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Are We There Yet?
The Space Exploration Podcast
Not Rich Yet
Not Rich Yet is a comedic pop culture discussion from two dynamic Hollywood assistants. Join co-hosts Gus Constantellis and Courtney Perdue, as they bring unmistakable wit and sass to their commentary on film, television, music, Los Angeles, and more. Executive Producer: Jordan Henry. Produced by Julia Bonadio, and Kristina Carlson. Follow us on Twitter @notrichyetpod.
Is it a chat show? Is it a panel show? A stand-up show? Well, sort of all three really.
Discussing London Theatre from the audience perspective
Hosted by Alan Davies and featuring an eclectic mix of A-list and up-and-coming faces, As Yet Untitled sits everyone round a small table for a discussion about… well… anything. There's no script, no rehearsals, no agenda, just the aim of being interesting and funny. We think we've succeeded. The As Yet Untitled Podcast features the best bits from each week's television broadcast alongside some lovely extra bits that didn't make the show!
Better Yet
a longform interview podcast featuring musicians talking about influence, writing, and being around.
Just another WordPress site
The pleasures, pratfalls & practical lessons of parenting in the modern world.
We're Not Sure Yet
Do you like conspiracies? Then boy do we have a podcast for you! Make sure you follow us to keep up to date on new episodes!Follow our social medias:Instagram: @NotSureYetPodTwitter: @NotSureYetPodIntro music by Michael LopezInstagram: @Michael_lpz
Join Alex, Oz and Suhail as they explore, experiment and make fun of the most interesting stories in science and tech.
Former WJFK & Real Radio 104.1 talk personalities adjusting to life outside of the radio world… on a podcast!
Weekly tech show with Technology Evangelists who talk interesting tech. It's YATS!
The official Soundcloud of The Are We Canceled Yet? podcast hosted by @Royale_o2 and @Freekeyyayo
Hey look, it's Yet Another Tech Podcast!Pretty self explanatory. 🤷‍♂️
YAP - Yet Another Podcast is a Video Game podcast hosted by GHAMVs (Antonio) and Panda Reviews (Andy) where we talk anything video games along with maybe Pro Wrestling.... maybe anime... who knows?
Are We Scared Yet?
A podcast discussing a different horror film each week asking the question, are we scared yet?
I am a traveler living in Shanghai, China for the next year. Join me as I tell you about my adventures as a foreigner in this weird, wonderful city.
Experts in funny.
Are We There Yet?
Millennials are the most studied and talked about generation to date. This podcast, hosted by Brock Anderson and Tiffany Escoe, sets aside the studies and jumps straight to the talk. They sit down with friends and strangers alike to chat about their past, present, and future as they navigate how to “get there”.
Episodes 1-10 - Bad sound, bad internet connection, but where it all began. Bryn, an aspiring actor who just moved to New York, and his friend that he left behind, Jake, discuss trying to become a working actor. Jake's wife Laura, who's trying to become a playwright, joins the show as does Nilsa, Bryn's actress girlfriend who ran a theater in Chicago. Episodes 11-110 - Sound and internet issues are fixed and the show transitions into an interview format with updates about Bryn, Nilsa, and La ...
As Yet Undecided
We are a podcast that cannot decide on anything. Yet. With your conflicted hosts Mike and Sophie.All enquires and fanmail may be directed to of the podcast can be found on our YouTube channel.
Yet Another Science Show is a fun, interactive podcast about science and the world around us. Hosted by Orad Reshef and Jesse Corbeil, the show aims to look at what makes the universe go, and lead its listeners down a path of discovery — usually with a bit of history thrown in for good measure.
Ain't Dead Yet
David Hayes and Kevin Moyers discuss the news of the week while sharing their triumphs and failures, and they explain why they just can't seem to give up.
Are We Where Yet?
Join us as we ask our guests the most powerful question imaginable: "Are We Where Yet?". By asking this question we find stories, triumphs, failures and get to know what will be in the next chapter for our amazing guests. And hopefully learn a thing or two as we journey and flow through our podcast episodes.
Yet to be Named
A deep 3am chat at any time of the day.
Are you prepared? Our Podcast will help you get there, and keep your kids from asking, "Are we prepared, yet?"
