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Yuck City
Podcasters Beef and Dani try to out-gross each other with the nastiest, most repulsive news stories they can dredge up on YUCK CITY.
Yuck Podcast
Yuck Podcast is about the weirdest things in earth. We will briefly be going in to politics every episode which will be on Sunday. We will be looking at the archives of the World Wide Web and news.Date: Every Sunday
The WWE Family Podcast
Def Jam's @YukNassty and his 10yr old Isaac recap the latest WWE Raw episode, through a child's eyes. They play audio clips from the matches and give their goofy feedback. Yuk and Isaac also get into personal things such as life while Yuk was real sick, not knowing his mother, and how they have dealt with such situations. But mostly, they just talk junk and smile! Get ready for some laughs! support by purchasing things from Amazon through our affiliate site All Podcasts can be ...
The Lefty Show
The Lefty Show is a podcast that strives to be informative and entertaining, with a sprinkling of yucks as garnish. Let Lefty entertain you, and challenge what you hold dear.
Top of the Morning, Bottom of the Bottle. Every other week, Kat and Chris yuck it up over drinks, discussing everything from pop culture, to politics, to personal triumphs and social faux pas. With ridiculous banter, unexpected guests, poignant insights, and their own amateur libation reviews, you never know where the Wreckless Breakfast "oddcast" will take you. @superkatjones @densonology
Standup Fantasy
Stand up comedian Show host Tony Cincotta weaves fantasy sports and comedy in to a sick, perverted hour of radio that will leave you asking, “why?” yet oddly leave you longing for more. Get your Fantasy fix and yucks at the same time as Tony mixes oil and water. It’s one hour a week that you can’t get back, but hey, who said life was easy? Broadcast live on FNTSY Sports Radio Network Fridays at 11:30pm ET.
Mr. Spaceship by DICK, Philip K.
The war with the Yucks from Proxima Centauri was claimed to be a stalemate but they were really winning. The mine belts they laid seemed to propagate themselves and were slowly strangling Terran planets. How did they do that? What was their secret? The answer was baffling and the best human minds could only conclude that their ships and mines were somehow alive. So, the next desperate step was to ask "If they are using organic ships, why can't we do the same?". Thus Mr. Spaceship was conceiv ...
Top of the Morning, Bottom of the Bottle. Every other week, Kat and Chris yuck it up over drinks, discussing everything from pop culture, to politics, to personal triumphs and social faux pas. With ridiculous banter, unexpected guests, poignant insights, and their own amateur libation reviews, you never know where the Wreckless Breakfast "oddcast" will take you. @superkatjones @densonology
Top of the Morning, Bottom of the Bottle. Every other week, Kat and Chris yuck it up over drinks, discussing everything from pop culture, to politics, to personal triumphs and social faux pas. With ridiculous banter, unexpected guests, poignant insights, and their own amateur libation reviews, you never know where the Wreckless Breakfast "oddcast" will take you. @superkatjones @densonology
Hey Health Coach...
Sales...yuck. Did your stomach just get a bit nauseous at the thought of it? It sucks that you are so good at being a trainer and advocate of health and well-being, yet your entire success rests on something so ick, sleaze, and slimeball worthy. Here comes Coach Spiegel who was once just AWFUL at selling but found ways to get over it so that he could continue to make a difference. He records these bad boys whilst (cool word) driving on the road...So who knows where each adventure will take u ...
Episode 29 - CEO OF DESTINY
Score! I'm flying on cloud nine! Only 25 cents a pop and filled with sodium to my delight, I said! Bro... You know it's all salt right and it's unhealthy? My friend Steve said cautioning me! NOODLE FEAST This was my Ramen Noodle obsession! I was in college and broke and between the noodles and going to Red Robin with a friend and having them order fries so that I could keep the "bottomless action going on", this was my weekly diet. JUST READ THE DIRECTIONS MAN! I would try with all my heart ...
Episode 9 - CEO OF DESTINY
"I just want to be a regular person!" He said it with such certainty and he looked at me with eyes that seemed to exclaim: "That's good enough right?" Little Juan only 6 years old was putting up a defensive mechanism as he heard me asking his older brother (5th grader) what he was interested in and who he wanted to become. This time in my life I was running an after school-learning center. So many children came through it was an honor to serve them and hear their hopes dreams and aspirations ...
