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This Week In Zoltan
This podcast is the weekly audio journal of Comedian Zoltan Kaszas where he talks about anything and everything that has amused and or annoyed him over the last 7 days.
Zoltan Network Podcast
Hey u people!!! Please give us good feedback and suggestions! email at
Capital Connection Podcast
Broadcasting live from Ottawa, Canada - you are now tuned in to Capital Connection with rotating residents Etienne Ozborne, Zoltan Kontes & Martin Villeneuve.
Literary Wonder & Adventure Show
Dream Tower Media's critically acclaimed monthly podcast featuring fascinating and fun conversations with authors and artists of fantasy, magic realism and science fiction, plus amusing skits, quips, and sound effects. In addition, approximately twice a year, fully produced audio adventures of fantastic stories are presented. Hosted by Robert Zoltan and his sidekick Edgar the Raven in the Dream Tower.
McDaniel podcast
Podcast by Szűts Zoltán 1
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Beyond The Void - Horror Podcast
Part 1 of Pats Clam Bake From Beyond.... This week our Mondays pre game clam bake show is all about Patricks precious Birthday. Happy Birthday Patrick! We invite our buddy Dakota on for the show to help us celebrate! We do a “Shibby” #horrorshot . Then we get our hands dirty in the news and talk about Tom Hardy as Venom, The New Mutants, Warloc ...…
1.dZihan & Kamien - Homebase2.Mylo - Valley Of The Dolls3.Chad - Highlight4.The Lushlife Project - Budapest Eskimos5.AIM - Cold Water Music6.The Egg - Venice Beach7.Kaya Project - Good Morning London8.Moby - String Electro9.Lemon Jelly - In The Bath10.Leftfield - Fanfare of Life11.Sine - Feel Love12.Ryan Farish - Life in Stereo (Tim Angrave Rem ...…
Hi-Cap Adventures Radio
Zoltan Varga will be doing our product spotlight on the Polytech 223. Also Milam County J.P. Andy Isaacs will be our guest. He’ll be talking about the Morning Star Ranch and its youth ministry.
This Week In Zoltan
This week I give a short recap of my upcoming two weeks and my Southwest flight where a dude peed while sitting in the middle seat, enjoy!
Humphrey Bogart, on loan from his home studio of Warner Brothers, would often show up to the set of Columbia's 1943's war film Sahara hung over and ready for battle -- both on and off camera. He was known to mix it up with Hungarian director Zoltan Korda, continually fighting over his character's dialogue. Bruce Bennett, who played Waco in the ...…
This Week In Zoltan
This week I talk about the passing of Chris Cornell, meeting the devil at a highway rest stop, working with a famous guy and parking my Honda next to his Tesla and my fun weekend in Claremont at Flappers Comedy Club.
Beszélő kockák
Negyvenedik rész, amelyben a terv szerint a Beszélő kockák arra a kérdésre keresték volna a válasz, hogy mai rohanó világunkban hogyan lehet a legkisebb erőfeszítéssel a legtájékozottabbnak lenni, de ehelyett beszélgetésük szokásukhoz híven parttalan okoskodásba fullad, ezúttal hírfogyasztási szokásaikról. Megtudjuk, hogy Gábor sokszor képes el ...…
1.Marga Sol - Beautiful Morning (Marga Sol Deep Mix)2.Sunyata Project - Ko Samui Nights3.Velvet Dreamer feat. Olga Caspruk Tim Gelo - Solveig's Song4.Sinoptik Music - Between the Stars5.Moonwalker - Rainswept6.The Dream Project - Wide Dimensions, Pt. 17.Dmitry Lee'o - Autumn Jam (Chillout Mix)8.Dreamlogik & Erra - Crystal Core9.Little George - ...…
Local standup comic Zoltan Kaszas joins Craig Elsten and John Gennaro on Thursday night to talk about being a standup comic in 2017, some of his worst shows, and how he got hooked on Gulls hockey. Special Guests: Craig Elsten, Zoltan Kaszas.By John Gennaro.
Comedian Zoltan Kaszas joined Heather and Poolboy to talk about Hungary, San Diego football, and talking to his mom!
