The Meditation of No Meditation for Sound


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The Meditation of No Meditation is partly a meditation and partly an experience of Mindfulness. It is a window into a present moment that isn’t crowded with repetitive thoughts, memories, anxieties, tasks, priorities, worries and all the other baggage of the 21st century.

Mindfulness is “The undistracted awareness of the experience of the present moment.” - My definition.

The attributes of the Meditation of No Meditation are:

- It is entirely frictionless for most new meditation students.

- It can be done almost anywhere and at any time.

The Meditation of No Meditation is a simple listening exercise that has elements of meditation in it, along with elements of mindfulness.

The Meditation of No Meditation isn’t a traditional mindfulness meditation and it won’t build mindfulness like the key mindfulness meditation practices such as 'following the breath' do, but if we follow the Way of No Meditation, practicing it the way I will explain, will help you to build a regular practice! Once you have a regular practice, adding to it becomes possible for even the busiest people. This is a science backed habit formation technique known as Habit Stacking. Once we have one good habit in place, we can amend it or add other new habits to it.

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