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Yuck City
Podcasters Beef and Dani try to out-gross each other with the nastiest, most repulsive news stories they can dredge up on YUCK CITY.
Yuck Podcast
Yuck Podcast is about the weirdest things in earth. We will briefly be going in to politics every episode which will be on Sunday. We will be looking at the archives of the World Wide Web and news.Date: Every Sunday
Yucked Up!
Yucked Up. Is a podcast about First Responders’ normal reactions to abnormal situations and encourages First Responders, who may not be reaching out for help when things get all Yucked Up out there.
Standup Fantasy
Stand up comedian Show host Tony Cincotta weaves fantasy sports and comedy in to a sick, perverted hour of radio that will leave you asking, “why?” yet oddly leave you longing for more. Get your Fantasy fix and yucks at the same time as Tony mixes oil and water. It’s one hour a week that you can’t get back, but hey, who said life was easy? Broadcast live on FNTSY Sports Radio Network Sundays at 6am ET.
Mr. Spaceship by DICK, Philip K.
The war with the Yucks from Proxima Centauri was claimed to be a stalemate but they were really winning. The mine belts they laid seemed to propagate themselves and were slowly strangling Terran planets. How did they do that? What was their secret? The answer was baffling and the best human minds could only conclude that their ships and mines were somehow alive. So, the next desperate step was to ask "If they are using organic ships, why can't we do the same?". Thus Mr. Spaceship was conceiv ...
Top of the Morning, Bottom of the Bottle. Every other week, Kat and Chris yuck it up over drinks, discussing everything from pop culture, to politics, to personal triumphs and social faux pas. With ridiculous banter, unexpected guests, poignant insights, and their own amateur libation reviews, you never know where the Wreckless Breakfast "oddcast" will take you. @superkatjones @densonology
The FilmSeen
Each week we are selecting one film to talk about that you may have seen (but probably haven't) that you absolutely need to see! We guarantee that seeing these films will increase your Cinema IQ and help you to yuck it up with cinephile elites at your Oscars Parties and things of that nature!We do hope you enjoy!
The Lefty Show
The Lefty Show is a podcast that strives to be informative and entertaining, with a sprinkling of yucks as garnish. Let Lefty entertain you, and challenge what you hold dear.
The Lefty Show
The Lefty Show is a podcast that strives to be informative and entertaining, with a sprinkling of yucks as garnish. Let Lefty entertain you, and challenge what you hold dear.
The Lefty Show
The Lefty Show is a podcast that strives to be informative and entertaining, with a sprinkling of yucks as garnish. Let Lefty entertain you, and challenge what you hold dear.
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Comic Nick Whitmer has a Frenchie name Beavis…and he’s a real butt head! He’s a grunting, snoring, muscle-bound bundle of joy. Dr. Lisa gets flowers from Richie and goes off on pet stores. Yuck! Question of the day: Can vets be allergic to dogs?
House Sadness
It’s too damn hot for a penguin but just right for another episode of House Sadness. The boys get things started with some “WFM’s,” then it’s time for some yuck yucks in “Joke of the Gay,” then we hear “15 seconds about how nice Larry Fitzgerald’s hands are,” then the boys read some hot scripts in “Cold Opens,” then we hear “30 seconds of the T ...…
Todd Klindt's SharePoint and Cloud Podcast
Pulled patches and file restores in OneDrive start out this week's podcast. Shane updates us on the latest development in the YouTube advertising wars, and Todd shows you a way to have kittens brighten your day. They end the podcast by talking about Amazon's new store, and how funny it is.By (Todd Klindt).
Ok, so I’m not gonna lie. This is an area that I struggle with and it wasn’t until I had kids that I finally was able to delegate it. I always felt bad for the women that had clean other people's houses because growing up my mom was one of those women. She would do it on the side to make extra money for our family. It took me a really long time ...…
In This Week’s Show, episode 166, we swallow FEMA’s raw survival beer in the Oregon post-apocalyptic wilderness. Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Despoena des-PO-uh-na (Greek goddess of fertility, purification and fruit trees) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience! Shea’s Life Lesson This wee ...…
Kop and Crew a little different this morning. Jayce and Lisa bring you the show this morning remotely. They bring you the news and entertainment for the 2 hours of the show. Jayce's kids have a 2-hour school delay and Lisa has sunshine and rainbow'ed happiness there in Florida. Yuck! Jayce talks about a artist who is being jailed for 2 years fo ...…
Luna Matatas was married once. After a divorce and a sexual renaissance of sorts, she discovered a new-found energy for exploring her sexuality as a curious and empowered woman. Today, she helps singles, couples and new divorcees to traverse new, erotic terrains. From navigating anal sex etiquette, to how using Tinder for a threesome, to peggin ...…
In this jam-packed episode Stephanie and Dani play a game of Yum or Yuck and discuss secrets of chain restaurants. Plus, the results of their first ever Foodie Face-off are in!
