Scarlet Pimpernel (version 3 dramatic reading), The by ORCZY, Baroness


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Baroness Emma ("Emmuska") Orczy (September 23, 1865 – November 12, 1947) was a British novelist, playwright and artist of Hungarian origin. She was most notable for her series of novels featuring the Scarlet Pimpernel. Some of her paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. (Summary by Wikipedia)Cast Narrators: Luisa Hall, Sheldon Slade tpincombe, Beth Thomas, Missie, Justin S Barrett, hpark, Belinda Brown, Snapdragon, Holly Bliss, Miriam Esther Goldman, Rissa Byrne, Eliza, J L Raimundo, E.Lee Citoyen Bibot, Mr Hempseed, Vicomte de Tournay, Captain Briggs, Lord Fancourt, Brogard, Sergeant: JimOCR Corporal: Miriam Esther Goldman Crowd: Algy Pug, Beth Thomas, TriciaG Old Hag in Cart: Timothy H. VanderWall Captain of Guard, Mr Jellyband: Bill Mosley Sally: Paige Jemima: Marissa Oakey Martha: LovesChesterton Jimmy Pitkin: Sami Koivisto Stranger: TriciaG Sally: Rissa Byrne Lord Antony: Jay Saunders Comtesse de Tournay: CM Slosson Sir Andrew, Groom: Algy Pug Suzanne: Missie Stranger, Spy: Roseanne Schmidt Lady Marguerite: Holly Bliss, Lisa Theriot, Missie, Miriam Esther Goldman, Laurie Anne Walden Beggar: Helen Jensen Sir Percy: om123, Curtis Jewell, D. A. Frank, Ken Theriot Armand: Paul-Gabriel Wiener Chauvelin: Ken Theriot, Alex Foster Lady Portarles: Megan Kunkel Lord Grenville, Majordomo, Desgas: ToddHW Louise: Alana Jordan Runner: J L Raimundo Benjamin Rosenbaum: D. A. Frank Soldier: Beth Thomas Editing by ToddHW

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