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Mada hii inazunguzia namna dunia ilivyo uchanganya umma wa kiislam.
Mada hii inazungumzia umuhimu wa afya katika maisha yetu na mambo yanayo haribu afya zetu nay ale yanayo imarisha afya zetu.
Are We There Yet?
The Space Exploration Podcast
Not Rich Yet
Not Rich Yet is a comedic pop culture discussion from two dynamic Hollywood assistants. Join co-hosts Gus Constantellis and Courtney Perdue, as they bring unmistakable wit and sass to their commentary on film, television, music, Los Angeles, and more. Executive Producer: Jordan Henry. Produced by Julia Bonadio, and Kristina Carlson. Follow us on Twitter @notrichyetpod.
Is it a chat show? Is it a panel show? A stand-up show? Well, sort of all three really.
ETU - Earth To Us
Earth to Us is the show where we are waking up. We want to explore the ideas that have motivated us to rethink the way we live our lives. There are so many people and concepts on this planet that inspire us to be better and live bigger, and we are here to hit record, learn and share all of that with you. Paying attention - that is our calling. Evan Oliver and Hannah McNeely have created this show to discuss topics as diverse as social justice, veganism, personal growth, art, food, and creati ...
Discussing London Theatre from the audience perspective
Comedians Rob Haze and Chris Daniels enter the Kanye-verse to explore the cultural significance and artistic legacy of Mr. Kanye West. Every episode, joined by a special guest, the duo dives into a different chapter of the ever-expanding legend of the mad genius Yeezy.
Hosted by Alan Davies and featuring an eclectic mix of A-list and up-and-coming faces, As Yet Untitled sits everyone round a small table for a discussion about… well… anything. There's no script, no rehearsals, no agenda, just the aim of being interesting and funny. We think we've succeeded. The As Yet Untitled Podcast features the best bits from each week's television broadcast alongside some lovely extra bits that didn't make the show!
Better Yet
a longform interview podcast featuring musicians talking about influence, writing, and being around.
Just another WordPress site
We're Not Sure Yet
Do you like conspiracies? Then boy do we have a podcast for you! Make sure you follow us to keep up to date on new episodes!Follow our social medias:Instagram: @NotSureYetPodTwitter: @NotSureYetPodIntro music by Michael LopezInstagram: @Michael_lpz
I'm a freelance political writer and broadcaster and this is my podcast
The pleasures, pratfalls & practical lessons of parenting in the modern world.
Fetu o Samoa
Manu Talamaivao and Pulea Ifopo cover Pacific Island news from Samoa including discussions on health, education, politics and current affairs. Included is Island music and give aways. Every Monday evening at 5:00, repeating Wednesday morning at 4:00.
Join the Fro and his Yeti friend on their travels around the world, interviewing all sorts of folk about their divergent choices, and listen to them agonize over that age old question: wtf happened last night?
Bigfoot and Yeti
Bigfoot and yeti discuss the Werewolves of the NBA
A wide range of topics discussed by some awesome trans (including non binary) folk, hosted by Emma Frankland of None of Us is Yet a Robot
Join Alex, Oz and Suhail as they explore, experiment and make fun of the most interesting stories in science and tech.
Former WJFK & Real Radio 104.1 talk personalities adjusting to life outside of the radio world… on a podcast!
Weekly tech show with Technology Evangelists who talk interesting tech. It's YATS!
Lore Of The Yeti
The delusional host of this pretentious podcast is under the impression that a Yeti Society exists in the foothills of Southern Alberta. He proceeds to arrogantly criticize our culture and values like an insolent snob from the view point of appealing to this morally advanced and spurious society of Sasquatch/Yeti. He even has the audacity to claim that this fictitious society enacts decrees unto our own, demanding and advising with all the pontifical ravings of a deeply unsettled man.
Discover innovative startups in the outdoor industry; (skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, mountain biking and surfing) and hear the stories of brands who are paving the way for the future of outdoor sports. Join Josh Salvo, as he sits down with the founders of up-and-coming startups that are progressing the outdoor sports industry. helps outdoor sport enthusiasts discover innovative and ethically run startups by telling their story from the voice of thei ...
The official Soundcloud of The Are We Canceled Yet? podcast hosted by @Royale_o2 and @Freekeyyayo
I am a traveler living in Shanghai, China for the next year. Join me as I tell you about my adventures as a foreigner in this weird, wonderful city.
Hey look, it's Yet Another Tech Podcast!Pretty self explanatory. 🤷‍♂️
Experts in funny.
YAP - Yet Another Podcast is a Video Game podcast hosted by GHAMVs (Antonio) and Panda Reviews (Andy) where we talk anything video games along with maybe Pro Wrestling.... maybe anime... who knows?
Are We Scared Yet?
