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Welcome! This page is now moved to Soundcloud: Catch my latest sets there! Marco aka Nightblue is the author of Nightblue's Podcast hosted on Podomatic: - HANDMADE, FIRST CLASS JUICY MIXES OF PURE HOUSE MUSIC & DANCE VINYL RECORDS! Since February 2010, Marco aka Nightblue has been charting all around the world his fresh handmade instalments by mixing only vinyl records. Why not digital? First for the unique sound of vinyl, second for the originality of the product being still at the top in our digital world and third for the thrill! No computer assistance, no Traktor Sync automatic beat matching and other BPM counters…This is the philosophy. Only new vinyl records with time to time throwing in the sets a revival of the classic house tracks. Since January 2014, Nightblue's Podcast has been visited more than 24.000 times, sets have been played/downloaded more than 7.000 times in more than 90 countries all around the world. "La storia": It is at the end of the 80', with the opening of the amazing Belgian Clubs [The Prestige (BE-Antwerp), la Gaité (BE-Brussels), le Boccaccio (BE-Destelbergen), le Café d'Anvers (BE-Antwerp)...], that Nightblue started mixing vinyl. Then the Vaudeville (BE-Brussels), Club XXX (BE-Brussels), Mirano (BE-Brussels), Who's Who's (BE-Brussels) and the mighty La Rocca Ballroom (BE-Lier)... made up his musical culture. Back in the 90' and for a couple of years Nightblue was resident at the "Maldoror", one of the greatest night bars in Brussels. Since then he has nourished his love for house music and kept busy buying vinyl records mostly from the German underground house-minimal scene. Enjoy it all!

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