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Physical activity can be a means towards personal growth and overall well being. Ignite You(r) Life podcast works to provide insights into how that happens by interviewing various athletes coaches, martial artists, and others with expertise in the psychology of performance. Ignite Your Life is a new podcast from Sport Psychologist Dr. Peder Piering. Each episode is dedicated to making the intangibles of personal and performance excellence tangible. By interviewing athletes Dr. Piering will delve into the psychological aspects of peak performance. From character development and confidence to overcoming obstacles and adversity, this podcast will give you insights from various athletes and coaches with a wealth of expertise. As a clinical and sport psychologist for over 15 years Dr. Piering has worked and learned from 1000's of athletes. During that time he has developed a psychology of excellence that helps athletes gain the competitive edge. Dr. Piering received his black belt in Taekwondo and during that journey he learned the action philosophy of Taekwondo. Inspired, Dr. Piering wrote a book that brings together his personal psychology of excellence with the Taekwondo philosophy of action. This book is called "Master Mental Toughness."

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