“Changing The Narrative Of Pain Management and The Outlook Of Opioids” With Red Lawhern


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Did you know that some patients have pain that can only be controlled with opioids? What if those patients can’t receive those opioids because of regulations? This is what Red Lawhern discusses with me today. He breaks down the real issues that are happening with the opioid epidemic, the shocking truths about opioid-related deaths, and what is being done so that chronic pain patients can get the help they need.

Richard A “Red” Lawhern, PhD is a technically trained non-physician subject matter expert in online chronic pain support groups and public policy for treatment of pain, with 22 years experience in the field. His published work and commentaries have appeared in multiple medical journals and popular media. His recent editorial on STAT is titled “Stop Persecuting Doctors for Legitimately Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain”.

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