Opposable Thumbs
No guest this week! Taylor and Rob blasting off into the inky void of lo-fi space.... .... ... .. . . . (yikes!) We talk about white male predators. yuck. Defcon, fed spotting, phreaking, hacking, 3d printing, FrontPage 98, Audacity and how scary it can feel to contribute to open source projects. Rob channels his inner Container Store and gets ...…
This month, we’re anthropologists, and we’re slaves to capitalism. Madelyn meets her hero, Elizabeth Royte, and Blythe doesn’t like Kondo-ing. Everyone’s best friends Halcyon Person and Matt Barats YUCK it up, Catherine Cohen does it in song. RSS – ITUNES – GOOGLE PLAY
This month, we’re anthropologists, and we’re slaves to capitalism. Madelyn meets her hero, Elizabeth Royte, and Blythe doesn’t like Kondo-ing. Everyone’s best friends Halcyon Person and Matt Barats YUCK it up, Catherine Cohen does it in song. The Scientists RSS – APPLE – GOOGLE – DONATE – SEE BKLYN SHOWS…
Dakota Community Church
For the lips of a priest should guard knowledge, and people should seek instruction from his mouth, for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts. - Malachi 2:7
We enjoy doing this ep a lot, lots of yucks. The nonsense of fraternities and getting in trouble begin the show. Briiiine was in the hospital for a couple days and shares his tale. Diarrhea, which leads us into some classic Diarrhea Perlman. Brian and Briiiine loves schemes and returns, Brittany does not. A nurse's real duty. The morgue. Having ...…
Andrew and I lead some guided visualizations, talk world politics, childhood, and… pooping while dancing on stage. Sense Choi Polyanna Matt Fass: ...…
It's our first mini episode! Dani and Stephanie chat Thanksgiving menus -- and play a T-Day themed round of Yum or Yuck.
Proverbs 3:11-12 talks about discipline. I have to admit I'm not always a fan.
When I first learned exactly what beer was, I’ll admit, I was slightly disgusted. People willingly guzzle yeast that’s been fermented? Yuck! OK, so I eventually learned the error of my ways and am now a happy camper when it comes to swigging down a tasty beer. And as it turns out, plenty of the most scrumptious foods we regularly consume are fe ...…
In this week's episode Dani and Stephanie play a round of Yum or Yuck and talk sous vide. Plus, Dani tries to Guess That Food.
The Briefing –
Why we should pay careful attention to the ‘yuck factor’ when considering liquefaction New York Times (Jonah Engel Bromwich) — An Alternative to Burial and Cremation Gains Popularity Scientific American (Devin Powell) — Dissolve the Dead? Controversy Swirls around Liquid Cremation Exploration of burial traditions reveals that secularism doesn’t ...…
Are you surrounding yourself with people who are still stuck in the challenges, those wanting to commiserate about what terrible thing was said to them, hurt them, or was done to them by another? People who are holding on to this way of being like it’s a “life ring”, those who can’t focus on anything positive? You’re constantly lending them a s ...…
Glenn Clark Radio
Our buddy Andrew Stetka ( is our co-host this morning on GCR. Well he would be if he could figure out how to work a space bar. We talk a little Orioles-how are this offseason and next offseason tied together? We then made our weekly college and NFL picks against the spread. Maryland Sports Executive Director ...…
In this episode Beth and Kate talk about race days. Some things to do leading up to the race, what to do the day of and how you can treat yourself after. Beth fills us in on her approach to having multiple race day goals, and Kate confessing to making a rookie mistake and racing with numb toes. YUCK.…
In this episode we encounter the Cthaeh. The Cthaeh is the most evil thing that we have encountered in these books. This is some serious foulness. The Cthaeh stinks. You can smell the Nair on it’s hairless little legs. Yuck! We have a brief history lesson. Then we start our ninja training! Predictions: Something very tragic will happen at the L ...…
JV shares a story about his wife Natasha's new nasty habit!
