#138 – Fannin County Brewing and Bowie AND Queen

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Fannin Brewing Company - Hive Kicker

Hi there! Let’s get to it. It’s January, which means the Georgia General Assembly is … well, they’re doing General Assembly things, though, there’s a good argument to be made that we should stop laughing at their absurd absurdity. We spend some time talking about things we’re expecting to see relative to craft beer this session. To read a very excellent recap of how we got to where we are now (over the past couple years) and what we might expect, go read this piece by Coleman Wood at his site cheers-yall.com. [Wood is really really good at clearly explaining complex, multi-threaded concepts, and his deep understanding of the inner workings of the Georgia political process makes for consistently great reading.]

One of the more interesting tidbits to surface during the run up to this year’s 40-day slap fight, was House Speaker David Ralston (who has received copious funding from ‘big beverage’) publicly questioning the current regulatory environment. When a journalist from 11Alive pressed Speaker Ralston by adding ““Wholesalers seem to have very impressive power in this building,” Ralston responded,

“Let me tell you who has more power over me. Two guys in Blue Ridge that have two businesses. I have to look at them when I’m in town. And I know other members that come eye-to-eye and face-to-face with these small business people that run these craft breweries. That’s a pretty powerful influence.”

So, it would be neat if we could talk about a beer brewed by one of these “Two guys in Blue Ridge,” right? YES IT WOULD. Behold, Hive Kicker from Fannin Brewing Company in newly influential Blue Ridge, GA.

And while we’re being timely and topical, we talked about a song from one of the several recently deceased 69-year old British gentlemen.

Queen - Hot Space

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