#53 Wonky in Winnipeg


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• 3rd pre-season game is in the books!
- Packers lost to the raiders, but who cares…
- that game should never have been played and was a disaster
- The field had issues with turf coming up in the end zones only hours before the game
- not a good look for the NFL
- Andy watched the game (believe it or not) he actually watched the whole thing too!
- There were a fair amount of injuries in the game
+ ESB suffered a severe ankle injury and will be out 4-6 weeks
+ Rashan Gary suffered what looked like a neck stinger or something to that effect he has had a VERY nondescript pre season thus far
Jeremy's blog post about Gary: https://www.absolutepacker.com/blog/rashan-gary-experiment-olb-needs-end
Andy's wrote a blog post about the field conditions: https://www.absolutepacker.com/blog/lets-cut-crap-shall-we
• Josh Jones was released the other day
- This wasnʼt all that surprising but itʼs still very disappointing
- he was a 2nd round pick just like Jayson Spriggs
- While very athletic, he was a tweaner at his position (ILB or Safety) and it became obvious that Pettine/Lefleur didnʼt trust him in the defense
• Dexter Williams, 6th round pick, looks very good except he canʼt catch the ball
- something Lefleur REALLY wants in his RBs.
- Tra Carson is ahead of Williams on the depth chart as the 3rd RB
- not good for Williams at the moment
• Tim Boyle
- he played half way decent in the raiders game
- not sure what that means though
• Kizer
- Had one great throw where he led a receiver really well
- other than that he was his usual inconsistent self
• WR discussion
- Trevor Davis is having a really nice camp
+ He played well and had two great catches in the Raiders preseason game
+ He looks great as a returner too
- Jake Kumerow is an enigma
+ heʼs savvy and gets open
+ if he is anything more than your No. 3 WR that doesnʼt say much
- Darrius Shepherd should make the roster
+ Heʼs not the fastest but he is very smooth
+ I would take him over J'Mon Moore (Andy)
• ILB is a serious concern - lather, rinse & repeat
- Blake Martinez is their best player, but heʼs still average
- Injuries have left a huge dearth of talent at the opposite ILB spot
• BONUS!!!
- https://www.absolutepacker.com/andy-hetzel-wallpaper/open-season
- full, complete hi-res Packer Photoshop image for the opening game against the Bears!

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