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All Good Things
On the All Good Things Podcast we talk about how to find more joy and fulfillment as Young Single Adults in the LDS church. Each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you to discover your personal purpose and contribution, and how to break through obstacles to achieve it.
Latter-Day Hunting
Being single and in your late 20s can be pretty rough, especially if you're LDS (Mormon). For this reason, Doug and Traven tackle some of the topics we all dread like first dates, online dating, and the infamous DTR. It all comes out. The good, the bad, and especially the ugly.
Young Single Adults—Leadership Training Library | HD | ENGLISH
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Global Youth Service Day Podcast
A series of webinars on Global Youth Service Day - how to plan a project, recruit volunteers and partners, raise funds, engage the media and public officials, and more!Want to participate live?All of the reserved spots for the live call-in are taken, but you can register online for overflow / cancellation availability and to receive information when the archives are posted.
Giovani adulti non sposati—Raccolta di addestramenti per i dirigenti | HD | ITALIAN
Chiesa di Gesù Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni
Jungen Alleinstehenden – Die Schulungsbibliothek für Führungsbeamte | HD | GERMAN
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage
Travel Talk with Yes! Study Abroad
Yes! Study Abroad is a platform to encourage and equip minority students with the tools needed to study abroad and be competitive in a global setting. Students from all over have shared their study abroad experience to inspire you and so that you can learn from their mistakes. Take these stories with you on the go, on your commute or while multi-tasking! Drop your questions and comments for advice from YSA founder, Kierra. Enjoy!
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Richard Sexton, CEO of The Mountbatten Institute has sold, led, negotiated and become part of the fabric of multiple countries. Born and raised in England, his philanthropic and Ex Pat support work has earned him the high honor of an MBE (meaning: He was named a Member of The British Empire) He and his family journeyed to Buckingham Palace for ...…
Yo yo! On today's episode of YSA we have the very animated Matt "Surnn" Serniak of the website Second Saturday Sports. Dee & Q chop with Sern about his varying sports allegiances, coaching a youth football team, the random comedy of his blog, and a lot more. This was a funny one.Check out Sern's site at T ...…
Fellow YSA, Kate Hubrich, shares her experience serving the Yazidi refugees in Greece and a project she is working on now to tell their stories and give them a voice. Kate also shares her story of how she got involved how she continues to serve. Kate is an excellent example of how looking for opportunities to serve during trials can lead to dee ...…
Rosie Card is a former fashion model turned temple dress designer and public speaker. She owns and operates Q.NOOR, a line of temple and baptism dresses designed to help more women feel more comfortable in the House of the Lord. Rosie is passionate about helping women rise up to their full potential as disciples of Christ. She lives in Salt Lak ...…
Your Sports Addiction
Hello! The YSA Boyz welcome in Radio DePaul Sports' Hami Arain to talk Wintrust Arena vibes, tank campaign nicknames, and so, so, much more.MUSIC:"Pink Berry"- Cam Marino"Elevator Musik (Instrumental)"- Curren$y"We Be On Our S---t (Instrumental)"- Max B
A solo podcast with content right from the mind of The StartUp Coach. Listen to our host John Klymshyn lay out ten practical actions.
In our travels, we have come across some REALLY smart, intuitive and creative people. Brian Schultz and Sean Depner are great examples of those attributes. As co-founders of DIMIEN (Directed Materials In Energy) these two chemists turned entrepreneurs have a very creative approach to clean tech. Listen to their story, their stance, and their ap ...…
Andrea Michaels is an award - winner, traveller, entrepreneur, leader, innovator... and after 29 years in business, she is wildly curious. She makes her living by creating experiences like no other. Listen to someone with strength, humor, vision and common sense.
This is a very personal, very intimate podcast. It is by far the shortest in length, but the deepest in personal meaning for me. On my birthday, I chose to share some thoughts and views on inspiration. I hope it inspires YOU.