A podcast discussing a different horror film each week asking the question, are we scared yet?
The #1 Channel for Entrepreneurship, Business, Investing, Grinding, and more!
Are We There Yet?
Millennials are the most studied and talked about generation to date. This podcast, hosted by Brock Anderson and Tiffany Escoe, sets aside the studies and jumps straight to the talk. They sit down with friends and strangers alike to chat about their past, present, and future as they navigate how to “get there”.
Ain't Dead Yet
David Hayes and Kevin Moyers discuss the news of the week while sharing their triumphs and failures, and they explain why they just can't seem to give up.
As Yet Undecided
We are a podcast that cannot decide on anything. Yet. With your conflicted hosts Mike and Sophie.All enquires and fanmail may be directed to of the podcast can be found on our YouTube channel.
Episodes 1-10 - Bad sound, bad internet connection, but where it all began. Bryn, an aspiring actor who just moved to New York, and his friend that he left behind, Jake, discuss trying to become a working actor. Jake's wife Laura, who's trying to become a playwright, joins the show as does Nilsa, Bryn's actress girlfriend who ran a theater in Chicago. Episodes 11-110 - Sound and internet issues are fixed and the show transitions into an interview format with updates about Bryn, Nilsa, and La ...
Yet Another Science Show is a fun, interactive podcast about science and the world around us. Hosted by Orad Reshef and Jesse Corbeil, the show aims to look at what makes the universe go, and lead its listeners down a path of discovery — usually with a bit of history thrown in for good measure.
A geek culture podcast where two best friends discuss TV and movies; past, present, future, and non-existent.
Yet to be Named
A deep 3am chat at any time of the day.
How would you fight a Yeti in hand to hand combat? Would you attempt to sell your soul to the devil in the interest of science? How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Find out all of this and more every week on the Weird Things podcast, where your hosts, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood probe the most challenging questions about the paranormal, supernatural and fringe.
Elon James White and Emily Epstein White breakdown the morning headlines in news, politics and pop-culture while trying to grab that first cup of coffee.
Are you prepared? Our Podcast will help you get there, and keep your kids from asking, "Are we prepared, yet?"
Are We Where Yet?
Join us as we ask our guests the most powerful question imaginable: "Are We Where Yet?". By asking this question we find stories, triumphs, failures and get to know what will be in the next chapter for our amazing guests. And hopefully learn a thing or two as we journey and flow through our podcast episodes.
YAP - Yet Another Podcast is a Video Game podcast hosted by GHAMVs (Antonio) and Panda Reviews (Andy) where we talk anything video games along with maybe Pro Wrestling.... maybe anime... who knows?
Welcome to the Sports Talk Show Yet To Be Named podcast. Just a few guys pretending to know more about sports than they actually do talking about sports.
LA Casa Del Señor desde Miami, Florida trasmitiendo un mensaje de vida y esperanza para ti y tu Familia.....sintonizanos en vivo cada domingo a las 11:25 y visitanos en nuesta pagina web
Not There Yet
The Not There Yet podcast is a ongoing series of short essays covering a wide range of subjects from the perspective of the second decade of the 21st century. Typically running from five-to-ten minutes, they are intended to be thought provoking, challenging, sceptical and hopefully funny once in a while. They are sometimes conventional in nature and others are a little more experimental. They cover science, sports, technology, philosophy or just about whatever subject comes to mind. Sometime ...
Welcome! Our show is hosted by Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison, Texas. It is our sincere wish that you find the fullness of Christ and t is our goal, through these broadcasts, to help you find your place in God’s Kingdom.
Your weekly internet oddity show
Yeti Music
The most amazing song organised into distinct playlists for your listening pleasure!
Is It Monday Yet?
We are Jake Hodesh and Nina M Dot, Is It Monday Yet?
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Job 23 Commentary: Let’s turn our attention to Job 23. The 23rd chapter of the book of Job. And we need to remind ourselves that Eliphaz’s advice in chapter 22 didn’t help Job. Part of what Eliphaz said was accusing Job of committing secret sins. And the other part was holding out false hope for Job that if he stopped sinning God would bless hi ...…
1-21-2018 Weekly Message The contemplation of the week: Psalm 16:1-11 Text: Romans 5:1-11 Title of the Word: Joy in the peace with God All men living in the world are pursuing peace. First of all they seek peace in their family, and they are working hard for world peace. The United Na...
Another year come and gone, a hiatus on the outs, and a co-host is now a husband. Man, a lot has happened this year. Oh, and we got a whole bunch of great video game tunes to share with you. Come, relax, and enjoy over 2 and a half hours of our community's favorite cuts. Track List (in order of appearance): Bloody Tears - Castlevania II: Simon' ...…
Fuatilia sehemu ya mwisho ya mada juu ukombozi wa mwanamke nchini Tanzania kiuchumi. Lilian Liundi, Mkurugenzi wa TGNP Mtandao anahitimisha mada yetu.
