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Zan Rowe offers up a super-cool selection of music and culture for your mornings.
Join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Zan Rowe and their scientific guests, with a bunch of curious triplej listeners for a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers! Thursdays from 11am EST.
In this in-depth interview show, Black takes listeners into the minds of some of today’s most fascinating celebrities and newsmakers to discuss the process of how they became, well, amazing. Brought to you by PRX.
Ex-pro Jimmy Bullard is joined by comedians Rob Beckett and Ian Smith plus a guest from the world of football to talk about the beautiful game and their outrageous experiences on and off the field. Tweet us using #MagicSponge.
Welcome to the Front Row Factor show! Here you'll learn "Everything you want to know about living life from those fighting for it." I'm so grateful you're here. Nice to meet you. I'm your host Jon Vroman, and In 2005, I co-founded a charity called Front Row Foundation, which helps kids and adults with life threatening illnesses to have a front row experience at the live event of their dreams. We then provide the tools to live EVERYDAY "in the front row," which is one of the reasons we host t ...
Healthcare Tech Talk is a show that discusses issues regarding technology used in the delivery of healthcare, including Healthcare Information Technology and Clinical\Biomedical Engineering Technology. Terry Baker and Kelley Hill, who spend their days in the healthcare environment, sit down on both sides of the table of healthcare technology. Terry comes with more than 20 years of implementing and managing technology, and Kelley brings a decade of perspective from clinicians who use said tec ...
Take 5
Every week, Zan Rowe invites a guest in to pick five songs around a theme. Along the way we hear a heap of stories, and find out a whole lot more about their musical heart. We might even partake in a bit of therapy. Join us.
Bang On
Join Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe as they debrief on the biggest conversations of the week about music, art, life and stuff.Bang On brings together two of ABC Radio’s most respected and most loved music journalists and presenters – who are also great friends, with your one stop shop for all the conversations you need to be across this week (but just don’t have the time to read a think-piece about).
Up close and personal with the real people behind the hits and misses in Boston's venture capital big time.
Podcasting Since 2005, Cliff Ravenscraft is a Podcast Consulting/Coach that can help you learn how to podcast. Advice on the best podcasting equipment. Podcast video training tutorials.
There was a time when everyone knew what a real man was... now, with changing times, values and roles, many men struggle with what it means to be a "real man" in the 21st Century. What does a real man look like? How does he act? What are his values and morals? What role does a real man play in society? The How to Be a Real Man Podcast is the brainchild of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors Chris Widener and Larry Winget. Between the two of them, Chris and Larry have s ...
For over a year the hosts of Now Playing have watched and reviewed every movie based off a Marvel Comics series, but now they enter into their last Marvel review series with the most popular Marvel Comic character of all time -- Spider-Man! Join us as we watch and review all the Spider-Man movies from the 1970s made-for-TV films through the 2012 Amazing Spider-Man reboot!
Hosted by Mary Knight who went from struggling single mom to high-end escort to #1 Bestselling Author. Discover what kinds of women make the choice to offer sex for money and what their REAL motivations behind this secret life were. Learn what kinds of men patronized them, the services the men expected and what they said was missing in their marriages and personal lives. While not sexually graphic or crude, this is an adult topic and some adult language is used.
The place were Personal Trainers go to grow their Bootcamp and Social Media! Every week, Jono interviews a different expert on a different topic to help you grow your Fitness Bussiness
Description: Rod Harter, CEO & Founder of “Specialty Marketing Consultants”, presents the benefits behind... Direct Response Marketing. It’s a form of marketing that a-lows small business owners the opportunity to “hone” their advertising dollars, by add-ing this unique and extremely responsive method of getting the word out. Comparisons are made between “Brand, or Image Marketing” and “Direct Response Marketing”. Most small business’s fall into the trap of advertising the same way big corpo ...
Why are we less healthy today? According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 53 percent of Americans work out at least a half an hour a day, which is the highest it’s ever been. The fitness industry is a leading industry amounting to $81.2 billion annually. Almost 45 percent of Americans claim they have gone organic, with that number as high as 53 percent in ages 18-29. Although Americans are trying very hard to be better and more healthy versions of themselves, why is our health worsening and healthcare ...
Each episode, acting coach Dan Rodandan teaches young and up-and-coming stage and screen and TV and film actors and actresses his acting secrets.
