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Angels and Light Beings with Francine Vale. Francine calls forth Divine Love in the form of golden healing light whereby diseased cells are transformed into healthy cells. Francine guides you through the gentle, enlightening experience of angel healings. She calls down high dimensional energy which uplifts your consciousness to a higher frequency and enables you to think and act in higher ways. Your life will begin to flow with greater ease. The purity of the higher realm will remain with you and draw you closer to your spirit guides and guardian angels.The Angel Healer Show brings angel healings to the audience and teaches people heart-centered ways to manifest healing on their own behalf and on behalf of their loved ones. More About Francine - Francine Vale is a metaphysical teacher of personal spiritual growth, healing and all things related to higher consciousness. Francine embodies authenticity and integrity, the ability to hold another in a place of unconditional love while connecting with highly evolved beings of light who are here to help humanity.Francine began immediately after contact with the angelic realm at age three to use her heart and mind to manifest love in her daily encounters so as to bring healing to Earth. In 1989 Francine began, after a golden light-filled spiritual vision, to write what was to become Part 1 of "Song of the Heart - Walking the Path of Light." She felt the presence of a spirit guide at her side throughout the writing process and soon after completion of the manuscript her spirit guide revealed himself to her. Francine's life was changed forever. Her children were grown, her long-term marriage was failing and their successful business partnership had ended, thus setting the stage for her work in metaphysics to become the sacred focus of her life. During the summer of 1991 her destiny unfolded as Francine began to practice distant healing, in-person healing and to share at every opportunity all she was learning from her spirit guides and angels. Her apartment in NYC became her healing and teaching center where she held Spiritual Growth classes and received clients for healings. She hosted bi-monthly Wisdom Circle meetings and became sought after for spiritual counseling. Francine initiated Healing Circles, spiritual book clubs, workshops and seminars on all things metaphysical.Since 1991, instructed by light beings who have manifested in her presence and her teachers in the "Crystal Library," Francine has been engaged in learning who she is, where she comes from and what her mission is on Earth and then going out to share the highest teachings for the purpose of helping people create lives of well-being and deeper meaning.

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