#52 I Didn't Even Watch the Game!


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First pre-season game is in the books!

  • Packers won 28-26 but what does that really mean lol
  • I (Andy) didnʼt even watch the game - had other commitments
  • Oren Burks has a torn pectoral muscle and will likely be lost for the season(!)
  • No other significant injuries to speak of

Jason Spriggs got cut - he was a HUGE bust of a pick

  • This wasnʼt all that surprising but itʼs still very disappointing
  • He really seemed like a canʼt miss type of draft pick - it just goes to show how fickle the NFL draft really is.

Both starting RBs are hurt, although Aaron Jones returned to practice today

  • Dexter Williams, 6th round pick, looks very good except he canʼt catch the ball - something Lefleur REALLY wants in his RBs.
  • The most impressive player during all of training camp so far is probably Danny Vitale - the fullback lol

Aaron Rodgers isnʼt a fan of joint practices & Trevor Davis got injured on a live kick-off return drill during one these joint practices

There seems to be this goofy narrative that LeFleur & Aaron Rodgers are feuding lol

Apparently the Packers were in the running to trade for the Ravenʼs kicker

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