Elon James White and Emily Epstein White breakdown the morning headlines in news, politics and pop-culture while trying to grab that first cup of coffee.
YAP - Yet Another Podcast is a Video Game podcast hosted by GHAMVs (Antonio) and Panda Reviews (Andy) where we talk anything video games along with maybe Pro Wrestling.... maybe anime... who knows?
Welcome to the Sports Talk Show Yet To Be Named podcast. Just a few guys pretending to know more about sports than they actually do talking about sports.
Not There Yet
The Not There Yet podcast is a ongoing series of short essays covering a wide range of subjects from the perspective of the second decade of the 21st century. Typically running from five-to-ten minutes, they are intended to be thought provoking, challenging, sceptical and hopefully funny once in a while. They are sometimes conventional in nature and others are a little more experimental. They cover science, sports, technology, philosophy or just about whatever subject comes to mind. Sometime ...
Welcome! Our show is hosted by Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison, Texas. It is our sincere wish that you find the fullness of Christ and t is our goal, through these broadcasts, to help you find your place in God’s Kingdom.
Is It Monday Yet?
We are Jake Hodesh and Nina M Dot, Is It Monday Yet?
A wide range of topics discussed by some awesome trans (including non binary) folk, hosted by Emma Frankland of None of Us is Yet a Robot
Your weekly internet oddity show
Nadine O. is an inspirational speaker, vlogger, podcaster and creator of the Yandy Project. As long as she can remember, she has had a passion for travel, meeting new people and sharing their stories. Picking up any device she could get her hands on. Capturing moments as they unfold. Her hope is to inspire others to try new things and rekindle old passions. Our Podcast- The Yandy Project podcast showcases people in your community who continue to find ways to help others through their works. ...
Welcome to the Not successful yet! podcast, where entrepreneurs come to share in the process of becoming successful.
Don't Listen Yet
Recovering wantrepreneur, a show about getting started.
It started out as two anonymous guys having barbershop/locker room talk and conversations that the average person won't talk about, to an entire anonymous group! We've chosen to be anonymous because we want to be judged solely off of the content displayed. Maybe we will reveal our identities one day, but in the mean time we are going to have fun with this!Reach out to us at #Life #Conversation #Podcast #SelfHelp #Music #Sports #Relationships #Travel #Curren ...
Jeet Yet
No Crisis Yet!
We routinely survive lethal net damage.
Three passionate media scholars debate film, television and pop culture.
Mad Yet?
Fed up with Liberals, Corruption, Dirty Politicians, Bankers, Ponzi Schemes & Big Brother invading your Privacy? We Are Too! Help us spread Liberty!
On Personal Ramblings of Tech
Download Done Yet? Is a PC and tech gaming podcast with new episodes every Monday!
Real conversations that aren't coated by a virtual world. Let's talk about it all under the sun with no filters about our journey with Life. Life is like a Road trip, wouldn't you agree ? We are on the journey to find the ultimate answer to this question. So join us!
Welcome to the Female:Not yet expired podcast, where amazing things happen. Unsuccessful, 30s and a ridiculous sex life. The struggle of being a pet owner and living in the city. Self image, weight and body issues.
For more, visit What is a “normal childhood?” Does it include almost being murdered by your sister with an ax? Speeding around town in the back of a station wagon because your mom is chasing an “alien spaceship”? Being busted by the police for intent to light a pond on fire? Tackling your mom to the ground and wrestling a knife out of her hand because she was trying to kill your dad? While my stories may be unique, readers will be able to relate to the broader th ...
Are We Famous Yet?
Myself and Zarek just talk about everything and anything! You can follow me on twitter or both of us on Instagram. The podcast is also available on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube
Are We There Yet?
A group of friends talk about whats on their minds on a road trip. Anything goes from music to movies to sports! Enjoy
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Scott Murray is the Principal Learning Scientist at O’Reilly Media. Prior to that work, he was an Assistant Professor of Design at USF. He works with code, data, and computation to design learning experiences and is deeply interested in learning, teaching, design, visualization, art, and culture. Most recently, Scott launched the Mastadon socia ...…
Episode Notes "Few of us will ever likely achieve a title as great as dragonslayer at the end of our pilgrimage in this life. Yet, as we celebrate Saint George’s feast day on April 23 during this Eastertide, let us contemplate the many ways we might slay the dragons that invade our own lives and become courageous heroes for Christ by taking on ...…
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall ...…
Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II: Ordinary: 1045 Proper of Seasons: 1810 Psalms from Common of Apostles: 1951 Office of Readings for the Feast of Philip and James, Apostles God, come to my assistance. — Lord, make haste to help me. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: — as it was in the beginning, is now, a ...…
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed their third child, a son, with Prince William joking the family of five has "thrice the worry now". The baby's name is not yet known, but Arthur, Albert and Philip are the bookies' favourites.