Ted Leo — Anthems of None / The Courtneys — Dead Dog / Daddy Issues — All My Girls / Mourn — Over the Wall / Duds — No Remark / POW! — Energy in Motion / Distractor — Falling Down Stairs (edit) / Flesh World — Into the Shroud / Soft Kill — Sea of Doubt / The Sisters of Mercy — Watch / Omni — Wire / The Terrible Parade — All My Life / Sputnik — ...…
YourStartUpAdvisors's podcast
Doug Hall is in the right role. He is passionate, smart, funny, and driven. His MISSION is to connect people using live video. As the SVP of Sales & Content for GenieCast, Doug brings passion and dedication to an important role, and he works closely with people to build a technology company that... in our opinion, has HUGE upside. Listen to Dou ...…
Husker Du — Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely / The Posies — Grant Hart / Mourn — Color Me Impressed / The Replacements — I Will Dare (live at Maxwell’s 1986) / Beaches — Void / L.A. Witch — Untitled / Tijuana Panthers — Quarter Roy / The Breakaways — Everyday Things / Big Hush — Soft Eyes / A Giant Dog — Tongue Tied / Male Gaze — Pale Gaze ...…
YourStartUpAdvisors's podcast
When you have the opportunity to work at qa successful StartUp... you learn a lot. Justin Welsh took what he learned during his tenure @ ZocDoc and brought it to PaitentPop, a new platform for Practice Growth. While we think we know where an interview might take us, this one went into fascinating territory. How do you identify potential success ...…
Dan Fantasia has some useful insights into interviewing, hiring, and retaining Sales people. B2B Selling environments draw a unique set of personalities to sales roles. Dan shares some stories and examples that will help you hire right.
YourStartUpAdvisors's podcast
Christopher Curtis is a Marine, a retired Police Sergeant, an innovator, a teacher, an instructor, and an idea man. He works closely with the CEO of Zappos, in Las Vegas, Nevada on a huge undertaking: Creating a crime - free environment. This is a man with a message, a mission, and a humility that guides and inspires us all.…
Jordan Gilman is an accomplished entrepreneur, coder, designer and inventor. His platform brings many ideas and processes together to serve clients. But the real story is how his mind works. Listen to a driven, focused inventor...
YourStartUpAdvisors's podcast
Ed Fish of South Manchester, England, speaks about his experiences in and around the StartUp World. From attempting to launch an airline to writing extensively about Risk, this visionary engineer / consultant / mentor continues to invent the future.
Glen Patterson is a servant, teacher, mentor, lecturer and committed resident of harlem, in New York City. His work with local entrepreneurs and the City College of New York are inspiring. This is an episode that has some significant audio challenges, but the message comes through, if you are willing to get past the lack of clarity at times.…
First: We apologize for a RAW, and unedited version of an interview being uploaded erroneously a few weeks ago. Mr. hamman has been gracious enough to allow us to take a second swing at releasing the best parts of my conversation with him. If you listened to the first release, please delete that, and give he (and I) a second chance!…
RJ Pahura offers practical, relevant insight and advice for anyone looking for funding, from Angel (or Ghost Angel!) to various rounds. We were pleasantly surprised at how accessible, frank, and open RJ is. We are lucky to have gotten him to sit still long enough to participate in this fascinating interview!…
Big deal to get Mr. Boggs on the podcast. He's a partner with Manatt Phelps Phillps, a leading law firm. He is a fan and supporter of the Digital StartUp scene in Los Angeles. He is involved in helping companies raise money. And he is a genuinely nice guy. Listen, and be inspired!
