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So... Hey, Whats up? Thanks for stopping by. I am Kyra,Kyra Kane. I have a podcast about sex work. When I say its a podcast about sex work it seems really broad, right? Well, I talk about real life sex work, an experience that most will never be able to understand. wont understand the thrill of a successful night, or excitement to constantly know YOU are your own BOSS, but they also wont understand the stigma, hate, and loss either. Perspectives, knowledge, reliability and acceptability are 100 percent reaffirming in this industry, someone to tell you its okay when you feel totally alone, but its also okay to know that everything IS going to turn around. This community is vast, and there are so many people that want to help you fill all the sad little holes with love...and tits and ass... I hope listening, enjoying and learning from all of these episodes and guests, will benefit you in AT LEAST one way. The SexWorkBB Podcast will become a resource and family we have all been looking for. I love learning and sex work is my life. I stand up and openly express my love for being myself, a Camgirl/ClipMaker, a podcastor, a graphic designer, a mother, a marketing manager, a real person. This is the small list of sub categories to MY specific form of sex work. We work HARD, We HUSTLE, We FUCKING ROCK? The stimga around sex work can be overbearing, you're a lucky one if your family is accepting of your choice. You are lucky, if its incredibly easy for you to get a vanilla job. You are lucky if you continue to hustle and never give up... none of these should have to only be a for the lucky. I want us to change that, we can work to bring everyone into a less judging world.

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