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For those of you who have been with me and the show from the beginning, you may remember Kimi Culp - Episode 2, my first guest back in 2017. If you haven't heard that one yet, you need to go listen, but here are the highlights: Kimi was a journalist of the highest quality, having had long stints working for Oprah, and then Diane Sawyer. She got burnt out on the kinds of stories she was reporting on, had kids.... She then came back into the workforce to tell the story of one of her best friend's husband, former New Orleans Saint football player Steve Gleason, with the amazing documentary: Gleason, about his emotional and inspiring battle with ALS (Kimi does nothing halfway - that film made a record sale to Amazon at Sundance and has made major waves). And, now, she's reinventing herself yet again, with her new podcast, All the Wiser, which launched Wednesday, April 3rd. The purpose of this conversation, originally, was to help get the word out so more people could experience Kimi's podcast. But it's also a conversation about what it takes to launch something, the attention to detail required if you want something to be top-quality, the process of learning about how to do something new only by actually doing it, the power of being intentional... and the constant battle with your own inner-critic when it comes to exposing yourself in a way you've never quite done before.


Recap of first interview with Kimi, (1:46). Kimi’s podcast launch, “All The Wiser”, (3:39). Illustration of types of stories on the podcast, (5:10). Inspiring story of Matt Pohlson, CEO of Omaze, (6:35). Pohlson nearly dying at 40, (8:01). Making decisions on who to have on the podcast, (11:30). “For me, it is the story itself, and the ability to tell that story well.”,(12:12). Past experience of work, (13:30). Preconceptions of podcasting versus what she knows it to be now, (14:11). “I had a ton of fear. Now, I have to put myself out there.”, (15:31). Matt’s takeaways with making 10,000 “No”s, (18:09). “I really wanted to do it with storytelling and I knew a story could inspire somebody.”, (19:36). Having faith and hope of putting said stories out there, (20:05). Having a charity component as part of her podcast, (21:00). Raising awareness while listening to stories, (23:38). Differences in formality with interviews, (24:57). “What environment are you going to create that is going to allow for an intimate real conversation.” , (28:24). Learning what she took for granted as a producer, (29:55). Remembering to hit the record button, (30:10).


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