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BTR Latin Hip Hop
Every Friday on BTR (TGIF-style!), Crazy DJ Bazarro presents dope music and exclusive interviews with some of reggaeton's most talented, raw, up-and-coming artists. Listen and witness them break through the airways into your ear canals. With new music every week, in rebel mode or party mode, the beats keep ya head bopping.
Zambia BlogTalkRadio's goal is to reach Zambians in the diaspora and consolidate on individual contributions to Zambia. We hope to be a news and resource forum for Zambians living abroad.
BTR Reggae Hour
Every Thursday, selecta DJ Drew drops the best in dub, roots, dancehall, dubtronica, and anything in between on the Reggae Hour. There's always a new vibe, he's always helping you discover new reggae artists... and always with a positive vibration.
BTR Live Studio
Musicians play exclusive sets and chat with Maia, a veteran musician and podcast producer with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering.
BTR Top 10
BTR Top 10 features the best of the best music currently spinning on BTR. Each week, we countdown the top artists and albums on the site, based on what our hosts are playing most on their shows.
BTR Podcast
Podcast by BTR Podcast @
BTR Hip-Hop Show
The Hip Hop Show offers the most authentic beats from the freshest artists. Highlighting dope MCs from the past, present, and future, DJ Wayne Ski provides the sounds via two turntables -- the way hip hop should sound. #btrhiphopshow
BTR World Hip Hop
Get your frequent flier miles ready and book your reservations quickly! Crazy DJ Bazarro scours the planet to brings you hip-hop from around the world. You'll hear artists from places you may never have even heard of. Captain Bazarro pilots the ship toward some incredible music, written and produced by some of the most creative people on the planet. Thinking outside the box, this show proves that great music doesn't just come from one place.
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Best Of BTR
The best of Blog Talk Radio
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This Year on BTR
This year Highlighted in clips! Join us as we celebrate an amazing year with the best of BlogTalkRadio!
This is the keyword feed for 'susan thesenga'. At BlogTalkRadio we offer the best in online entertainment and have a show for every niche you can think of. If you find that we don't, consider it an opportunity for you to be the first and make your mark online.
My name is Wendy Clardy (Lardy Miss Clardy).My radio forum is about Intervention and Prevention: To bring awareness; To Educate and Empower. Stand up, speak up and speak out! I am all about bringing information; good news and bad news, if necessary. Finding ways to bring people together to say or do something positive. Talking on things to inform, educate and motivate; to empower to encourage others to make a stand in their lives. Help me to extirpate victimization and fraud in your lives an ...
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Host of ZBTR's Solutions Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu, along with her husband Apostle Darius are hosting the 13th annual prophetic Dallas. Pastor Nathan Nkhama, as one of the speakers, opened the conferece on Wednesday. This conference has attracted attendees from Canada, Kenya, Zambia, Mexico and from different states in America. ...…
The ZBTR round table evaluates the nation of Zambia's priorities through its leadership and citizens, do the politicians take all the blame? How much attention over the 53 years of independence has been given to education, health, real job creation, diversification from copper mining?
Our New Year special feature Round Table discussion will be led by Michael Chishala who will analyse Zambia's president third term bid. The pertinent question is this legitimate even moral for the nation and president to be discussing election possibilities of his legibility to contest so early in his term of office. Join Michael Chishala and t ...…
ZBTR - Madison Life Insurance
ZBTR - Zambia Final Election Roundup
ZBTR - Musical for Zambia.
Zambia is a peaceful Christian nation, the acts of violence have persisted with political oppenets. We discuss with Bishop Joshua Banda the role of the church in this year's election.
"The share of Africans living in urban areas is projected to grow from 36 percent in 2010 to 50 percent by 2030. The continent’s urbanization rate, the highest in the world, can lead to economic growth, transformation, and poverty reduction. Alternatively, it can lead to increased inequality, urban poverty, and the proliferation of slums. The l ...…
Join our ZBTR Team as we examine the policy differences between the two major contenders Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND). Is this another election where we just have a change of the guard and not see any really economic, education and foreign policy change? It's election year in Zambia and the nation is in ...…
The ZBTR Team reviews the ongoing campaign period in Zambia for the 2016 general elections, indications are that the leading contenders are the incumbent President Edgar Lungu and UPND's Hichilema Hakainde. Both parties have also had inroads of defectors either way, whether this will translate into tangible votes. Will a winner emerge at the fi ...…
A special seventh anniversary celebration which reflects on a continous broadcasting and serving the Zambian community. The founding team members, current and past presenters get together for a celebration and reflection on the beginnings. It's a must listen show of celebration and gratitude to a fervent listening community.…
There are 54 countries in Africa but when it come to business investment and activity only 3 countries are discussed. Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. This week on ZBTR-Open Forum we shall discuss how we can push Zambia on an upward trojectory .
The 2016 election campaigns being shared by the Southern African country of Zambia and the United States of America, both fronts are experiencing great momentum that has never been witnessed in previous election campaigns in both nations. Zambia will be holding its election under the newly amended constitution which has eliminated the simple ma ...…
With the adoption of the amended constitution which brought in the 50 plus 1 clause, a surge of poltical alliances has risen leading up to August 2016 general election. Is this the ONLY sure way of guaranteeing a victory? Join our ZBTR Round Table and we analyse this recent phenomenon in Zambian election season.…
Politicians during election periods in their campaigns always promise to do better and offer workable policies upon forming government. However, is this a reality or simply campaign jargon, because the case for Zambia has shown that in an economy solely dependant on a donor funded budget and major industries owned by foreign multi nationals the ...…
Sinach - I know I am Flexer - Seguleni Pompi Huzile Damino - Iseni Yaweh
"Gershom Ndhlovu was my mentor, teacher, big brother, who contributed immensely to my profession, my supervisor on Sunday Mail newspaper. You were and continued even after leaving, being mentor. You have walked the race Gersh, mwanangwa you have been the great inspiration. You made journalism work so simple as you would say "mwaiche aikona ukul ...…
This year Zambians across the globe will be celebrating the nation's 51st independence anniversary, the ZBTR team reflects on the way forward for this young republic and its role in the global field
The Electoral Commission of Zambia in collaboration with the Department of Registration embarked on a national exercise of issuing national registration and voter cards respectively. This is in view of the upcoming General and Presidential Elections in 2016. A review shows that the exercise is yielding high involvement from eligible citizens. J ...…
The Zambian government will be hosting a National Consultative Forum as a follow up and to consolidate the formulation of a Diaspora policy on submissions received during tours of the United Kingdom and United States respectively. This Forum will be held from October 7-9, 2015 in Lusaka, Zambia. On this round table discussion we'll emphasize th ...…
Track Artist Song Year 1 Tom Brosseau Portrait of George Washington 2006 2 Devo Whip It 1980 3 The Blind Robins That Goddamn Herbert Hoover 2004 4 Billy Bragg & Wilco Christ for President 1998 5 The Wedding Present Kennedy 1989 6 The Violent Femmes Old Mother Reagan 1986 7 Psychedelic Furs President Gas 1982 8 Jesse Winchester Tell Me Why You L ...…
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