Legal Fact And Fiction


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Social Security Disability claimants are unfairly maligned; but they are your friends, former co-workers, and your family members. Claimants suffer from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, chronic back pain, digestive problems, and more. Their bodies and spirits are broken. Most have worked hard and paid into the system. Those who have not been able to work have eked out an existence fighting through a haze of abuse, physical pain, and mental illness. This podcast presents all of their viewpoints in individual, narrative stories. It takes years to fight through the bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration. Claimants lose their homes, jobs, families, self-respect, and sometimes their lives. People degrade and demean them without ever knowing their stories. For levity the podcast will also feature odd and humorous laws as well as discuss popular legal fiction because the law can be humorous (in addition to being a word Charles Dickens said that rhymes with "sass" and starts with A).

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