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What do we know about music? Its sound may emerge from the silent space of stillness. Everything audible within our perception radiates a unique sound. It’s like a fingerprint, carrying a unique melody and comprised of a highly differentiated set of frequencies. The meaning of my life is given by an uncompromising worship of music. As a painter mixes paint to create a painting, so does the musician mix from a palette of sounds to create an unfolding sonic story. I want to inspire the creativity that lies dormant within each individual. It allows the creation of an atmosphere to unite people, charging the energy of their hearts and filling their souls. The energy I share is abundant for all, for all the listeners of my story. In silence or in sound... He was born in the small town of Saransk. The music school instilled love for music (albeit with difficulty and not with the desire and guidance of the mother). Further - several years of higher education in the field of "conductor". The first jog fell into hands in 2005. From this it all began. Years of searching for oneself in the profession, trial and error methods and culminating ending! Life and work in the city of Sochi and its own recording studio SKYLAB REC. in the center. Professional musician and acting DJ of the south of Russia. His musical preference is given to both minimalistic and dark music, and progressive and house sound. Techno & progressive & house music production. Live performance, DJ-set.

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