Whether his assignment is to build an incubator for the World Bank, or to advise an Entrepreneur in New York, Mike Lightman seems to never sleep. Insightful, truthful, and frankly... inspiring, Lightman shares some powerful stuff. What keeps him interested, how cities and municipalities can be better environments for StartUps, and what it means ...…
0000008D 0000008D 00004464 00004464 001A04B6 001A04B6 00007F87 00007F87 00126929 00126929 Matt Khalili likes helping entrepreneurs, and he has built his StartUp doing just that! before you start talking about how much revenue your StartUp will generate... let's hear what you know about the industry you entering, or the problem you are solving. ...…
YourStartUpAdvisors's podcast
Our Resident Futurist Isaac Naor was in Cupertino @ Apple World HQ for the World Wide Developers' Conference. The fine folks at Apple were kind enough to allow us to record a Podcast RIGHT FROM THE EVENT! Please forgive a bit of wavering in the volume and Audio Quality. Isaac & I discuss design, platforms, access, connectivity... and lots more, ...…
This week we are on location in Kelowna with our special guest Kirstin Fisk. Kirstin tells us what it is like to be taught by missionaries, tell your mom you're getting baptized, and be a recent convert in a YSA ward. Kirstin then walks us through her decision to serve a mission so soon after joining the church!Special thanks to Shane Lethaby f ...…
000000F0 000000EF 0000DC3C 0000DC3B 00229E24 00229E24 00007F14 00007F13 0019D353 0019D353 Guy Alvarez discovered the power of Social media very early on, and has built a business providing Social media Management to law firms and individual lawyers. Knowing his audience has helped, as he is a "recovering" attorney. Learn how his company: "Good2 ...…
As a teenager, what characteristics should you look for in a date? As a YSA, dating more seriously, what qualities should you be looking for in people you choose to date?
YourStartUpAdvisors's podcast
000000D4 000000D3 0000421F 0000421F 002135D6 002135D6 00007F71 00007F74 001818E0 001818E0 Melvin Price is the Real thing. A hard-working, humble, relatable giant of a man, he makes everyone around him feel at ease. While he towers over most people, he is grounded, honest, and friendly. And he has a great idea. Several years of work (and a signi ...…
000000EB 000000EA 00005ABF 00005ABF 00096082 00096082 00007F0F 00007F0F 001AEF34 001AEF34 Adam Silver is a Multi-preneur, Solopreneur, creative, servant, husband, father, and in general - extremely energetic and FUNNY guy. We were lucky enough to engage in a far-reaching conversation with him about entrepreneurship, startups, his company, his p ...…
Jim Vaughan and Ryan Kole of VCapital discuss the intricacies of, and opportunities for, StartUps and Individual Investors. This podcast is informative from many perspectives, and for many reasons. And... it's funny!
The Lust Experience: Prologue Ends, Chapter One Begins In this episode, we travel down The Lust Experience rabbit hole. Since the last podcast, we’ve met our Iconfidants, some people get to hang with Otis, we meet the investors at registration as well as a mysterious accented man in a dimly lit room. Meghan and Noah […] The post Episode 51 – Pa ...…
YSA'a Resident Futurist, Isaac Naor, talks about Transformative Experiences. How they happen, why we need them to happen, and how they usually happen when we are OUT in the world.
Kuba (Jakub) Lipinski has some interesting ideas. One of them was to start a development company that asserted itself as a Thought Leader. Based in Warsaw, Poland, Polidea is a company on the move. Mobile Apps, IoT, and other fascinating developments saw Kuba grow from being an engineer to a leader, because he found out how much he had to learn ...…
The more we interview people in and around the StartUp World, the more excited we are about the opportunities that exist. Technology, neuroscience, team building, planning, sales, leadership, branding, social media... we are going to have so many people address PROFOUND issues here....
What does the StartUp Ecvangelist @ HP think is GOING to happen? Listen to this podcast and find out. Vitaly Golomb brings a A Global View (he was born in Odessa, Ukraine), with a tech mentality (he lives and works in Silicon Valley) and the humanity of his point of view gets our attention. @vitalyg Read the book: Accelerated Startup…
Travel Talk with Yes! Study Abroad
Caleb, a senior at Columbus State University, shares his experience interning abroad in London, England. Check out his story!See pictures from his travels here:
YourStartUpAdvisors's podcast
The shortest distance between an idea and a business is: "Why doesn't anyone...(Fill in the blank)?? Scott MacGregor saw that something needed significant improvement, and he did something about it. 24 months later, he has a thriving, award - winning, profitable business! Listen to Scott & John discuss Something New.…
Keith Saarloos will not tell you that StartUps are all fun and games. He will probably not encourage you to start one. What he WILL do is tell you the truth... the way he sees it. From his farm in Santa Ynez, California, Keith manages family, farming, winemaking, a tasting room, and a launch pad for other startups. All of this is done under the ...…
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