired for what? THIS IS US IS GARBAGE SHARK NEWS! Erin is an old ...…
In this episode, Ryan and Erin get loose, bring down the patriarchy, talk about high school and college jobs, milk thieves, Iowa, a new segment called They Are Who We Thought They Were, conspiracy theories, Know Your Federalists, GOOP PRICE IS RIGHT, and No Buffets. Boom.By (Ryan Conner).
When the people of Israel cried out to God for help, he raised up a deliverer named Othniel. God has responded to our cries for help by raising up another deliverer. His name is Jesus.
In this episode Six talks about whenever he tries to whisper he's basically offending the hearing impaired. Shaner discusses the troubles of replacing his cell phone and what pop legend Gary Numan is like when he's behind closed doors.
On December 4th, 2017, Dennis Prager, a renowned conservative thinker and radio host, spoke to YU students on the Wilf campus about leftism, feminism, and the Torah itself. We delve into that speech and its implications with three top tier guests: Sarah Casteel (YAF), Nolan Edmonson (College Republicans), and Doniel Weinreich (College Democrats ...…
In this very special episode of YAF, Andy, Josh and Larry remember Thanksgivings past and present. And food.
The boys discuss Shaner's latest attempt at being the hero nobody needs, how they will defend our country if there's an invasion, and Shaner reveals the only scenario where he'd actually be 'star struck'
Shaner talks about past hookups with the hussies in "the industry" and Six tells the story about how to get even with a one night stand that has sticky fingers.
After a week off the boys are back discussing Shaner's backyard wrestling career, Six watching fat guys fail at parties, and awkward boners at sleepovers.
We are back yo. This episode we mix it up between some hip hop and end on a little island vibe since I am missing my beef patty spot on Myrtle Ave lately. We politic about how whack the WSL is and what shook moves they've been up to. We finish up with some short takes talking about Bing Surfboards' new model, Deus' 9ft and Single festival and T ...…
Six and Shaner touch base on pussies fighting, evading DUI's, the phenomenon of cosplay and a huge puddle of dog diarrhea.
The boys discuss their hatred for safe spaces newer comics are creating. Shaner talks about one of his first paid shows that ended with an infant getting a head injury. Six talks about a couple of the police raids he's been involved in. LISTEN, SHARE, REVIEW
Six tells the story about being lost at 6am down the shore and crossing the same bridge 3 times. Shaner talks about leaving the city in hopes to hook up with a German girl that didn't want anything to do with him. LISTEN, SHARE, REVIEW
Show 1844 Understanding Trump and his Plans for the Future by Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich LIVE at Cornell University discusses Trump, his policies to date and his plans for the future. To watch the video visit- Streamed live on Mar 22, 2017 After Newt Gingrich was elected Speaker of the House in 1995, he disrupted t ...…
Shulem Deen, author of All Who Go Do Not Return, a National Jewish Book Award-winning memoir that tells the story of his exit from ultra-Orthodox Judaism, joins us to understand the people who do and do not leave ultra-Orthodoxy, the needs and hopes of those who do leave, and the roles formerly-Orthodox people might play in the rest of the Jewi ...…
The world is in a crisis, and we are going to hear from Karen ben- Moyal Chapter President at Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). She will talk about outsourcing and jobs, the media and Donald Trump, -the future of America from the stand point of its current state. Karen was Texas State Chairman at Generation Onward -City Council Intern at Houst ...…
In this episode, the guys engage in a discussion with actor Travis Wester, who criticized the show's coverage of the Berkeley College Republicans' lawsuit back in the "C" segment of Episode #65. Travis comes on the show to criticize Berkeley's policy regarding the imposition of fees, while Andrew walks us through the various laws regarding the ...…
