Amazon Headline Ads With Brian Johnson of Canopy Management


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Classic mistakes with Amazon headline ads can be prevented. Brian discusses the strategies to make your headline ads stand out and be more effective. The second most prominent ads type - formerly known as Amazon Headline ads are the “Sponsored Brand Ads”. Types : Banner ad Skyscraper ad - shows up the bottom left Tile ads - 2-3 squares that show up at bottom of ads. Banner ad -They allow you to put in a twitter type title and set up the main image. Skyscraper ad - shows up at the bottom left Tile ads - 2-3 squares that show up at bottom of ads. They allow you to put in a twitter type title and set up the main image. Common error The common mistake Brian sees - early 2018, Amazon introduced version 2 from banner to include the skyscraper ads and tile ads. They didn’t “grandfather” in the ads. So if you’re not creating new ads, you’re using the traditional banner ad. How to use SBA Take keywords from sponsored product ads that convert well. They DON’T use SBA for research. Generally, the cost per click should be lower. Competition is stiffer because of fewer positions. Set up recommended Add in keywords. A little more than the suggested bid. Tune bid weekly based on impressions etc. Pick 3 products Pick the main image Create a title Two main options: Strategy one Generic title - trying to grab the attention of a shopper looking for a keyword. Amazon recommends you use the brand logo or main product image as the main image. Brian doesn’t recommend that. It’s better to use a lifestyle image (in action with a person). Or something with high contrast that pops out visually. It can one of the secondary images of your best selling product. Lead with top-selling product 1,2,3 If introducing a brand new product, try position two. That will help Click-Through Rate (engagement) It’s also going to help with the conversion rate. Most people don’t set up their brand page - it needs a designer. It’s extra work and extra cost - so they just send it to a search result list Strategy two Trying to target specific keywords. You basically have two produce a large number of ads for this. This is when Brian recommends a campaign that has one target keyword and close variations of it. Set the main image to a good choice. So you create dozens of ads. Why do this? Brian often hears “I tried one headline ad once and it didn’t work” The key is “once” (or “one”) You need to try different ads and split test them. Don’t create one or two - get into the habit of creating new ones. You’re building a portfolio of ads at Amazon PPC Management. The Second strategy is primarily about targeting a specific audience. Go for mid and long-tail keywords eg “black mattress cover” make sure images are relevant. Brand analytics - sponsored ads - It’s helpful with trying to rank Basically you can analyse if you can hit top 3 positions on the keyword if it happens in brand analytics. What about Headline Ads setup - banner ads at the top; some on the side; some on bottom Target keywords that you know convert for Amazon PPC Management. Try multiples with Titles Main image 3 photos - sequence of photos Classic mistakes with headline ads Not split testing and creating new ads! Don’t put it on if you have products with poor reviews - 4-5 star Don’t use Sponsored brand ads to test keywords for Amazon PPC Management. They may purchase the cheaper product ultimately - but don’t lead with it. If you have 10 products, you need to mix and mingle the products in your ads. If you go OOS with 10 products, the whole ad stops showing. Change the order Title Image Products included or not Split test: Title Images Ad rejection by Amazon PPC Management You’ll know you’re pushing the boundaries if Amazon is rejecting your ads.

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