A 25-year-old man is in police custody after he drove into a footpath in downtown Toronto, Canada, during lunch hour, killing at least 10 people and injuring 16 others. It is not yet known if terrorism was the motive.
Male Costa’s hummingbirds create an elaborate visual and acoustic display to attract females. (Alan Schmierer Public Domain, via Flickr) BOB HIRSHON (host): Dive-bombing hummingbirds. I’m Bob Hirshon and this is Science Update. (Costa’s hummingbird dive sound) When male Costa’s hummingbirds dive through the air, they sound a little like the onb ...…
Andrea Carter trains and educates coaches, consultants and professionals in the prolific proprietary mindset training program, Power To Thrive™ so they can effectively create results with the niched market they are serving. Mindset precedes results, yet research shows most have not learned an effective mindset model to convert a fixed mindset i ...…
Despite three years of me sharing every secret, they did all the things that I already explained were wrong. On this episode Russell talks about a competing software company that didn’t follow the blueprint that Russell has already laid out and why that is so mind blowing for him. Here are some of the fun things you will hear in today’s episode ...…
Despite three years of me sharing every secret, they did all the things that I already explained were wrong. On this episode Russell talks about a competing software company that didn’t follow the blueprint that Russell has already laid out and why that is so mind blowing for him. Here are some of the fun things you will hear in today’s episode ...…
Rich Uncle Mal weighs in on the arrival of a new royal baby; Ben Roberts-Smith, VC, on Anzac Day; Curtis McGrath served for Australia,was injured badly, yet recovered to become a paralympian; Anzac Day connections run deep; and Marto headed out to the Enoggera Barracks.
REVIEW THE FRONT 3 ON ITUNES! ▶️ Your trusty Front 3 of Adam, Kris and Nico review the weekend's action, as Tottenham bottle yet another trophy. Or did they? Adam questions whether Pochettino's progress cannot truly be appreciated until silverware comes. Plus we talk Arsene Wenger announcing he will leave ...…
22 April 2018 – Steve Huber Luke 15:11-32 11 And he said, “There was a man who had two sons. 12 And the younger of them said to his father, ‘Father, give me the share of property that is coming to me.’ And he divided his property between them. 13 Not many days later, the younger son gathered all he had and took a journey into a far country, and ...…
Listen in for another great episode, this time with Raviv Turner, CEO at CaliberMind. In addition to being the Co-Founder & CEO of CaliberMind, Raviv is also an angel investor and mentor at Techstars and a regular speaker at marketing & AI events. We're talking about how he sees a disconnect between Demand (buyers) & Ops (users) of data & analy ...…
Dan McNeil and Danny Parkins weigh in on how Cubs infielder Javier Baez was busy yet again by hitting another home run and driving in three more runs Sunday to bring his league-leading RBI total to 23. The guys also discussed his play and tactics in the field that had the baseball world talking and created fireworks with one of the Rockies.…
This podcast focuses on lessons from’s success based on its recent performance results and a few lessons and takeaways that can be beneficial to others. Now a lot has been talked about over the years on how Amazon has excelled in both customer experience as well as operational excellence. But as the company continues to improve and e ...…
Leading from the front may be a great strategy AND YET like most approaches, it is not ALL great! Leaders who seek to anticipate and get ahead of problems need a unique perspective. This approach requires a healthy curiosity and a response mindset; sounds GREAT. Well there is a down side too - these leaders can become too sure of themselves and ...…
SCRIPTURE: 2 Timothy 3:1-3 In life, we often find ourself living in survival mode, and life just becomes stagnant and lifeless. All of tend to have a longing for something more. A longing to experience a breath of fresh air and when it happens it has the power to change everything. It’s amazing to look at the attitudes of people today. The scar ...…
Some movies are so strange, so bizarre, so ultimately excellent that they belong in their own pocket universe of The Sci-Fi Podcast, known as Planet X! Mattroid will be joined in each of these short episodes by a special guest and together they’ll discuss a relatively unknown movie and any number of related (and unrelated) tangents. The big 50 ...…