The official podcast of Mike Adams At His Honest Weight. Have you ever wondered what life is like for a big time successful American Rock n Roll band? Jump into the van with Mike Adams At His Honest Weight and experience life on the road for yourself!
Some things are terrible in the moment, but time can offer a new perspective. In this podcast series, Matthew Onuki Luke recounts various incidents from his life, and finds that, no matter how terrible they might have been, there's always something to laugh at.
Listen to the podcast, How You Can Save The World and you, YES YOU! can improve the current environmental and political situation!
From The JAMA Network, this is JAMA Professionalism: Best Practice, the podcast about medical professionalism that examines difficult situations and prepares clinicians for the unexpected challenges of medical practice, with host Edward Livingston, MD.
Download a full audiobook of your choice free at Let Us Tell You a Story.We've got more than 100,000+ incredible audiobooks that will take you anywhere you want to go.We have it all! Bestsellers, classics, award-winners, romance, thrillers, Fiction, business, bios, young adult and more. What do you want to listen to?Take your books anywhere with our free apps for iOS and Android. Listening on-the-go has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable.We've introduc ...
In this book I have written about some aspects of the war which, Ibelieve, the world must know and remember, not only as a memorial ofmen's courage in tragic years, but as a warning of what will happenagain--surely--if a heritage of evil and of folly is not cut out of thehearts of peoples. Here it is the reality of modern warfare not only asit appears to British soldiers, of whom I can tell, but to soldiers onall the fronts where conditions were the same...The purpose of this book is to get ...
This podcast is drawn from the "Virtual Lab" of This Virtual Lab uses 3D virtual reality animations to explain electronics, microelectronics and nanotechnology. This podcast explains how Van de Graaff generators work by using a motor to separate charges.
Today we cover birthday boys Jackie Gleason, Johnny Cash, Buffalo Bill, Victor Hugo, Fats (Antoine) Domino and do a NY1 'In the Papers' round up from FT, NY TImes and DNA India. Special guests Gerald B. White & Bob Trucken Hat Sr.
Hang out with Kyle, Josh, & Matty...3 oddballs from 1 great place, Kansas City Check out our merch store at
How To Man
How To Man is a haphazard reflection on navigating the mundane challenges of the modern world, written and recorded by five idiots who can barely keep themselves alive. They learn by doing, and so should America. These morons also write for, which you can check out once you're sick of this podcast.
A doctor-approved resource on brain health for people with neurologic disorders and their caregivers.
An interesting story on how your father's genes can affect your risk of getting ovarian cancer.
Home to the unofficial podcast about ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hosted by Jack, Rob & Alil. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. The 'Nuff Said Podcast is a Marvel-centric show that covers Marvel comics, TV shows, and movies. That's right true believers, the Nuff Said Podcast is your new home to geek out on everything Marvel.Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcast ...
The Magic Sponge
Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and Ian Smith talk about all things football
Mark Lemon had a natural talent for journalism and the stage, and, at twenty-six, retired from less congenial business to devote himself to the writing of plays. More than sixty of his melodramas, operettas and comedies were produced in London, whilst at the same time he was contributing to a wide variety of magazines and newspapers, and was founding editor of both Punch and The Field. (Summary form Wikipedia)
A transition into adulthood from immaturity to responsibilitiesRights from wrong as a teenTo rights from wrong as an adultWhat you regret to what you expect
Adam and Kath get together Bi-Weekly to discuss the happenings in the LGBTQ+ Community.
I'm challenging myself to feed myself for $1 for a month - Follow me on my journey!
Join Rob and Dan as they dish out the latest information from the games industry!
From 'Kinderblast' at Touch FM in Uganda to 'HDCIB' at Access Manawatu right here in Palmy. Same boy, different story, new location!
Weekly radio show hosted on TranceWorld.NetThe latest in Trance & Uplift Music
Steven believes everyone should be Heard. He especially cares about the abused kids, foster kids, and anyone who has been incarcerated.
How to maximize your dollars collected
Rufus and Howard are trying to make a sitcom and sketch show; but with dinosaurs in the garden, a kettle that can see the future, and a doorway to hell in the cellar - will they ever make it to the end?
Excellence in Conservative MediaI am broadcasting live at"The Situation Report" w/ Dr. C. Robert Jones, is an unapologetic, tell-it-like-it-is conservative perspective of the INSANE world of American politics. No punches are pulled, no party lines are toed; just pure, unadulterated hardcore conservative opinion-based news. C Robert Jones a successful and professionally trained Historian and researcher. He is a retired Military of ...
