How Technology Can Help To Keep You Motivated - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #079


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Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we are getting into a topic that many of us struggle with, which is motivation.

Three Things You Will Learn

1) Social Power That Will Keep You Pushing

One of the greatest sources of motivation comes from your friends, family and sometimes even people who you don't now. An app that builds on this social power is BodySpace.BodySpace is a social fitness app run by and has a big community of health & fitness enthusiast users. After creating your profile and inputting your personal data, the app lets you connect with like-minded people from their community. Within BodySpace you can follow your friends, make new workout buddies and gain some inspiration from other users' stories.

Listen to this week's episode and learn more about BodySpace aka "the Facebook of fitness apps" and how it will provide you with the motivation you need!

2) Reward Yourself & Others As You Move

Another amazing way to motivate yourself can be through rewards. Rewarding yourself for every bit of exercise you do and knowing that there's something tangible you'll receive for your hard work will definitely push you to your limits.

Sweatcoin is an app that helps with setting up this reward system. All you have to do is sweat and they'll pay with their digital currency for it. The prizes you can spend your digital currency on vary all the time and of course for greater achievements there're greater rewards.

A bit of a different concept but also built on a reward system is Charity Miles. The main difference here is that with Charity Miles, you're moving for a charity of your choice. After each minute of exercise, you'll earn money and donate it to one of their 40 charity partners. The motivation with this app doesn't only stem from the thought of helping others, but also from reading all the inspiring stories that Charity Miles' users share with the community.

Press play and hear more about how Charity Miles works and how its users have already raised over $2.5 million!

3) Where to Look For Greater Accountability

All the amazing apps out there are great if you only need a little push to do that extra burpee every day. However if you're struggling with more significant health and/or motivational issues, you might need to look for something more scientific.

This is where health & fitness gadgets, different wearables and trackers come into the picture. Once you start using any fitness tracker, you'll get exposed to a wide array of data that will present you with the truth about your daily activity. You can use this data to see where you're currently at, set SMART goals and track your progress against them.

But if you're not a big fan of the dry numbers approach, you can also call an AI health coach for help. Lark is "the leading chronic disease prevention and management platform". It is designed for people who might be facing more serious health issues, such as type 2 diabetes. With Lark's AI coach, you'll be connected to an sms line through which you can receive motivation and advice 24/7. This way you can get the instant feedback and recommendations that won't let you lose your focus on harder days that you may have. Listen on and hear more about why Lark is such a great platform for those who need a real push to put the effort into their health & fitness progress!

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