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Dr. VanDrunen will be developing the Biblical storyline of the covenants which culminate in Christ’s kingdom and New Covenant. Starting with Adam before and after the fall the two different types of covenants will be identified as law and grace. Then the story will unfold through the covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and then arrive at the New Covenant and the kingdom of Christ it administers. Questions having to do with how covenant helps us to interpret Scripture, the meaning of covenant regarding the Bible’s own identity as Old and New covenants, the relationship between law and grace, the nature of typology and of the two kingdoms will be explored in a clear and illuminating manner. You will gain insight into the Lord’s Word and the Word’s Lord and your relationship to them that will not only take you to new heights but return you to earth with a transformed understanding of your place in this world as a pilgrim headed for the heavenly promised land.

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