9-3-2017 Weekly Message The contemplation of the week: Psalm 148: 1-14 Text: Psalm 29:1-11 The title of the Word: God Sitting On The Flood The Bible witnesses that the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, walked on the surface of the waters before creating all things in the earth: ” And ...
Juma huli kwenyue makala ya Gurudumu la Uchumi tunakueletea sehemu ya pili ya mahojiano yetu na watu wenye ulemavu wanaofanya sanaa ya utengenezaji vitu kwa kutumia chuma kwenye karakana ya Wonder Workshop ya jijini Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Here's a Sound of Play extra - an interview Jim FowlerThis show’s presenter, Thomas Quillfeldt (@tquillfeldt) offers us up a Sound of Play extra in way of an interview with Jim Fowler (@JimFowlerMusic), Principal Composer & Orchestrator for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. ...…
Here's a Sound of Play extra - an interview Jim FowlerThis show’s presenter, Thomas Quillfeldt (@tquillfeldt) offers us up a Sound of Play extra in way of an interview with Jim Fowler (@JimFowlerMusic), Principal Composer & Orchestrator for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. ...…
Click "Play" to hear a Message Minute. Download the Podcast here: Google Music, iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM, mp3 Good morning, this is Topher from Washington Church of Christ bringing you a positive message minute. credit: photos combined from ABCnews.comIt's a little tougher to be positive when your news feed over the last 24 hours was flooded ...…
Katika makala haya tutasikia mahojiano yetu na mwanamuziki Mack el Sambo kutoka Goma DRC akielezea namna muziki wa rege unavyotumika kuhubiri amani, karibu
Neno U.T.I ambalo ni ni kifupisho cha Urinary Tract infections,ambayo kwa lugha yetu ni maambukizi ya njia ya mkojo si geni katika masikioni mwa wengi,Ni tatizo kubwa ambalo hivi karibuni limetajwa kusumbua zaidi watoto wa kike na wanawake haswa kwa wanafunzi wanaotumia vyoo vya jumuiya.Basi leo kwa mara nyingine kupitia Makala yetu ya Siha Nje ...…
Hakika msikilizaji wetu utakubaliana naami ya Kwamba Pale popote duniani, uchumi wa wananchi na taifa huimarika kutokana na kushamiri kwa biashara. Iwe inafanywa na sekta binafsi au taasisi.Basi kupitia kipindi cha Mazingira leo,Dunia yako kesho kwa juma hili ingazia juu ya Faida za Biashara Rafiki wa Mazingira katika Utunzaji wa Mazingira yetu ...…
Maadili ni miongoni mwa vitu muhimu sana katika ujenzi wa jamii yoyote lile, bila uwepo wa nidhamu ya kutosha jamii yoyote ile haiwezi kuendelea. Maendeleo ya kiuchumi na ustawi wa jamii hauwezi kufikiwa pasipo nidhamu na maadili, Hatuwezi kuwa na jamii yenye mpangilio mzuri pasipo maadili. Basi Makala yetu ya Mazingira Leo Dunia Yako kesho kwa ...…
Hakika msikilizaji wetu unakubaliana naami ya kwamba Misitu ni Uhai, kwa kutambua umuhimu wa usemi huu makala yetu inagazia kwa mara nyingine juu ya umuhimu wa kuhifadhi misitu lakini vile vile athari za uharibifu wa Misitu
Takwimu mbali mbali zikiwemo za WHO zinaonesha kuwa watoto wengi hufariki kabla ya mwaka mmoja kwa ugonjwa wa moyo bila kugundulika na kupatiwa matibabu ya haraka.Na tunaelezwa kuwa matatizo ya kuzaliwa ya moyo hutokea katika watoto wanne hadi 9 katika kila vichanga 1,000 vinavyozaliwaBasi katika sehemu yetu ya Pili ya Makala ya siha Njema juma ...…
VERSE 2 मय्यावेश्य मनो ये मां नित्ययुक्ता उपासते । श्रद्धया परयोपेतास्ते मे युक्ततमा मताः ॥ sri-bhagavan uvaca mayy avesya mano ye mam nitya-yukta upasate sraddhaya parayopetas te me yuktatama matah SYNONYMS śrī bhagavān uvāca—the Supreme Personality of Godhead said; mayi—unto Me; āveśya—fixing; manaḥ—mind; ye—one who; mām—unto Me; nitya—always ...…
VERSE 5 क्लेशोऽधिकतरस्तेषामव्यक्तासक्तचेतसाम्‌ । अव्यक्ता हि गतिर्दुःखं देहवद्भिरवाप्यते ॥ kleso ‘dhikataras tesam avyaktasakta-cetasam avyakta hi gatir duhkham dehavadbhir avapyate SYNONYMS kleśaḥ—trouble; adhikataraḥ—more troublesome; teṣām—of them; avyakta—unmanifested; āsakta—being attached; cetasām—of those whose minds; avyaktā—unmanifeste ...…
