Ep. 10: Giving Her All That Time To Speak Lies


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We had 3 missing group dates, villains crying and getting apologies, and not one single mention of race. Sounds real suspect for this historic season, but we recapped it all for you! Change.org Petition to Remove Chris Harrison: https://www.change.org/p/abc-remove-chris-harrison-from-the-bachelor-franchise?redirect=false WANT RECAPS OF THE BACHELOR? For hilarious exclusive weekly recaps of The Bachelor Franchise and other reality shows, support our podcast by becoming a patron for just $5/month at patreon.com/2blackgirls1rose NEW MERCH: shop.spreadshirt.com/2blackgirls1rose Shoutout to the newest member of our team — Jodie, our editor! She’s dope, we love her, she’s literally changing our lives. To tap into her awesome editing skills, contact her at jodiegordonmedia@gmail.com or find her on IG @jodiegordonmedia. CONNECT WITH US! Twitter: @2blkgirls1rose Instagram: @2blackgirls1rose Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2blackgirls1rose Email us questions and feedback at 2blackgirls1rose@gmail.com

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