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The date is 955 Post-Mix Up. Money is down 200%. All but The Almighty Shepherds and their last functioning institutions are serfs-in-waiting. Young Sam has found his way out of The Pits as an apprentice in one of the few growing industries - The Bailiffs - who go from house to house taking everything they can in involuntary donations. But alongside Rick, his lyrically abusive, tormenting mentor, he begins to question their actions. As they travel the country to service the nation's debt from troublesome peasants, teenagers visit a hastily endowed shaman, a hill is privatised for an emergency tea party, a man wakes up to find he lives under a prison, The Department for Breakthrough and Discovery encounter an activist, a headteacher delights in removing children from his class, and a marching band know not what to do other than keep playing as the ship goes down. Featuring the music of The Chris Barber Jazz Band. First Broadcast on Resonance FM - 20th November, 2013

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