Podworms Spacecast
The Podworms cast branches out beyond their social circle and enormous fan base to yuck it up with someone who has never heard of the podcast or the people who host it. PLUS! - how are Harry Potter and Paul Blart Mall Cop related? Find out the answer to this and more, this week on Podworms Spacecast!…
Glenn Clark Radio
A mixed bag on a Wednesday edition of Glenn Clark Radio. We had some fun-Mike Francesa can't pronounce "Schoop," we #FinishedThis regarding a woman who got stuck while attempting to retrieve something. We also enjoyed the Orioles' win last night thanks to Manny Machado's heroics. Maybe we should all settle down when it comes to bitching about h ...…
Top notch friend Tom Davies joins this show this week which immediately makes for a particularly silly time. We start with a little wrestling discussion and furthermore terrible WWE Fastlane. Wrestling toys. We talk video games and also their replayability, and vintage games. 3D overload. Parent and technology. The Reverse Shadow Realm. RSR---- ...…
This Is Your Mind Ranting
TIYMR Swings • 4-5 : Yuck!!
We were all excited for football to be back until we realized it involved discussing the Rams and 49ers - YUCK. Some takeaways from a RIVETING week 1 in the NFL Preseason. Is Mitch Trubisky the truth?! Does Deshone Kizer start in Cleveland?! Major is way too high and Drew is way too low. And yes, Greg is still in Africa (hopefully alive). TAKE ...…
Walled Lake Church of Christ
Things get weird immediately when our heroes confront Alan Bloodskull in the bathroom (it turns out scary lawyers don’t like being confronted in bathrooms) and they find themselves engaged in combat with their most dangerous foe yet. Will they get the information they promised Tracy? Or will they just bully an adult man into submission? This ep ...…
John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EOFire, an award winning Podcast where he interviews today's most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. With over 1400 episodes and banking around 1 million $ a year in revenue, JLD has shown the world the power of Podcasting. What is interesting about John is that after interviewing so many entreprene ...…
I'll just go ahead and admit it. I am one of the judge-iest people I know. I'm judging myself right now on the use of "judge-iest" (is that even a word? ) In this Lynn Quickie podcast, welcome your inner judge, and learn how to tame her/him, so you can free yourself from the chains of yuck. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Follow me on Twitter: @Advice4Life ...…
Clean Green Talk Show | Green Living | Clean Living | Organic | All-Natural Food | Organizing
I recently wrote a blog article for Maid Brigade on how to clean your gas grill. Since I had so many questions about this simple task, I decided to do a podcast on it as well. You can read the complete blog post at The first warm evening of spring makes me want to crack open the grill and put on some steaks. But you don’t w ...…
Dean Wilson just took a big step toward being "back" with his podium finish at Southwick and he joins us to discuss his healthy 2017. Mike Alessi took the win at a gnarly Gopher Dunes track in the Canadian MX series. Dylan Ferrandis has really been impressive in his debut season in America and we figured it's time to get to know the newest fast ...…
Heather and Steph have a review of the Happily Ever After fireworks and projections show at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Tips for where to view it, when to get a spot, and Steph's suggestion for getting a great viewing location the show without waiting too long. Save Panel Steph (Capturingmagic_ on Twitter and Instagram) and ModernPhotoSoluti ...…
Follow Me out of Debt | Get out of debt and get into prosperity!
It's the new eBay (or Craigslist). It's the Facebook Marketplace. If you haven't checked it out yet, I definitely suggest doing so. I have sold on this platform, and what's great is that I usually talk to and sell to people I already know. That's a nice bonus when you have folks coming to your home to already know the individuals. It's a surpri ...…
Fried Squirms Horror Movie Podcast
This week the Squirms bring to you another flick showcasing a horror Legend. Sure, we've proved in the past that we enjoy bringing delightful tales of Satan and the occult to you, but never before this have those tales involved the one, the only, Christopher Lee! Within this episode we run down some facts about one of the most interesting peopl ...…
Kiss & Tell Radio
After a festive weekend at TT of the Freaky Bois brunch, #katradio talks bedroom fetishes and compromising with your partner, long distance relationships in the LGBT community, and Milan Christopher and obligations to support the community. Catch the show on iTunes, SoundCloud, and REVRY.
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