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Ulises Caloz's self-produced debut album, "9 years" in the making, presents us with 12 original pop/rock tracks filled with powerful lyrics and instantly appealing melodies. Featuring some of Miami's finest musical talents, this album elevates the familiar sounds of today's mainstream latin music to a new level. In songs like "Que Se Sentira" (What does it feel) a beatleish styled ballad produced alongside well re-known latin producer and artist *MonteRosa*, you will undoubtely connect with the nostalgic behind many of Ulises Caloz's songs. "Te Estoy Rogando " (I Am Begging You), an uptempo track that dweels on the desperation for forgiveness of a man's human imperfections which has cost him the love of his life. With his independent release of "9 years", Ulises celebrates the latin pop/rock music that has influenced him since his early years growing up in his natal Cali, Colombia and pays tribute to all those who with hard-work and perseverence are able to bring to an audience the magic of their craft.

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