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Beyond Ghosts is the interactive paranormal radio show which allows anyone and everyone the opportunity to be a “ghost hunter!” By creating a community of openness and truth, both believers and skeptics alike can find a new home with Beyond Ghosts Interactive Paranormal. This is truly the "one stop" for all paranormal enthusiasts, regardless of their level of involvement. Beyond Ghosts works to make the Paranormal accessible, credible, exciting, and of course fun, without separating fact from fiction, that’s left to the audience to decide for themselves. We cover all aspects of paranormal investigation and research, talk to those actively involved in the field, discuss “high profile” cases and places of interest, review the current trends in paranormal entertainment, broadcast live from locations deemed “active,” and provide anyone and everyone the opportunity to participate in actual investigations when applicable! Yeah, we're talking live ghost hunting events brothers and sisters! Beyond Ghosts Interactive Paranormal also showcases some of the best raw, unsigned musical talent found anywhere, each and every week! True story.

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