HWP 131: I Wanna Be The Very Boeser


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It's All-Star Weekend for the NHL, and Tony and Joe are here to break down all the action! OK, maybe not all the action, as they weren't gonna watch it.

But they had reasons, and they discussed their gripes with All-Star Weekend, what the Wild should be looking for at the trade deadline, and dig into the mailbag. Enjoy!

Topics include:

  • Looking at Joe's initial foray into The Office
  • How an Office writer got Tony into sportswriting
  • How the NHL All-Star Game isn't for you
  • Ugh... Why Kid Rock??
  • Ugh... Why Patrick Kane??
  • Previewing what Seattle's entry into the league means for Minnesota
  • Minnesota getting destroyed by Pittsburgh
  • Sam Anas
  • The Wild's complete lack of speed
  • Coming up with Minnesota Wild Skills Competition Events
  • Giving Nate Prosser some Props...ser
  • Looking at Minnesota's needs at the Trade Deadline
  • Looking at trading Charlie Coyle
  • Are there any sacred cows on this roster?
  • Is Jaromir Jagr a good fit in St. Paul?
  • Which Central Division teams will slow down?
  • What needs to be changed if Minnesota can't make the playoffs?
  • Why Minnesota's scouting department needs an overhaul
  • Ranking the original trilogy

And much more!

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NOTE: Tony couldn't come up with garbage things Kid Rock said on the spot, but our friends at OutSports could. You can read more here.

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