BONUS: Anxiety always makes sense (A conversation with Dr. Becky from DrBeckyAtHome)


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This episode is for you if you need to understand and better cope with your anxiety.

Dr. Becky from Dr. Becky At Home is a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people cope with anxiety and stress. I found her on Instagram when someone shared one of her posts, and what followed is one of the best and most important conversations I’ve ever had on this show. Dr. Becky encourages us to form a relationship with our anxiety, and our conversation includes all of the things I’ve always wanted to ask: what does self-talk REALLY look like? What does it mean if we really can’t find the source of our anxiety? How do we balance being “strong” in front of our kids while also letting them see us have natural emotions? I am so excited to share this one with you. This will be a conversation I will reference for a long time. DrBeckyAtHome on Instagram DrBeckyAtHome website * Full show notes for this episode @10ThingsToTellYou on Instagram @10ThingsToTellYou on facebook

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