Ep 54: Best Books Lately with Jessica Turner + A Conversation about American Dirt with Stephanie Newman-Smith


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This episode is for you if you love to read (and follow literary controversies).

Book episodes are the best episodes! We spend the first half hour talking about the best books we've read lately with Jessica Turner, and we take a brief detour to talk about #Bookstagram and our current reading habits (including a new hobby Jessica picked up and the #ReadYourBooks challenge she's hosting online).

In the second half of this extra long episode, I'm joined by my real-life book club friend Stephanie Newman-Smith to talk through the layers of controversy around the novel American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins. We talk about who can tell what stories, how the publishing industry is complicit in silencing non-white voices, and the bizarre marketing missteps around the novel that Oprah picked for her book club.

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