Ep 42: Have you lost your style? (A conversation with Amber Haines)


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This episode is for you if don't recognize the person in the mirror.

On a recent girls weekend, my good friend Amber Haines and I got into a conversation about being uncomfortable in our skin lately. It's more than simply aging, we both feel like our personal sense of style (something we've been proud of in the past) has taken a back seat in the past few years during a busy life.

This topic is both shallow and not. We discuss body changes, hiding ourselves, the mental hurdles of buying new clothes, and the logistical aspects of getting dressed up for a day when you don't see anyone except your kids.

This is a no shame, no judgment, authentic conversation between friends. We plan our next steps to get our groove back - the emotional part, and the practical part - and will do a check in on this topic in 3 months.

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