When Life Works | Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan


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Have you thought about how your life works when you’re at your best? And what if you could have a system or a process to duplicate that regularly? In this Episode of 10XTalk, you’ll discover how to create a “When Life Works” List so you can make the most important parts of your life bigger and better, what happy people do differently than most, and more with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to put together your “When Life Works” list so you can make the most important parts of your life 10x bigger and better
  • Dan and Joe discuss what they have learned from Sean Stephenson
  • What happy, successful people do differently than most other people
  • Dan talks about the origin of a Strategic Coach mindset tool called “The Experience Transformer”
  • How to set up your life in a way that gives you more advantage and a business that works
  • One simple technique you can use to more easily make progress towards any goal

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