This week we talk about Alex Jones' attorney revealing that he is playing a character, much like a pro wrestling heel manager. Also I talk about my experience at the DMV, getting my taxes done, working with Rich Vos over the weekend and watching the new Adam Sandler movie Sandy Wexler. Enjoy!…
1.Seven24 - The Magic2.Eric Norman - Amazement3.Lemongrass - Farewell4.Noisy Parrot - Relief5.Pascal Savy - Fading Colours6.Flamen - Ipodromel (Ambient Giramix)7.Stars Over Foy - At the End of the Ocean (Ambient Mix)8.SineRider - A Self Portrait9.Beach Hoppers - Keep Dreaming (Lemongrass Angel Mix)10.Sunscapes Project - Island of Sky (Smooth Sp ...…
This Week In Zoltan
This week we talk about the latest United Airlines controversy, watching UFC star Anthony "Rumble" Johnson proudly end his career in Buffalo? Buying the board game Axis & Allies and watching the YouTube tutorial video to learn the game. That and a lot more this week, enjoy!
This month we’re joined by’s own Andreas Wallström to talk about his upcoming book Commodore 64: For the Love of a Machine! Andreas chats to us about the book, and why he feels so strongly about giving back to the C64 community and ensuring that stories from the likes of Al Charpentier and Bob Yannes, or cracking legend Zoltan Kelemen a ...…
Slava Mayer Mixes
TracklistPaul Kalkbrenner Das Gezabel Radio MixGary Caos Levan Kay Elenice Dont Look Any Further Mixline Remix RemixJanelle Monae QUEEN feat Erykah Badu Tradelove RemixTechnasia I am Somebody Original MixMark Knight feat Skin Nothing Matters Original Club MixWeekend Heroes Firedance Original MixAndrea Bertolini Imperial Original MixDaniel Portm ...…
A lot of water talk on this one. LINKS Oroville Dam flood Zoltan Istvan for the Transhumanist Party wants to run for Governor of California whistelblower ...…
Episode 2 of the Literary Wonder & Adventure Podcast! Welcome to the Dream Tower! Join Robert Zoltan in a conversation with special guest Ryan Harvey about Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars! Meanwhile, Edgar the Raven throws in his acerbic quips, and Robert deals with possible Pteranodon infestation in the Dream To ...…
We are joined this week by FashGordon, our first Ameriburger on the show, to discuss NATO. Of course, we get heavily side-tracked by discussing Kebabs and possible RaHoWa scenarios. Before we get into that topic however, Pusher shares some insight on the current corruption scandal in France. A fun and informative show as always, enjoy!Intro: Pa ...…
In this episode I talk to Professor Steve Fuller about his sometimes controversial views on transhumanism, religion, science and technology, enhancement and evolution. Steve is Auguste Comte Professor of Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick. He is the author of a trilogy relating to the idea of a ‘post-’ or ‘trans-‘ human future, al ...…
This Week In Zoltan
This week I talk about performing in a living room for a lady's 88th birthday party, traveling to Utah during the Fort Lauderdale shooting, TSA fun, The National Championship, Spirit Airlines, drunk people and Donald Trump being thin skinned. Enjoy!
1.Bahramji - Inner Beauty2.Gregory Esayan - Innerspace3.Clay & William Stark - Everyday4.Kaxamalka - Sirocco5.Stephen Wish - Everyday & Everynight6.Collective Sound Members - When Love Leaves7.Fobee - Frosted Tree8.Mokas - Venus9.Danny Hay - Night In10.Sinerider - Twilight11.Solanos - Mise En Abyme12.Seven24 - Changes13.Alex Field - Wake Me (Br ...…
1.Ko Dan - Meta Level Visitor2.Living Room - Sundown3.Kaxamalka - Hidden Meaning4.Alex Cortiz - Sexy Popo5.Aqua Mundi - Imagining6.Solar Kid - The Daydreamer7.Paulsen & Stryczek - Drift Away8.Tribeca - First to Say Goodbye9.Maximilian Lopp - Gone10.Cassavetz - In the Basement11.Oxala - Beat India12.Aqua Mundi - Mezcal Shadows13.Ann Grace - Eter ...…
PFF College Football Podcast NCAA | NFL Draft | Playoffs
Bowl season rolls on, and Big Ten analyst Josh Liskiewitz is joined by Group of Five analyst Zoltan Buday to discuss the Cotton Bowl matchup between the Western Michigan Broncos and the Wisconsin Badgers.
