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Fr Darko ZnidarÅ¡iÄ� OFM who leads the St Raphael's Slovenian Mission in Merrylands gives a brief history of the Slovenian Marian Chapel at Penrose Park in New South Wales. 2017 marks 20 years since this chapel was built and blessed as a special place of prayer and worship for the Slovenian community in NSW. (P. Darko Znidaršič OFM, voditelj Sl ...…
We Have Concerns
Squids, cuttlefish and octopuses do not follow the normal rules of genetic information, according to research published in the journal Cell. Their RNA is extensively rewritten, particularly the codes for proteins found in the animals' neurons. Put simply, that's very weird. One might even say... alien. Anthony and Jeff remain on the case, gathe ...…
Interview with professional engineer from the state of Pennsylvania, Frank Znidarsic. During his many years working in the energy sector, he has personally witnessed the limitations and decline of American industry. Frank has also written numerous peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles on cold fusion, antigravity, and foundational physics ...…
With the high school football season just days away, Dispatch prep writers Steve Blackledge and Mark Znidar size up which teams have the best chances for success this year in central Ohio.By The Columbus Dispatch.
Dispatch prep writers Steve Blackledge and Mark Znidar size up the girls sectional bracket seeds and touch on other high school basketball topics.By The Columbus Dispatch.
High school sports reporters Steve Blackledge and Mark Znidar size up the girls basketball state finals and talk about other tournament action.By The Columbus Dispatch.
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