How Technology Can Help To Kill Your Boxing Workout At Home - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #081


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This week we're turning the 20 Minute Fitness podcast into a fight club and aim to improve your punches. While boxing traditionally might have been seen as a "two-men" sport, today we look at it as an amazing workout for everyone. No matter if you're in for the weight loss or want to get stronger, boxing can take you there.

Listen to this week's episode to learn more about the tech that can improve your uppercut and knock out your virtual target!

Three Things You Will Learn

1) Track Your Punches With These Gadgets

The very first step towards not just becoming a pro boxer, but getting a good boxing workout in is mastering your punches. There are a number of factors that you should look at from technique to speed and force. And all of these can easily be tracked by tiny little sensors that you can hide underneath your gloves.

The first one of these sensors is the PIQ ROBOT - a collaboration between PIQ and Everlast. This gadget is "more than just a sensor". It is an AI-powered system that delivers actionable information that will allow you to improve your punches. Get an insight on how your punch speed and your G force are improving and learn about your strengths and weaknesses that you should work on!

Another similar innovation is the Hykso punch tracker that tracks your hand movement at 1000 times/second. The 6000 data points you get will detect the number, type and velocity of your punches and provide you with all this information at real time. This will give you a great basis for becoming a better fighter. But if you still need an extra boost of motivation, you can compare yourself to elite level boxers and try to catch up to them.

Finally the StrikeTec Sensors are the tiniest of all, but will give you the highest number of data points. With StrikeTec, you won't just know how fast and powerful your jabs are, but also see whether you throw that punch accurately enough.
Press play to learn more about the ins & outs of all three sensors and to find out which one is the one for you!

2) Transform Your Home Into A Boxing Studio

Going a step further than tracking, you may also want to start taking classes from professional instructors. So you should sign up at a gym that offers boxing, right? Absolutely not. FightCamp can turn your own living room into a boxing studio in a matter of a second.

With the FightCamp Gym, you'll get all the equipment you need for a proper boxing session. And that includes guided workouts as well. FightCamp has an extensive library of on-demand classes led by the best boxing trainers in the US.
All workouts will vary based on your proficiency level, but they are all built on a 3-min round - 1-min rest format. And if you're just starting out, they have a 10-week program for newbies that will start from scratch and help with learning all the basic boxing moves. Listen on to hear what's included in the FightCamp package and how your virtual trainer will motivate you to hit that punching bag harder!

3) The Boxing System For Pros

If you're a gym owner or someone who's very into boxing, the BotBoxer could definitely be something exciting for you. This system is a comprehensive robotic boxing stimulator that will challenge even pro boxers.
With its high speed computer vision and motion recognition, the BotBoxer will also train your boxing tactics and ensure that your opponent won't get out of your punches' way.

Tracking the force, velocity and the directions of your punches is just the beginning here. The real deal comes when you turn your BotBoxer into fight mode. This will result in the stimulation of a real human and turn your fights into the closest it can get to reality. Tune in to learn more about the BotBoxer's features and human characteristics!

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