Torgny Wirén, skolpräst i Jönköping. Tema för veckan: Prövningens stund.
This week on Unorthodox, Israeli Burger King debuts the SufganiKing—a hamburger inside a jelly donut. Our Jewish guest is Jason Diamond, author of the new memoir, Searching for John Hughes: Or Everything I thought I Needed to Know About Life I Learned from Watching ‘80s Movies. He gives us his list of the must-see John Hughes movies. Our Gentil ...…
1.Five Seasons - City Lights2.Chillelektro - L' Escala3.Brightlight - Ellie Goes to Dream4.Schwarz & Funk - Sirens5.Ingo Herrmann - Filtron6.Ilya Malyuev - The Road7.State Azure - Moth8.Soul Fire Ensemble - Just as Well9.Cosmique Beats - Long Journey10.Pascheba - Why (Electronic Sphere Mix)11.351 Lake Shore Drive - Summer Rain12.Newton - No Boa ...…
Literary Wonder & Adventure Show
Dream Tower Media is proud to present its first audiobook, a full dramatization of the mysterious sword and sorcery adventure, The Blue Lamp, by Robert Zoltan. Part of his Rogues of Merth series, The Blue Lamp features the recurring reluctant adventurers, the poet swordsman Dareon Vin, and his Indari warrior companion whom he has nicknamed Blue ...…
Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective
Native Opinion Episode 57 “THE BAD, THE WORST AND WTF!” Reach our show: Twitter: @nativeopinion Facebook: Webpage: Leave us a voicemail: Call us! (860) 381-0207 Links to content and Articles for this episode: “Cry Freedom” by Mr. ...…
On the show this week: “Doper Than Dope,” the local, live, ’90s-inspired comedy show from writer/director Adrienne Dawes, comedian (and reformed Topo Chico imbiber) Maggie Maye, who stars in the show, “In Living Color” and “House of Buggin,” fly girls, our collective affection for John Leguizamo, what podcasts we’re listening to right now, “Fle ...…
Benson Wilder's Reclaimed Peak
New live house podcast! House is about drums, riffs and vocals that make you forget the world so you can be in the universe. We live in a time where the things that divide us shout. Remember to let the things we have in common continue to sing strong. XOXO - Peace, Love and House Benson Wilder – STRUT! 1. Moree MK – Luna Lena (Leo Blanco) 2. DJ ...…
This week we have our post Thanksgiving report, filled with Coco's Pumpkin Harvest Pie, political arguments and a baby niece! We also talk about Kanye West's meltdown and the Los Angeles Lakers having a 100th birthday celebration for Chick Hearn who has been dead for quite some time now. Song of the week is Dream No More by Metallica. Enjoy!www ...…
Have you noticed that discussions about the future are overwhelmingly dominated by men? Elon Musk this; Ray Kurzweil that; Zoltan Istvan hit me with a wiffle ball bat... The point is there is an obvious deficit in the futurology landscape, but it isn't because women working on futures--they're just not being amplified as much as their male coun ...…
1.Forteba - Agu Mea2.Seawaves - Heavenly Waters3.Kai French - Electronic Bird4.Lazy Hammock - Tranquil Light5.Yantra Mantra - Caravanserai6.Indian Merchant - Freedom Sufis7.Newton - Media France8.Peter Pearson - Out of the Wilderness9.Richard Bonnee - Soundscapes (Lounge Atmosphere Mix)10.Mosspark - Marie V411.Matisse - Early Sunrise12.Dream Pr ...…
1.Corrado Saija - Elmegyeck2.Tooks Wellcroft - Here and Now3.Mardven - Sakhalin4.Occult - Muse5.Taigai - Sleep Alone6.Corridors - April Flows7.Bobby Cole - Mysterious Atmosphere8.Gushi & Raffunk - Just Be9.Coral Chiller - Air10.Corrado Saija - Doomuap11.Tim Marley - Palar12.Au5 - Watership13.Enrico Donner - Sensual Education14.Vacant - Revenant ...…
The modern Hungarian city we know as Budapest is really three older settlements merged into one: Buda, on the right bank of the Danube, was the royal seat of the medieval Hungarian kings; Obuda, just to the north, was an ancient Roman provincial capital; and Pest, is a newer city situated on the left bank of the Danube. These three became the m ...…
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