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Hey Siri how do we come up with a podcast name like how do we come up with something good something catchy like H3H3 or Armchair Expert it's just we are like really proud of ourselves for this one this project here really brought out the emotional side of us Jackson even cried a little Brady looks at himself differently Cale found love E added more letters to his name and Leo went out in the wild to get lost. New episodes every Friday!
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Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you have a great time and get to see ALL of Santa E needs Rudolph Cale misses Big Red Dog Brady wants to play with rocks Leo wants to flex but isn't stupid enough to spend the money Jackson portrayed a meme from 2016 Follow us on Twitter and Join our Discord!By YTBDPodcast
E can't swim, Cale wants Fireball, Leo's learning how to write, Jackson thinks the Feds are coming. Videos we referred to in this episode: Join our Discord and give us topics to talk about:…
We all love video games, and we like to talk about them. Specifically, a new router was announced today that looks a lot like a space ship. 8K am I right? Oh and breakfast gets talked about in a way that might make you question how people really think. Join out Discord to send us topics!…
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