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Two Instagram princesses walk into a medical museum, looking for freak show thrills. The tour guide introduces them to circus mermaids, who test the limits of their endurance.
Written by Lindsay Harris-Friel
Tanja Milojevic as Heather
Hem Cleveland as Mimi
Erika Sanderson as Kath
Fiona Thraille as Abigail and Allison
Heather Spiegel-Auden as Bettine
Caitlin Sneddon as Cordelia
Sarah Golding as Lina
11th Hour Audio Productions presents a collaboration between
Quirky Voices
The Unseen Hour
Bloodthirsty Puppets
Lightningbolt Theatre
No Sleep
Directed by Sarah Golding
Produced by Ella Watts
Musical score by Katharine Seaton

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