In this episode, the guys engage in a discussion with actor Travis Wester, who criticized the show's coverage of the Berkeley College Republicans' lawsuit back in the "C" segment of Episode #65. Travis comes on the show to criticize Berkeley's policy regarding the imposition of fees, while Andrew walks us through the various laws regarding the ...…
Hobos are on the prowl in Florida, so watch out! Its already crazy enough down here without the disgruntled homeless making it harder out here. We're officially back from whatever that hiatus was that we took after our live shows and special Ian Edwards episode, so come catch up with us! PLUS a HUGE announcement!!! Pull up an ear and take a lis ...…
The world is in a crisis, and we are going to hear from Karen ben- Moyal Chapter President at Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). She will talk about outsourcing and jobs, the media and Donald Trump, -the future of America from the stand point of its current state. Karen was Texas State Chairman at Generation Onward -City Council Intern at Houst ...…
AltRight Politics, Washington's #1 Taylor Swift fanboy podcast.Issue 1) North Korea throws another temper-tantrum [1:22]. Does Pyongyang matter, or is this really about the Chinese? [] Issue 2)Trumpenreich becomes Trumpensdolchstoss [28:21]. The Emperor is cucking on everything: Immigration, the wall, the budget, the Assange Question. 3) Ann Co ...…
Trump To Arrest Julian Assange? Or FakeNews?FRENCH ELECTION MARINE LE PENTrump - ABC News WaPo Poll - Voting Trump 96% Right thing to do - 2% regret it- CNN FakeNews Wikileaks Jeff Sessions answers CNN (audio) - Trump Border Wall tweet 4hr ago Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some form, for ...…
Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s show, James discusses with Ron Robinson—Reagan Ranch, YAF & William F Buckley—VISION. Tune in to their interesting talk, and learn about the significance of vision and of building relationships with donors! On the Same Side Ron is the president of Young America’s Foundation. ...…
Show 1713 Dinesh D'Souza speaks for first time after Trump win! From Young America’s Foundation To watch the video of this presentation visit- Americans decisively chose a new trajectory for our country when they elected Donald Trump, firmly rejecting the progressive gangsterism that has plagued America for decades. ...…
The Accusation Party - AP10: This Is Political Correctness The scourge of political correctness has infected Western culture at an alarming rate. No arena of public life is spared -- academia, politics, the workplace, religion, and society as a whole, all bear this unnecessary weight. What was once a few politely expected euphemisms has turned ...…
Today Enoch Sears interviews architect Jeffrey Pastva about his career in architecture and how to get more involved. Jeffrey Pastva is a project architect at JDavis Architects and the editor in Chief of the YAF connection, the bi-monthly journal of the AIA's Young Architects Forum.
Show 1649 Ben Shapiro- Toughen Up Spoiled Children To watch the video of this speech visit- Following last week’s (November 2015) historic eruption of conflict at the University of Missouri, Young America’s Foundation (YAF) sponsored a lecture titled, “Truth is a Microaggression,” by conservative powerhouse Ben Shap ...…
n a three-week series called ReFocus, we will be exploring the vision and mission of YAF. This week, we ask the question, "How do we accomplish our vision?"
In a three-week series called ReFocus, we will be exploring the vision and mission of YAF. This week, we ask the question, "Why do we meet as a Young Adult Fellowship?"
In a three-week series called ReFocus, we will be exploring the vision and mission of YAF. This week, we ask the question, "What is our goal?"
A discussion on the "lazy" lyrics of today, and how hiphop has taken a step backwards...Not just another old school vs new school show
அல்லாஹ்வின் பாதையில் செலவு செய்தல் மெளலவி யாஸிர் ஃபிர்தெளஸி | Yaser Firdousi 24-06-2016, Friday | Jumma Port Camp Masjid, Al – Jubail The post Spending in the way of Allah appeared first on Tamil Dawah.
Emily Jashinsky (YAF) on "The Mark Larson Show; 3.15.16
Guests this hour include - Emily Jashinsky (YAF), Jeffrey Lord (author: What America Needs), and Dave Syverson (senator).The Mark Larson Show mornings 6-9, on AM 1170, "The Answer".
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