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Podworms Spacecast
The Podworms cast branches out beyond their social circle and enormous fan base to yuck it up with someone who has never heard of the podcast or the people who host it. PLUS! - how are Harry Potter and Paul Blart Mall Cop related? Find out the answer to this and more, this week on Podworms Spacecast!…
Glenn Clark Radio
A mixed bag on a Wednesday edition of Glenn Clark Radio. We had some fun-Mike Francesa can't pronounce "Schoop," we #FinishedThis regarding a woman who got stuck while attempting to retrieve something. We also enjoyed the Orioles' win last night thanks to Manny Machado's heroics. Maybe we should all settle down when it comes to bitching about h ...…
This Is Your Mind Ranting
TIYMR Swings • 4-5 : Yuck!!
We were all excited for football to be back until we realized it involved discussing the Rams and 49ers - YUCK. Some takeaways from a RIVETING week 1 in the NFL Preseason. Is Mitch Trubisky the truth?! Does Deshone Kizer start in Cleveland?! Major is way too high and Drew is way too low. And yes, Greg is still in Africa (hopefully alive). TAKE ...…
Things get weird immediately when our heroes confront Alan Bloodskull in the bathroom (it turns out scary lawyers don’t like being confronted in bathrooms) and they find themselves engaged in combat with their most dangerous foe yet. Will they get the information they promised Tracy? Or will they just bully an adult man into submission? This ep ...…
John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EOFire, an award winning Podcast where he interviews today's most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. With over 1400 episodes and banking around 1 million $ a year in revenue, JLD has shown the world the power of Podcasting. What is interesting about John is that after interviewing so many entreprene ...…
I'll just go ahead and admit it. I am one of the judge-iest people I know. I'm judging myself right now on the use of "judge-iest" (is that even a word? ) In this Lynn Quickie podcast, welcome your inner judge, and learn how to tame her/him, so you can free yourself from the chains of yuck. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Follow me on Twitter: @Advice4Life ...…
Clean Green Talk Show | Green Living | Clean Living | Organic | All-Natural Food | Organizing
I recently wrote a blog article for Maid Brigade on how to clean your gas grill. Since I had so many questions about this simple task, I decided to do a podcast on it as well. You can read the complete blog post at The first warm evening of spring makes me want to crack open the grill and put on some steaks. But you don’t w ...…
Dean Wilson just took a big step toward being "back" with his podium finish at Southwick and he joins us to discuss his healthy 2017. Mike Alessi took the win at a gnarly Gopher Dunes track in the Canadian MX series. Dylan Ferrandis has really been impressive in his debut season in America and we figured it's time to get to know the newest fast ...…
Spencer's Neighborhood
Don't Yuck Someones Yum by Spencer Graves
Follow Me out of Debt | Get out of debt and get into prosperity by applying strategies from Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, Suze Orman, and others!
It's the new eBay (or Craigslist). It's the Facebook Marketplace. If you haven't checked it out yet, I definitely suggest doing so. I have sold on this platform, and what's great is that I usually talk to and sell to people I already know. That's a nice bonus when you have folks coming to your home to already know the individuals. It's a surpri ...…
This week the Squirms bring to you another flick showcasing a horror Legend. Sure, we've proved in the past that we enjoy bringing delightful tales of Satan and the occult to you, but never before this have those tales involved the one, the only, Christopher Lee! Within this episode we run down some facts about one of the most interesting peopl ...…
Kiss & Tell Radio
After a festive weekend at TT of the Freaky Bois brunch, #katradio talks bedroom fetishes and compromising with your partner, long distance relationships in the LGBT community, and Milan Christopher and obligations to support the community. Catch the show on iTunes, SoundCloud, and REVRY.
