Sam Harris vs. Jordan Peterson. What's the difference?


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Zach and Dylan are back with part 2 of their series on the “Intellectual Dark Web,” a group of thinkers/political figures held together by god-knows-what. Scroll back for part 1! In this episode, Dylan makes his case that Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris (the IDW’s biggest names) are fundamentally different types of thinkers. That is a strong claim because it means that they shouldn’t be members of the same group. The case comes in two waves. First, Dylan discusses some specific points from a couple debates between Harris and Peterson. Then, once we have a test case in hand, Dylan moves on to give his reasons: Harris and Peterson have fundamentally different types of intellectual attitudes. The episode is for two groups: 1. Philosophers who hate Harris and Peterson indiscriminately 2. Adoring fans of Harris and Peterson (but mostly Peterson) The episode is based on Dylan’s article: Part 3 will be about Zach’s article: The Atlantic article on the beef diet: Reach out to us with your thoughts, critiques, arguments at

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