The E.L.F. Marketing Plan: An Easy, Lucrative and Fun Way To Simplify All Your Marketing and Money Making Activities - 10x Talk Episode #149


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Who else wants an easy, lucrative and fun way to simplify ALL your marketing and money-making activities? It’s called The E.L.F. Marketing Plan ...

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dean and Joe in this episode:

  • Dean shares his definition of marketing and the difference between a Marketing Plan and an E.L.F. Marketing Plan
  • How to properly plan out your Before, During and After business units so you constantly and consistently increase your revenue
  • The first, easiest step you can take to create an immediate profit windfall in your business
  • How to track data and turn it into actionable strategies you can execute to create business breakthroughs
  • A method for maximizing every lead you get in your business and growing your business's revenue
  • How to turn an episodic, sporadic marketing plan into a consistent, repeatable, successful marketing plan
  • The truth about getting results with business plans, mission statements, vision statements, KPI's and more
  • Dean and Joe discuss the E.L.F. Filter that can make your business and life easier, lucrative and more fun!
  • How your E.L.F. Marketing Plan can give you more time, leverage your efforts and make you more money
  • The power of being around successful people (AND: How to put yourself into one of the highest level groups in the world)

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