Lessons Learned from a Half Billion Dollars of Product Launches | Jeff Walker


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In this Episode, you’ll discover the Lessons Learned from a Billion Dollars in Product Launches, getting people to WANT your products, how to generate more sales by providing value, and more with Genius Network Alumni Jeff Walker. Jeff is a NY Times Best Selling Author, creator of the Product Launch Formula, and CEO and founder of Internet Alchemy Inc - a company that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create successful product launches.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Jeff in this episode:

  • How Jeff went from making $1,650 in his first Launch...to doing his first 6-figure Launch ($106,000 in a single week) while sitting in his bathrobe... to doing a Launch where he made $1.1M in the 1 HOUR
  • How you can build anticipation to buy your product in the same way Apple does with their products (and you don't need Apple’s marketing budget to pull it off)
  • The secret to making sales like a natural born "closer" without using high-pressure tactics or slimy sales strategies (This is the ethical way to make A LOT of money even if you hate selling)
  • 3 important elements Jeff uses to pull off million dollar mega-launches and that YOU can use to produce your own successful launches
  • Jeff pulls back the curtain and shows you the exact process he used get his best-selling book "Launch" #1 on the New York Times (This 3-step process was developed by Jeff and expanded by Brendon Burchard. It gives influential partners with big lists a reason to mail for you, and it's the way Jeff sold 41,000 books in just a couple weeks)

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