Most of us never said, "I wanna be a marketer" when we were 7. I'm come learn from Ed's persistence and watch how his new business is blowing up!... What's going on everyone this is Steve Larsen and you're listening to Sales Funnel Radio. I've spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today and now I've left my 9 to 5 ...…
. TWTS – Episode 62 – The Evolution of You DOWNLOAD (right click to save linked file): TWTS – Episode 62 – The Evolution of You . You are made of a vast number of wiggles… vibrations of quantum particles, making vibrating atoms, making vibrating molecules, making vibrating cells, making vibratin ...…
Today on Mindset Transformation Radio and podcast, we are continuing with our series on the The Alchemy of Desire Episode 5- The Long Term Relationship Dance. My co -host for this series is my girl pal the fabulous Ms Margo Blake. Margo is a One Taste Intimacy Coach and, I am a Mindset Coach. Together we want to share our knowledge on this Topi ...…
Dr. Bryant addresses the importance of steering clear from illegal academic downloads. College is a rewarding yet challenging experience. Prospective, current, returning, online & first generation students must aim to keep God first as it relates to one's academic targeted goals.
Mauria is one of those rare gems of a human being who does so much for others, and yet asks for little-to-nothing in return. Listen to Mauria relay some of her accomplishments as an Autism specialist and producer of 'Just Like You Films' ( She also gives some backstory on her involvement with 'Big Slick' (http://bigslickkc. ...…
Inigo Kennedy's album Strata [TOKEN82LP] marks as the techno pioneer's sixth album. With Strata, Kennedy proves once again that his reserves of passion, skill and potency are far from depleted, that there is yet more to be discovered in the depths of his imagination.Monument premieres exclusively Breaking Point, track number five of the album i ...…
Today Bryan Newman of 101 Referral Network on the upcoming Health and Wealth Expo. Then Pam Smith with the Public Library Association regarding Money Smart Week. No winner yet for Stump the Chumps with featured restaurant Bitters. In the Biz Leaders Spotlight was Drs., Dean and Avesha Sherzai helping to fight Alzheimer's in AZ. In the Biz of Sp ...…
Starbucks fosters idea that customers are welcome to work or hang out in its cafes, yet there is no consistent policy on how long
I have in my hands a pair of English shoes. I’ve had them over 20 years and they’ve just come back the factory in Northampton, where they’ve been repaired for the 3rd time. They’re like brand new. No, that’s wrong. They’re not like new, they’re better than new. They look and feel fantastic. They’ve creases of comfort, like smile lines for shoes ...…
Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS feed Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Northwest Sustainable Agroecosystems Research Unit Dr. Claudio Stöckle with the WSU Biological Systems Engineering Unit Contact Information: Contact Dave Huggins via email at What is a podcast? For those of you who are newer t ...…
This week we try to make sense of The Heart Specialist, a film that premiered at the Boston Film Festival in 2006 but didn't hit theaters until 2011 (to capitalize on Zoe Saldana's rise to stardom in Avatar). It's unfocused, disjointed, oddly-edited and yet... it made us laugh? We're probably both going mad, and this is probably the worst film ...…
The One Who Endures Can we claim the doctrine of perseverance is the distinct doctrine in the Reformed tradition? Jay Collier does. When thinking about the Reformed faith, we typically about think election and predestination. But in his recent book, Jay makes a strong case for the distinctiveness of the perseverance of the saints around and pos ...…
Let’s Be Realtor White Bread Podcast Have you ever bought a home, dream of buying a home, or have seen a home in real life? If so, this episode of White Bread is for you! How do people go about buying a home? What does all that weird jargon and those technical terms really mean? Is equity really something we need to know about? Let’s just say 5 ...…
On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Can you Volunteer for Guard Duty? Tetsemi: 17 Raid lockouts and the time is short! Mkallah: Ready for Raid Roulette? Mewkow: Celebrate LOTRO 11th anniversary in style! Tetsemi: And, Durus and Dankinia are here to talk to us about falling off the edge… we mean AIE in ESO All that and more coming up rig ...…
