Equal Parts 100 Thieves and Golden Guaradians - LCS Lock-In Week 1


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LCS is back. The Thieves are back. 100Talk is back.

It’s far too early in 100 Thieves’ LCS season to be performing detailed analysis and drawing hard conclusions about this brand new squad, which is why your dads are back to do just that. Jordan and Cole react to a somewhat surprising weekend of League of Legends action with 100T sitting in a fairly good spot. They discuss what emerging themes are poised to follow fan discussion throughout the year, agree to give Damonte a chance, and of course address a handful of listener takes and questions along the way.

Listen here.


0:00:00 - Intro

0:03:17 - 100T vs TSM

0:18:18 - 100T vs CLG

0:31:17 - 100T vs TL

0:50:33 - Lock In Impressions

0:58:32 - 2021 Jersey Impressions

1:06:45 - Listener Takes

1:16:40 - Outro

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