Rainbow Reviews is meant for comedic and entertainment purposes only. Listen at your own offense. Sparkles and G.G. are back to talk a little bit about 1 of their favorite sexy stud comedies, Dude, Where's My Car? Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott star as the hotties with the bodies, along with an ensemble cast of lovely ladies in this Shib ...…
We discuss the development of the tipping culture in the Hospitality Industry. We yuck it up later on with 2 younger servers. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Steve made a huge announcement this morning... Him and his wife, Brittainy, are having a baby! Woo hoo! He wrote a blog about it so you can check it out here. Also on the show we talked all about our vacations. Curtis went camping with the family, Connie stayed at home and had her mom and aunt visit, and Steve painted a lot of his toy soldiers ...…
Kevin Ord edits Codex Obscurum Zine and is a promoter/door man at Ralph's Rock Diner in Worcester, MA. He's booked dozens of shows over the past 3 years and is not shy on shooting on some former acts that made his job difficult. We all yuck it up over a few laughs and stories including the Belial(nyc) fiasco, the Convalescence getting booted fr ...…
Just when Scott and Chris thought they’d got all the best Glastonbury stories from the weekend, Chris has managed to track down the naked guy who Dave Grohl dedicated a song to mid-Foo Fighters set; it’s the only interview he’ll do anywhere! Meanwhile Lousie Pentland (formerly Sprinkle Of Glitter) plays Innuendo Bingo, Tune Of The Week artists ...…
Brad SullivanProper 7, Year AJune 25, 2017Emmanuel, HoustonGenesis 21:8-21Romans 6:1b-11Matthew 10:24-39Come On, Jesus! You’re Supposed to Be the Prince of Peace!Several times last week, someone would ask me what the Gospel reading is for this Sunday, and every time I told them, their reaction was, “Oh, yuck, I hate that passage.” Honestly, tha ...…
No matter what you need, the barmaids have you covered from head to toe. Face pudding to keep you smiling, Lolo lips keep them kissable, probiotic deodorant for keeping you fresh as a rose, oh for feet’s sake to keep your feet soft and sandal ready, and the Lolo body bar for everything in between. You can find all this - and more! at bar-maids. ...…
Wookiee Radio: A Star Wars Podcast
This week, Mike is missing, and Ken and Derrick suspect he may have been captured by Imperials, but fear not, a plan to rescue Mike has been put into action. In the meantime, Ken and Derrick continue the show to honor their missing companion. Ken starts out with an in depth description of the Star Wars costume exhibit he recently visited, descr ...…
Things are gonna get adorable this week on Seeing Red(dit) as the gang talks about Bento! We talk about movie trailers, gifts from strangers, and getting ripped off by the man. We discuss what makes food appetizing and what yucks us out (spoilers: we disagree) before coming together over the belief that Lunchables are the pits. Please rate, rev ...…
Are you addicted? You probably are running through the list of things that you do to see if you've got an addiction problem. That's not what we're talking about in this episode. In this episode, we're talking about the addiction to negative thinking and of course, how you can stop. IN THIS EPISODE 0:24 We're talking about addictions today. Not ...…
The Quiz surfaces once again in our second half of the conversation with writer, artist, filmmaker, podcaster & cat owner Daniel J. Hogan. We get reading recommendations, a podcast playlist, irritated eyeballs and a brief history on Who’s The Boss? Daniel J. Hogan is using Amazon Display ads and Amazon affiliate program on his sites. DJH school ...…
You CAN be my destiny.. maybe idk, I'm thinking. chill out.
John Troy's Crunchy Groove Sack
Yucking it up, never really cared, using the whole neck, chunky monkey, that stuff is greasy, lost their minds, sufficiently strange, Paul could get up there, they ran out of cats, wunky, beans and franks out ma face.
Welcome to the first episode of Yuck Podcast This episode we briefly go through old news that was funny and new at the time that I recorded this Then we will be answering the stupidest questions ever And the we will be discussing a conspiracy that Keanu Reeves is immortal That will be it for this episode of Yuck PodcastSubscribePodcastcom Recor ...…
You're Out On The Town
Charlles and Matt (Our very own beer savant) yuck it up. Matt and Johnny discuss Beer and Wine and Spirits and the similarities. Big companies and independents.
This week on the Ignite Intimacy podcast, my sistar Sarah and I get filled in on all the juicy details of Andrea Barrica’s passion for reproductive justice and the birth of her online shame-free platform for pleasure education, O.School. Accepting the fluidity of sexuality from an early age, but pushing it aside to focus on her education, Andre ...…
Mike E & Emma's Talk Dirty To Me: How many times can Emma drop 'pearl necklace' while calling a jewellery store? PLUS the weird hair Mike E discovered on his body (yuck).
This podcast we talk about Alien Covenant, Ghost of Will Turner's barnacles (yuck). Tom Hardy plays Venom, New Mutants is a horror movie. Rappers don't really freestyle anymore, will Bartman shirt make a come back? all this and much more!
This week we are extremely excited to welcome sexual health maven Steph Baptist back on to the show! Join us as we unpack some of the terrible lessons that we learned in middle school about how all of our bits squish together! Yuck, am I right?
Sinkholes are no laughing matter. But luckily this podcast is. Assuming you find Runescape cosplayers, sentient milkshakes, and masturbating to Bob's Burgers laughing matters... That is a sentence we genuinely never thought we'd have to type. Items this week: half of the ring of ultimate power, the juggernaut jukebox, and the twenty minute invi ...…
Crunchy Duck Gaming
We had a lot of fun making this special episode. Join Fitz, Andre (4205 cast), and Andrew (Thursday Ketchup) and have fun too.
Galey, Mal and Moyra on 102.9 Hot Tomato
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