When I choose people to come and work with my horses in any way, I look around for someone others highly recommend, then I check their credentials, and then I look for something else. What I look for is a complete passion, almost an obsession, for the work that they do. Someone who lights up when they talk about their work. Someone who can make ...…
Today’s broadcast is Episode 27 for Mishmash Monday, April 23rd, 2018, on a program we're calling "Mishmash Monday - vol. 4" Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Timestamp: 01: Intro - 00:00 02: Chu Chu Rocket - Dreamcast - Challenge - Tomoya Ohtani - 02:07 03: Wolfchild - SNES - Map Screen - Martin Iveson - 05:00 04: Night Warriors: Dar ...…
April 23rd is the birthday of my brother. He is an amazing man, husband, and father. Also, he is an amazing brother to me. Yet, he and I were not always good brothers or friends to each other. In our younger years he and I fought all the time, even to the point of becoming physical. Today, I share a story about how he and I became great brother ...…
More at known for his work "Being and Time," Martin Heidegger has been hailed by many as the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century. He has also been criticized for being both nearly unreadable and a Nazi. Yet there is no disputing his seminal place in the history of Western thought. So ...…
The Shulhan Aruch in Siman 421 presents the Halachot of the Melacha of “Tohen”-grinding- on Shabbat. Maran rules that slicing vegetables thinly is prohibited as Tohen. From this it seems that it would be problematic to cut an Israeli salad on Shabbat, since the vegetables are cut in small pieces. However, Hacham Ovadia explains this ruling base ...…
Forty thousand years ago, a massive volcanic eruption in southern Italy devastated what today is Europe. And yet, the culture of the early humans who lived there persisted. Now, archeologists say the key was long-distance trade and social networking.By (Heather Goldstone).
HAPPY MONDAY MOTIVATION! Welcome back to No More Excuses weekly podcast and thanks again for SHARING this most awesome podcast! Last week did you DRAW THE LINE?! Did you leave your past, decisions you're unsure of, perhaps a bad habit where it belongs? Good now it's time to MOVE ON! It's late April and I'm saying it again... it's time to DO! Ok ...…
This was one of my most challenging interviews yet. Jim Parks is a passionate person who wants to see the truth shared with the public much like I do. In the interview, there are a lot of things that I want to dig deeper into. I believe Jim has a lot of information to share but you will hear that I had some trouble digging deeper. His website h ...…
II. A Game of Chess The Chair she sat in, like a burnished throne,Glowed on the marble, where the glassHeld up by standards wrought with fruited vinesFrom which a golden Cupidon peeped out(Another hid his eyes behind his wing)Doubled the flames of sevenbranched candelabraReflecting light upon the table asThe glitter of her jewels rose to meet i ...…
Have you ever sat down and watched how your children or grandchildren consume content? What is their favorite type to use for entertainment? What about education? If you are seeing what I am seeing, the results are detrimental compared to the types of content we are creating today.You see, text-based long-form content drives most Content Market ...…
Episode 39 of the NYYST Podcast is a great one. The Yankees are starting to play some better ball, yet Sonny Gray continues to struggle beyond belief. What will the Yankees do if he continues to struggle? What will they do with the RED HOT Andujar when Drury returns? All of this AND MORE on episode 39.…
Millennials are at it again killing yet another department store. We discuss being intimidated by restaurants and give a new review. TV talk with Jersey Shore, Naked and Afraid, Ex on the Beach, and Prison Kids. We ask ourselves whether we would eat ketchup slices and what the perfect age to die is. We also rant about Toaster Strudels and backi ...…
Join your friends, Marco and Paul for a Half-o-ween bonus episode with Damien Leone, writer/director/editor/fx artist of the new movie, Terrifier. Terrifier has been getting a lot of hype and praise lately but we discuss the long road to getting here, and what it took to make this future Halloween favorite! We also have “did we just become best ...…
Guest speaker, Lindsey Smallwood, revisits the words of Haggai 1:1-15. Like the Israelites, we are invited into the work of rebuilding God's temple. But for us, God's temple is all of us together, living in His now and not yet kingdom for which we long and to which we belong.
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