How to Build Your Own Empire When Others Don't Give You What You Want, Social Media Icon Simonetta Lein


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It's hard to imagine how Simonetta Lein accomplishes all that she does. She has over 1 Million extremely engaged Instagram followers who find inspiration in her messages of female empowerment and fashion. She's a successful model and journalist, and she runs a charity, The Wishwall Foundation, that helps others express and experience their wishes. But when we spoke, I learned that all of this was created as a reaction to something that happened to her when she was in her early 20's back in Italy. She and her now-husband decided to pick up their lives, leave their families and move across the ocean to reinvent themselves in America. Ten years later, she's calling the shots and she explains how you can too.We talk about how following your own moral code canprotect you from going down a wrong path, how hard work can be a cure-all, how something that starts out simple and close to your heart can become a huge movement you never expected and much, much more.


“Philadelphia is not my original city nor is this country, but as an immigrant I was forced to find my own roots.”, (2:33). The internet gave a lot of people the access to just do it [create], (10:09). Always maintain a goal, a common theme that drives you, but do not be afraid to try new things. Life is happening while you are working towards your goal and that’s a blessing so enjoy it, it will lead you to something even bigger than you might’ve expected, (13:44). If you are like me and you have values, faith, and a vision for yourself just know that whenever you go halfway through a situation and not fight through it, you’ll never be happy, you have to give it your all, (26:57). Look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘what am I doing? Who am I? Will someone remember my legacy one day? Build your own success, (27:30). “Learn how to rest and not to give up.”, (30:30). Be determined, master your own mind, mediate, read books, do sports and do whatever that you can do to help yourself and your career, (36:55). “You tell me ‘NO’, I say it’s a challenge to keep on trying.”, (37:37). “Do one thing at a time, finish the task and move on to the next one.”, (39:04). “If you have a possibility, just do it because the only thing holding you back is fear, (41:30).








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