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Stu: This week we welcome Thomas DeLauer. He is an American celebrity trainer, entrepreneur and an author, known for his writings on inflammation inside of the human body. His fitness journey started when he was 12, while studying art history in Italy. After seeing fitness models on magazine covers, Thomas became interested in creating a muscular physique of his own. He quickly developed a passion for exercising.

During his early 20s, Thomas took some time away from the gym to focus on his career as an entrepreneur. During that time, he developed some unhealthy habits and became overweight. He realized he needed to get back into the gym, so he spent several months training hard to get back into shape.

After several months of hard work, Thomas got his old physique back and decided to start a new business that would compliment his love for fitness, so Thomas became a personal trainer. Ever since he made the switch to fitness, he went on to grow his name successfully, and help clients around the world transform their lifestyles.

Questions asked in the episode - Are carbs the enemy or can we use them to our advantage for optimizing health? - Do you think keto is the ‘magic pill’ for weight loss? - What are your thoughts on ‘looking fit’ vs ‘being healthy’? - What do you do to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep? Stu

Okay, back to the show. This week I am excited to welcome Thomas DeLauer. Now Thomas is an expert in the world of chronic inflammation. He’s a pioneer in personal transformation. He’s got a great story himself. He’s a host of a very successful and hugely educational YouTube channel as well. So in this episode, this week we discuss the many faces of inflammation. How it’s probably sabotaging your health goals. We discuss looking fit versus being healthy and whether the ketogenic diet is right for you.

So Thomas is a great guy, hugely knowledgeable, and I’m really excited to be able to share this info with you today. Anyway, enough rambling for me. Let’s get back to the show. [00:01:30] Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Thomas Delauer to the show today. Good morning Thomas. How are you?


What is going on? Thanks for having me.


Good stuff. So look, first up Thomas, for everybody out there, specifically over here as well, that may not be familiar with what you do, I’d love for you to just tell us a little bit about yourself. Why you do what you do as well.


Yeah. I’ll give you kind of the 30 second elevator pitch here.




[00:02:30] So a lot of people that do know me, know me probably from YouTube and Facebook. Just from the plethora of videos I put out there but my main claim to fame was my transformation. I was 280 pounds and working kind of in a corporate healthcare environment. Very unhappy person. Very unhealthy person. I was focused on money and focused on business and focused on career. So I had a big transformation in my life. Now I’m 180 pounds. Been on covers of multiple magazines, T.V., everything like that, so in all harnessing the power of the Ketogenic diet, fasting, and really understanding inflammation. And working closely with a lot of physicians over my career, cause I was in the health care industry. I owned an ancillary lab services company.

So that was really my claim to fame. Harnessing the power of all these doctors that I worked around and utilizing it to really transform my life. Then I realized that I had a gift for articulating more complex scientific subjects and articulating health and physiology and really breaking it down for people. That’s what I do now. I create lots of videos for a living and fortunately help lots of people, or so I think I do.

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