FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T in the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational


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100T bombed out of the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational, and from what little we were able to see, things are not looking good. The dads come together to discuss Hiko's own criticism of his team, JasonR's opinions on Hiko's leadership, and weigh in on how soon we can expect roster changes. They also contrast 100 Thieves' approach to entering this new esport with Team Liquid's, and the comparison is not a favorable one.
NOTE: This episode includes a long clip of content that audio listeners may want to skip. You can watch the whole vid here:

Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week!

TIMESTAMPS:0:00 - Intro1:11 - Hiko criticizes the team5:20 - JasonR weighs in on Hiko9:55 - Predictions for roster change timeline14:45 - Examining Team Liquid's entry into the space and why it's better26:30 - Incendiary - BurntCooter wants us to run a developmental team

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