DIARY OF AN NA FAN - Bug Juice - Worlds Play-Ins Day 2


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Dear Diary, It’s me - NA Fan. Worlds is finally here. It’s sad that the only team worth cheering for didn’t make it, but during this competition, you know the drill - NA over everything. So yeah, I woke up early to watch some Team Liquid games. They went exactly as I hoped for. Strong victories. All of the analysts got it wrong. Maybe EU isn’t actually that good. Yadda yadda. But instead of feeling optimistic, all I can think of right now is Bug Juice... Jordan and Cole bring back a 2019 series on League of Legends Worlds and update it for the brand new year.

TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Dear Diary 02:51 - Format explanation 5:23 - TL vs MAD 16:08 - TL vs LGC 22:37 - Looking forward to NA’s next games

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