Free resources on what Australian and New Zealand SME's need to know to export and BE CHINA READY
“How Can I F*cking Help You?”, a double entendre expressing the trials and tribulations customer service representatives are forced to endure, as well as an offer to provide ourselves and our audience with tips and solutions on a variety of topics.“HCIFHY” is an intellectual, yet fun show where we follow Dustin and Amanda in their adventures of working together at their overly-eventful coffee shop. Often featured are a range of guests who share their own personal experiences and opinions, as ...
Susan T. Spencer, the only female GM of a professional football team, has a unique approach for women to understand the game of football; by following everything NFL quarterbacks do on and off the field.
The Filmmaking Stuff podcast provides tactics on film distribution, film production and film funding. Our motto is “Make, Market and Sell Your Movie Without The Middle-Man.” The reason for this is simple. The future of filmmaking is not Hollywood. It is the thousands of independent filmmakers empowered by the digital revolution.
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Every week, Zan Rowe invites a guest in to pick five songs around a theme. Along the way we hear a heap of stories, and find out a whole lot more about their musical heart. We might even partake in a bit of therapy. Join us.
Share this episode with a friendThis episode is Part 1 of my chat with Cathy, HQ of a family of 4. Her family unit includes 2 kids and a partner who is unable to be in the paid workforce at this point, and we talk about parenting kryptonite, mental health and some impromptu role reversal.The Lowdown– Family of 4– 1 parent working part-time (3 d ...…
Join Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe as they debrief on the biggest conversations of the week about music, art, life and stuff.
Zan Rowe has worked in music radio for 15 years, beginning in Melbourne’s vibrant community radio before joining triple j in 2005. Since 2007 she has hosted and produced triple j Mornings, a show dedicated to music discovery and in depth conversations with its makers.
If you've ever used a dating app, you've got a dating app story. triple j's Zan Rowe and co-founder of Sexual Violence Won't Be Silenced Lucy Le Masurier share two very different experiences.By
This week the legendary David Suzuki joins Dr Karl and Zan Rowe to answer your questions about the environment!
In our last episode of the year we are stoked to bring you Triple J’s own, Zan Rowe. We talk about her new show on ABC iView, The Critics, as well as her views and beliefs on feminism. We also talk a lot about her work at Triple J including how she researches and surfaces new music. Triple J’s focus on the audience, the little known strategies ...…
It's a Marine Science Special! Professor Emma Johnson joins Dr Karl and Zan Rowe to help answer your ocean-based science questions.
It's a Marine Science Special! Professor Emma Johnson joins Dr Karl and Zan Rowe to help answer your ocean-based science questions.
It's a Marine Science Special! Professor Emma Johnson joins Dr Karl and Zan Rowe to help answer your ocean-based science questions.By
Delve into the diverse and illustrious career of Sufjan Stevens. Hear plenty of his stunning music and an exclusive interview with host Zan Rowe.By
The past decade of triple j has seen it evolve into more than a radio station. Zan Rowe presents the final instalment of our 40 Years of triple j J Files series.By
We do it all day long, and it’s of the oldest communication technologies we have – Public Speaking. Like it or hate it, it’s a business necessity. In this podcast we go through some tips and tricks to give good voice.Signup to our email list to receive the #BBB show notes first every week: Speaking - You wil ...…
This episode has been sponsored by: Breaking news! You can be even more kissable than you are right now… Lo-Lo Lips by Bar Maids, the makers of the exquisite Lo-Lo Bar, is one of the best lip balms available. Some lip balms can cause your skin to dry out if you stop using them, or if you lose them (and let’s face it, we ALL lose them), and you ...…
SHOW NOTES Drink of the Show: Tev’s Basement Brew: Oatmeal Stout Ingredients: Oatmeal Beer Kit Drink Rating (out of 5) Adam: 3 of 5 Tev: 4 of 5 Top 5: Worst Super Powers You can see our detailed Top 5 list at the bottom. Warning: spoilers! Television What we’ve been watching: American Horror Story, Sherlock, Walking Dead, The Colony, The Increa ...…
As part of triplej's 'sex week', Dr Karl and Zan Rowe take talkback questions ranging from female 'squirting' to male morning glories and having sex during pregnancy.
In a special triplej listener talkback, Zan Rowe and Dr Karl discuss the link between mental illness and marijuana use with psychiatrist Dr Matthew Large, from the University of New South Wales.
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