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Loud Murmurs is a Mandarin-Chinese podcast about American pop culture, brought to you by four bilingual and bi-cultural women (and their friends) living in the U.S. We discuss movies, TV, documentaries, and the social, political issues behind the pop culture work.《小声喧哗》,Loud Murmurs, 是一档由几个当代青年一起讨论美国流行文化、电影、电视剧的播客。《小声喧哗》想和你分享对“视与听”最纯粹的热爱,也想和你聊聊银幕背后的文化、社会以及时事。影评家罗杰·伊伯特曾说,一部好的电影能让你在两小时中忘记自己的社保号码以及车停在了哪里。在冗余的网络信息和纷乱的日程中,《小声喧哗》开启一场值得加入和聆听的谈话。

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