VERSE 18-19 समः शत्रौ च मित्रे च तथा मानापमानयोः। शीतोष्णसुखदुःखेषु समः सङ्‍गविवर्जितः॥ तुल्यनिन्दास्तुतिर्मौनी सन्तुष्टो येन केनचित्‌। अनिकेतः स्थिरमतिर्भक्तिमान्मे प्रियो नरः॥ samah satrau ca mitre ca tatha manapamanayoh sitosna-sukha-duhkhesu samah sanga-vivarjitah tulya-ninda-stutir mauni santusto yena kenacit aniketah sthira-matir bhaktima ...…
In Musical Procrastination #24 we interview Christopher Tin, the two time Grammy Award winning composer behing songs like Baba Yeti (Civilization 4) and Sogno Di Volare (Civilization 6) as well as music for X2, The Ring etc. Christopher Tin also has several albums out including the Grammy Award winning Calling All Dawns and its followup The Dro ...…
Christopher Tin is a two-time Grammy-winning concert, film, and video game composer. His works have been performed at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Disney Concert Hall, and many other venues. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra recently presented a sold-out concert of his works, which he largely conducted himself. His albums h ...…
Polyblank, have a seat, we have much business to discuss. Right. Basically, we need you to listen to this here episode of Abnormal Mapping. They played this videogame Jazzpunk, recorded all manner of thoughts and opinions on it, and for reasons unknown uploaded it to the internet on a publically identifiable server. Your mission is to find any ...…
Polyblank, have a seat, we have much business to discuss. Right. Basically, we need you to listen to this here episode of Abnormal Mapping. They played this videogame Jazzpunk, recorded all manner of thoughts and opinions on it, and for reasons unknown uploaded it to the internet on a publically identifiable server. Your mission is to find any ...…
Civilization 6 is out now and one of the most iconic components of the game is the incredible score. This week, our resident composer Fred Limon interviews Christopher Tin, composer behind Civ 6 and Grammy award winner for his song Baba Yetu.The pair take a moment to discuss the creation of that award-winning song and the work Tin is delivering ...…
This week on VGS….If you spent all that money buying the domain ‘NINTENDONX.COM’ you’re out of luck! The new console from Nintendo is aptly named, “The Switch.” The team is talking stats, talking ideas and mostly debating the concept. Is the Switch more for casual gamers or will it hold a place in the pantheon of your console heavens?…….NEWS OF ...…
Bila Shaka hakuna asiyefahamu kuwa baadhi ya maeneo mengi ya miji yetu ni machafu na uchafu huo huchangiwa sana na mifuko na chupa za plastiki.Kipindi cha Mazingira Leo Dunia Yako kesho kwa juma hili kinangazia juu ya kundi la Vijana la huko Nairobi nchini Kenya ambalo wanaokotoa taka ikiwemo chupa za plastiki,hii ikiwa ni moja ya njia ya kuwek ...…
Ufugaji wa samaki wa kisasa kwenye mabwawa ya kuchimbwa umekuwa ukishamiri duniani kote inchi kama .Niwazi tumeona baadhi ya inchi nyingi zikizidi kuzalisha nafasi nyingi za ajira kwa shughuli hizi pamoja na kukuza kipato cha mhusika mmoja mmoja, jamii flani na taifa kwa ujumla.Katika kuiangalia fursa hii katika sehemu yetu ya pili na ya mwisho ...…
Ugonjwa wa Kansa au kwa jina jingine, Saratani,umetajwa kusababishia mwili madhara pale inapoharibu seli na kuzifanya zigawanyike bila kudhibitika na kuwa uvimbe wa tishu unaojulikana kama tumoKatika Sehemu ya pili na ya mwisho ya Makala yetu ya Siha Njema tunangazia juu ya Tiba ya Saratani na Naama Asasi isiyo ya kiserikali ya Marafiki wa Wato ...…
Unlucky 13. Hear Josh's take on Reigns, then recommend the TV phenom, Stanger Things to Rohan. Reigns is a mobile game by Devolver Digital. It's a kingdom ruling card game, combining procedural generation, humour and Tinder. Really. Stranger Things is Netflix's next big thing. A child gets taken, but by what, for whom and to where? Enormously s ...…
A Dozen In. First, we find out if Rohan's reaction to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is as extreme as Josh's. Second, Rohan recommends a game (a short-ish one thankfully), Reigns to Josh. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a two part West End play written by Jack Thorne based on an original new story by Thorne, J.K. Rowling and John Tiffan ...…
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