When Using Public Transit Makes Sense


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Episode 116: Tips for using public transit when traveling. Does it make sense to take the bus, call a cab or book an Uber? Here’s what you need to know.

Preparing for FinCon

The conversation about public transit started during preparations for FinCon. When you’re traveling, when does it make sense to use public transit over another alternative, like renting a car or taking an Uber?

For FinCon, specifically, Sean is flying into the city while Kevin is taking the train. So how do they get from their respective entry points to the hotel? Tune in for the full conversation.

Tips for Public Transportation as a Tourist

  • Map out your routes to get comfortable with the ride.
  • Take advantage of day passes and discounts.
  • Purchase passes in advance when possible to take advantage of special prices.
  • Do some math to determine if public transit is the best option for you.
  • Know the city: is it a walking city like NYC or a driving city like Dallas?
  • Calculate the time required. Is a 40-minute bus ride that could be a 10-minute cab ride worth the money you save?
  • Subscribe to Uber or Lift to take advantage of “come back to us” email discounts.
  • Look into fun alternatives, like cycling and scooter grabs.

Where Our Money Went

Kevin fully funded is IRA for the year (hooray!) Now the goal is to finish his wife’s for the year as well.

Sean is an Eagles fan (go Eagles!) who is getting ready for the season. Since they’ve decided to go without cable, Sean’s investigating alternatives for the football season. His go-to is YouTube TV. You can share this service with three people, so he and a few friends are splitting it and paying $16.50 per month each. Unlimited DVR and high-quality streaming– what more could you want?

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